Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[Catching Up] Hauls!

I know, I know, Christmas is long over, time always passes by so fast! But I still need to snap out of my holiday mood! Better late than never, here are some of my hauls over the past few weeks :)

I took advantage of Sasa.com's free shipping deal once, no, twice more before it ended to stock up on some goodies.

The first package comes with:

  • A heel scraper. My curiosity got the best of me, and it did have a pretty good review on the site. But it's been sleeping in my drawer ever since I received it. Hah! 
  • Two packs of Blackhead Off and Moisture Face Mask. I wanted to give this a try also because of the rave reviews I've been reading. The consistency of the mask is similar to that of Naris Up nose pack. It comes out as black gooey substance that dries a few minutes later, and the whole thing could be peeled off of your nose like a Biore pore strip, ripping off the unsightly gunks on your nose. Its price is a little hard to believe, it was only a buck something, but works pretty well for its value! 
  • Two packs of Lehcaresor Papier Poudre (blotting sheets). These blotting paper comes in a cute little booklet and is pink on the side that's filled with powder. If I remember correctly, each booklet is only around 80 cents. It soaks up oil and mattifies my face very well, and the powder from the sheets serve as a touch-up and blotting in one.

What else from Sasa, you ask? Sheet masks, of course! In an attempt to become the Queen of Sheet Masks, I figured I needed to amp up my collection of masks even further:

  • My Beauty Diary Whitening Mask Set comes with 13 pieces of:
    【Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask】x 4 sheets
    【Black Pearl Mask】x 4 sheets
    【Red Vine Mask】x 4 sheets
    【White Peony Tea Mask】x 1 sheet (from their premium line)
  • My Beauty Diary Brightening Mask Set comes with 13 pieces of:
    【Aloe Mask】x 4 sheets
    【Bulgarian White Rose Mask】x 4 sheets
    【Natto Mask】x 4 sheets
    【Platinum Nanocolloid Mask】x 1 sheet (from their premium line)  
I also received a huge box from Sephora around Christmas, but I only ordered one thing from them: the Clinique Great Skin Home and Away (for combination oily skin). This set comes with 3 big sizes of their 3-step system (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer), and 3 travel sizes of the same 3-step system, so you can make sure that you are covered at home and on the go! Everything comes in this shiny silver travel bag that's big enough to stash away all the goodies for my next trip. Also, the toner that comes with the set is a huge 16.5 oz bottle with a flip-cap pump to save you the hassle and avoid accidental spillage.

During the holidays, my forehead started to act up and got 4 unsightly break-outs there (I blame it on my bangs that needed to be trimmed!) I decided to give the Clinique 3-step system a try. So instead of layering a handful of different products on every day, I stuck to the easy and simple cleanser, toner, and moisturizing gel twice a day, and my skin really liked me back for it! This is my first time using the 3-step system, and I really like the result, and will continue using it. The gel that comes with the kit is a great moisturizer that's light and non-greasy, with a very smooth finishing texture that keeps my face super soft! I like it a lot better for my oily/combination skin than the lotion (which I found out comes with the dry skin kit).

Mia was really attracted to the shiny new bag! What can I say, she's such a girly girl!

I was also able to score the silver clutch deal Sephora had for spending $25 and above. I love the clutch, it's so cute, and the flower detailing is adorable! Inside also comes with a bunch of samples, which will always come handy when I travel. 


Korres had a one day only sale right before Christmas. Of course I couldn't let go of the super sweet deal, and got myself more body and lip butters :) You all know how much I *heart* Korres products! I also bought a pack of rose gum out of curiosity...it's interesting, but I would probably not re-purchase. Gum should be minty and sweet, not as if I just ground up a bunch of rose petals between my teeth :p The texture is somewhat hard for chewing gum as well. I think I'd better stick to body care products from Korres in the future :)

Lastly, to feed into my nail polish addiction -- Essie Cuddle with Color mini set.
  • Mink Muffs: smoky plush taupe color, which I later found out is very similar to Orly Prince Charming that I bought before.
  • Midnight Cami: deep blue with shimmers. My favorite out of the 4!
  • Angora Cardi: plummy color.
  • Pink Parka: can never have too many hot pink shades :)



  1. the packaging of the tube is so cute! :D

  2. the Blackhead off tube is so adorable
    wow, your hauls are really big!!!!

  3. eeeekk , I missed the free shipping from sasa!!! :) Love your hauls! Love the essie mini polishes :)

  4. I love how your cat is in the pic too, so cute!

  5. Wow great haul. Have you tried the Blackhead Off yet? I'd love to see your review on it. OMG! You're not kidding about the Queen of Face Masks, haha love it!

  6. Hi Lulu!

    (gigantic bear hug) I've missed you so much! Ah, I got to send you an email updating you about everything soon and I want to hear all the news in your life too. :) I'm super sorry about not getting back to you about meeting up and my poor communication in general, I was flying everywhere and didn't have a computer with me. -_- Sorry!

    Back to your post though, what a great collective haul! So many pretty things. I can't live without oil blotting things now haha. Ohh you're the MBD mask queen!! I can't wait to hear your reviews. I'm stuck on what to blog on because all my beauty/sasa haul stuff in back in Northern California lol.

    Glad to hear the Clinique 3-step system worked for you. Mia looks so cute! Your Essie nail polish is so cute too.

  7. great haul!! so many masks!!! i love korres lip butters the jasmine one is love and the body butter seriously smells like jasmine don't know if i like that haha!

  8. great haul! i ordered from sasa like 3 times haha and now i regret not ordering more because i didn't really stock up on masks at all! i hope they have another fs deal soon :)

    i love the essie polishes you got, the colors are way cute!

  9. this is such a big haul!!! =] never know sasa has those blackhead masks, will check them out once I"m back in Hong Kong! enjoy your goodies!

  10. I was so frustrated about the sasa free shipping...so wanted to take advantage of it but can't cuz' I was not sure if we'll stay in our current place for long during that time...great haul u have....so much sheet masks....those blackhead masks looks like a great deal...

  11. I love MBD masks! Everytime I go to LA, I always stock up. I hauled the same things at Korres. They were such a great deal and free shipping, can't beat it! I finally get to see what you hauled at Sasa after all your chit chat on twitter. Nice haulage!

  12. haul galore!! love the sheet masks, you sheet mask queen lol

    yea, stress is definitely really important when it comes to managing ezcema ;(

  13. great haul!
    lots of MBD masks, they're love! ^__^
    please review the clinique 3step if you can :]

  14. Wow, so much awesome stuff!! :D :D :D

  15. Hello Lulu! Thanks for entering my giveaway, and good luck =D

    I can't wait to try the lotion either, as I have eczema prone skin, too!

  16. LOL Heel scraper!! You definitely need to try that out girl!! Anyways, I have really got to get my butt to buy and try some sheet masks!! Believe it or not I have NEVER used a sheet mask in my life!! Do you recommend any good ones?

  17. lol, your cat has the same name as Michelle Phan's.

  18. Hee hee...I know what you mean about squeezing in that last Sasa order or two. My last order was on 12/31! I am in awe of your awesome hauls, Lulu! You are definitely well on your way in becoming the Queen of Sheet Masks. I am ogling that mask porn! And that Essie Pink Parka is soo purty. :D

  19. Hey Lulu! I got the iPhone cover and headphones here:

    But I'm warning you....it is addicting! XD

  20. Hehe...enjoy! ;) Can't wait to see your X'mas goodies, love!!

  21. papier poudre! i think i still have a pack of those in my stash of blotting papers :) i've used them off and on since i was in my teens!

    midnight cami looks sooo pretty :)

  22. Awesome stuff! Great that you scored on that clutch.
    Umm.. I do have one advice for you though. My mom tells me it's not good to use things like that heel scraper. The more you do it the more prone it is to become harder and rougher and thus the cycle continues =\.
    (I've tested it out and it's true ><)

  23. the blackhead tube is soo cute!! haha!..i heart all your hauls!