Saturday, January 2, 2010

Physician's Formula Plump Potion & an awesome giveaway!

I've purchased this Physician's Formula Plump Potion in pink potion because I was really attracted to its interesting packaging that's shaped like a little test tube. I am not too interested in its plumping effect, but love the baby pink color and the moisturizing effect of it. The tingling sensation it gives is interesting, but doesn't bother me much. The consistency is rather thick, but not too sticky, which is good.

The lovely Lianne from Sassy J'Adore opened an online store selling cute hair accessories and hair extensions, and she's having a grand opening giveaway! I've always been really interested in trying out hair extensions myself, mostly because I would like to give my thin, flat hair a more volumized look!


- Must Copy & Paste the flyer above onto your blog post along with these rules.
- Once re-posted this onto your blog, post a direct link on her comment box.
- International people is welcome to join
- Follower: optional
- In addition to re-posting this ad onto your blog, to increase your chances of winning; if you purchase something from her store she will enter your name twice. =)

Help her spread the word. =)

Winners will be randomly picked.

Deadline: The first week of February or the end of February (TBA)


  1. Hee hee, it really does look like a test cute. *^_^* The sheer pink color is so pretty on your lips! Thanks for sharing the giveaway with us.

  2. Science geek! xD I'm totally getting that too. Nice juicy lips Lulu! And Happy New Decade!

  3. I adore Physician's Formula Plump Potion! But I only like the clear one as a treatment lol... the colored ones are a little too frosty for me, though I can't say I've ever tried the pink one (the nude one looked so bad lol). If your lips are ever chapped, I swear this stuff is the best lip peel ever! Just let it sit on your lips for about 1 hr and then you can rub all the dry dead skin away. :D

  4. Such a pwetty color!! *adds to wishlist* I always thought the packaging looked like a needle. lol

    Join my giveaway too?

  5. Happy New Years!!!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway hun. =)

    I actually lip products that does actually plumps my lips. lol. I used to use venom lipgloss, but stopped using it for awhile. It had a bit of a sting cool feeling for a few secs, but I got used to it.

  6. Your lips are just too plump ^_^ Its very very pretty!!

  7. I didn't even know that physician's formula had a lip plumper! Im a sucker for lip plumpers, Im hella going to buy it now next time I go to target

  8. Hi!!!I missed you!!!Happy New Year!!!!and I love the color of that plump potion...i must get it...

  9. very interesting packaging :) the color looks pretty on you!

  10. wow what a big haul you did!!! they all look very attractive :)