Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big haul from LUSH

I love LUSH, especially their bath products -- hand made bubble bars, bath bombs, soaps...LUSH offers a variety of fun products to play with, that are not only good for the skin, but also smell so yummy that they put me in a good mood every time I use one! 

During the holidays, LUSH usually introduces a TON of holiday themed products, one of which has became my favorite and a daily staple -- the Snow Fairy shower gel/shampoo. What I also found out about LUSH this year is that after Christmas is over, LUSH carries on an awesome buy 1 get 2 free sale on all of their holiday products. Since I didn't have a chance to get to my LUSH fast enough, I told myself that next year, I am heading to LUSH on December 26th, bright and early to stock up on my goodies :) But much to my surprise, while I was browsing two weeks ago, I found out that LUSH online had re-stocked on some of the holiday items for sale. There were a ton of gift sets as well, for buy 1 get 2 free. Of course I couldn't let this great deal slip, and hauled away. I was really excited about this haul, because there are a ton of holiday items that I have been wanting to try so badly!

When the big box of LUSH goodies arrived at my front door, it smelled soooo good! In fact, I still have the empty box in my garage. Everyday when I come home, I feel like I came back to a LUSH store, no kid! The smell of LUSH really lingers and serves like a super strong air freshener :)

The box is sealed up with tape that reads" Made with love and sealed with a kiss", how cute!

And the goodies that are shipped all the way from Canada. 

Individual bath bomb/bubble bars I bought:

**Green Bath of Foam: a cedar leaf scented, Hershey's Kiss shaped bubble bar.

**Silent White: suppose to cover the tub in a frosty white layer like the snow, a soft powdery scented bath bomb.

**Frothy the Snowman: coconut-vanillary bubble bar, covered in shredded coconut, with chocolate chips as its eyes and mouth. So cute!

Current edition of LUSH Times, and two small samples. Trichomania Shampoo and I should Coco soap -- both are coconut scented. Whoever packed my box must know coconut is one of my favorite scents!

Moving on to the gift sets:

**Jolly Holly Days gift set: it's got a selection of products with scents that guys could also enjoy!

When I opened up the box, all these colorful packing peanuts spilled out everywhere, it was truly a jolly holly sight! :)


- Snow Showers shower jelly: I have never tried shower jellies before, this looks like such a fun way to shower! You can use them at room temperature, or you can chill or freeze it first for that snowy, cool effect. It has the scent of sweet orange, lime, and cognac oil. 
- Sugar Scrub: ginger and fennel flavored exfoliator.
- Ice Blue soap: contains peppermint oil for that refreshing feeling.
- Too Drunk emotibomb:  to be placed on the shower floor, so water will create a fizzing reaction and release the scents.
- Sexy Boy massage bar: shaped like a gingerbread man, scented with chocolate, lime and cananga flowers. So yum!
- Olive Branch shower gel: I've used the Olive Branch solid perfume before, it is one of my favorite scents from LUSH.
- Rub Rub Rub shower gel: mimosa scented.

What's cool about LUSH gift sets is, each box contains a 15% off coupon to be used for the next time when you purchase online, or in store. Sweet :)

**Happy Christmas gift set: filled with my favorite bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps.


- Christmas Eve bubble bar: the cutest bubble bar with a yellow moon on top of a blue bar (sky). Smells like jasmine and ylang ylang perfume, which is suppose to be calming and relaxing. Turns my bath water into the coolest shade of blue :)
- Cinders bath bomb: suppose to contain popping candy that will make the sound of burning logs when you drop it in water. Scented with cinnamon and orange. Can't wait to try this one, sounds like so much fun!
- Jingle Spells bath bomb: this pretty bath bomb dropped shiny little star confetti all over my box! Appearantly it is a hangover relieving bath bomb that smells like juniper berries and fennel.
- Satsumo Santa bath bomb: this is so cute! A Santa that looks like Sumo wrestler, and smells like citrus fruit.
- Karma soap: apparently one of the best selling LUSH soaps, scented with lemongrass and orange oils.
- Snowcake soap: my favorite! Smells like almond milk pudding :)

** Stardust gift set: my favorite set out of the 3, it has the cutest, girliest packaging!




- Candy Cane bubble bar: smells like candy.
- Fairy Tail sugar scrub: looks so cute! it's a sugar mouse w/ white chocolate eyes and a tail sticking out from the end. It smells like coconut and strawberry.
- Snow Fairy shower gel: love love love!!!
- Double Fast Luck emotibomb: smells like Karma soap. LUSH made this one for Chinese New Year :)
- Snow Fairy solid perfume: I am so excited about this one. Now I can carry my favorite LUSH scent with me whenever I go!
- Angels Delight soap: It's shaped like a yellow crescent moon! Isn't this the cutest soap ever!

I think I've stocked up enough LUSH bath products to last me until the next LUSH holiday sale :) Most of these products last for about 14 months from the date of manufacturer, which were all around November/December of 2009. So for those of you that are worried about expiration dates for LUSH products, don't be afraid to stock up on their soaps and bath bombs/bubble bars, because they can last for a while, as long as you keep them away from moisture.

I have two more LUSH products that I want to try out as soon as my "February no-buy" ends: the sugar lip scrubs, and the fresh masks. Have you tried either products? Which fresh mask do you recommend? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)


  1. Looks like you got some great LUSH deals! Now I wanna get some. Hehehe ^^

  2. omg. so many lush bath soaps! :)

  3. omg so jealous of all your lush goodies! i'm really curious to hear about the shower jelly, saw it stores and they looked really interesting hehe

    i left the box of lush goodies in my room as well and came back from work and it smelled so good!

  4. That is a really big haul from lush!

  5. wow! the star dust is the cutest boxx

  6. i just bought my first lush stuff yesterday.. now i want everything LOL

  7. Woow awesome LUSH haul! I reeally wish we had one here :( The shower jellies seem so cool :D

  8. Love your haul, I'm so jealous I've been trying to get to Lush for a couple of weeks now. I don't know why I don't just order it online, hahah it would have been here by now.

    Love that Stardust giftset, how cute! Going to go online shopping on Lush right now =P

  9. Wow, what a big Lush haul indeed, hehe... All goodies look really nice, but I must admit, I'm not such a big fan of Lush, since I always end up with headache, when leaving the Lush shop.

    The scent is just too heavy for my likings. :/

  10. Haha... yay that was awesome!
    We both commenting on each others blog at nearly the same time! What are the odds! ;)

  11. Wow that is a big haul on lush products !!! :)

  12. AHHH... yeah, I'm getting least makeup now. Hunting for LUSH. U are lucky enough compare with me, I got nothing, totally nothing from LUSH holiday goodies! so sad, even my love LUSH snowcake is not available now. I will be at the same lane with u, haha! order LUSH on 26/12. woohoo!

  13. wah~ so aesome products! I ve always wanted to try Lush, they seem so fun, haha after seeing this post i think i will have to go buy it!!! There so cute :)

    and well also have a wonderful week!!!! :P came by also to drop u sum :heart:

  14. I'm jealous much......when I visited online...they were left with like 2 products for sale....I'm always too late huh...

  15. i tried ordering from lush usa too! but they do not allow po box address to be hipping and was rejecte! sadded...but i love your lush haul!!!

  16. I could even make an igloo from all the snow that we had yesterday...hehe

  17. Yummy purchase!! I think Mia is wearing her pretty collar :) You are making me wanna goto LUSH!!

  18. Oh my so many lush products! You're going to really enjoy that for weeks to come!

  19. All the Lush stuff looks good enough to eat!! I would be so happy opening that box and seeing all of the bright happy colors =)
    Is that your kitty???? He/she looks so cute sitting on the box hehe .. I guess he loves Lush too =)

  20. So this is what LUSH heaven looks like. ;) I love it when companies take the time to wrap and package products nicely!

  21. Woah you got a massive LUSH haul Lulu! Good job on scoring all the good deals, everything looks super cute. Mia looks so cute and ladylike on top of the box. :)

  22. Woohoo what a Lush haul! Way to take advantage of the sale! I bet that must have been so fun to open, like a late Christmas present!!