Monday, March 29, 2010

Las Vegas Haul

You didn't think I went to Vegas just to gamble did you :) The truth was, I probably spent more time in stores than in the casinos. I figured, instead of spending time on the dollar slots and never win, I might as well spend those money on more tangible stuff I can touch and use. all know it was just an excuse I made up because I am a shopaholic :p

One thing that I had planned on getting during this trip was a Juicy Couture purse. I had always wanted a black velour purse from them, so when I spotted the perfect one in the store, I knew I had to get it!

There is a big bow tie on the side, and a charm that hang from the strap. Every details on this purse was exactly the way I had wanted!

What's a shopping spree without something Hello Kitty related right? :p I bought a bunch of these cute souvenir pens for friends and family.

Those of you who know me well know that I absolutely adore jewelry and charm pieces with either a bow, a crown, or a key. Put one of those on something, I'll want it! hahaha. This pair of earrings from Guess was love at first sight :) See a key AND a crown, that's 2 out of 3! hahaha. Sorry for the over-exposed picture :( I had bad lighting in the hotel and a camera that never listens to me :T

What did you say, more jewelries? I hit the jackpot at Claire's. The turquoise and purple earrings accompanied me for most of the trip because coincidentally a majority of the clothes I had brought with me were green and purple.

I picked up one item from the CCO -- Big Bow lippie from the MAC Hello Kitty collection. I regretted not picking up more HK items when MAC was selling them last year, but with the help of lovely blogger ladies and CCO trips, I am slowly increasing the collection little by little. I am still missing most of the lipglosses though. Oh well, let this be a lesson to me that next time when there is a collection I like so much, never hesitate!

At Metro Park, I spotted the cutest wallet ever! Edna had mentioned to me before that she was looking for this too. So one for her, one for me, and now we are wallet buddies :)

I grabbed a few of these hand creams at Urban Outfitters because I fell in love with the smell, especially the grapefruit one. These are tiny enough to toss into the purse on the go as well.

I didn't pack any LUSH bubble bars for this trip because I thought I wasn't going to take any baths in our hotel. But once I saw the big jetted tub, I changed my mind! There was only one LUSH in Vegas (in Mandalay Bay), and that was the first place we visited the next day, so I can get my Comforter bubble bar and get comfortable :p Along with it, I picked up two Easter bath bombs -- Fluff Egg, a pink egg shaped bath bomb that smells exactly like my favorite scent Snow Fairy! I need to pick a few more of these before they stop selling it. The cute yellow chick is called Hippy Chick, it's a grapefruit scented bath bomb.

Macy's Clinique counter is having another GWP (gift-with-purchase) event right now! So if you need to stock up on any Clinique items, now is a good time :) I picked up an Acne Solutions toner to try out, and a backup of Fiance's Mild Clarifying toner since his current one is almost running out (Good job!!).

The GWP comes in an adorable floral bag that totally appropriate for the spring season. Inside, there were a bunch of nice samples to try out.

I couldn't leave as soon as I saw this tote bag at Victoria's Secret. Notice the key on there? Yup :p This tote bag is free with any $21 purchase from their newest Secret Moments collection. I totally love the scents of these body lotions too. The ones I picked up at all floral or fruity scented. I am using Good Day Sunshine (the yellow one) right now. I love it! The consistency of the lotion is just right, and isn't greasy feeling at all.

I also picked up some stuff at Bath and Body Works. I am really curious about the oil to foam sake body wash. Can't wait to give it a try!

Last but not least, yup you guessed it, more jewelries:

A close up of the two pieces I picked up:


  1. I love the bag you got from Juicy Couture! I've been wanting the simple black bag with the ribbon. Good one you got! :)

  2. Ahh! What a great haul :) Glad you had so much fun SHOPPING!

    Hello Kitty everything! *uber drool*

  3. Wow nice haul. :) thanks for the wallet. I swear you are like my sister from another mother. Please let me know if your mother is ready to adopt me.

  4. Soooo much good stuff! I'm super envious of you now!!!

  5. that hello kitty wallet is simply too cute!!!!youve got a major haul there..well atleast for me hehe

  6. the HK wallet is adorable! i also have a HK wallet i use sometimes (i dont want to wear it out lol) :P i agree, spending money shopping is better than gambling. heehee ;)

  7. Wow, awesome haul!! The HK wallet is soooo cute and OMG I have totally been eyeing those love + toast hand creams for FOREVER now! I saw them on Beautyhabit but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Glad to know they're slowly available in stores now. I should check Anthro the next time I'm in the mall... hmm..

  8. your Juicy Couture black purse is super gorgeous, I actually would purchase it if I see it too! :) I never knew Guess makes such lovely jewelry pieces! I love the necklace!

  9. The trip to vegas was really worth it...haha...If I were there....I won't gamble...I'll go shopping like what you did...:D

  10. cute, wallet buddies <3
    wow, your haul is sooooo nice. I'm intend to try clinique after i finished my current skincare. that Guess earings are really lovely~

  11. wow, you did haul a lot there! the Juicy Couture bag is so pretty :)

  12. Super great haul Lulu. Very cute handbags. The Hello Kitty wallet is darling. I can't resist getting Victoria Secret stuff when they have a sale either, nice purchases. The sake body wash sounds nice too. ^^

  13. Wow, what a haul! The HK pens and wallet are adorable! You must have had a great time in Vegas, Lulu! ;)

  14. Wow! So much awesome stuff! That wallet is too adorable.

  15. nice haul.. love love the HK wallet. Nice GWP from Clinique. Where is the CCO store in Vegas? I'm going there this May. Any suggestion where I should see? thanks..

  16. I'm sitting here talking to myself out loud... "That is the cutest bag ever! Oh my god, that's the cutest wallet ever! Ooh, Hello Kitty pens!" Love the necklace too.

  17. Oh my gosh, haul heaven! Your bag and wallet are too adorable, Lulu. XD

  18. You look like you had so much fun!!!! Wow, look at all that stuff. <3 <3 <3

    I didn't even get to go shopping in Vegas. I didn't even get to eat that much either. The desserts in your previous post look SOOOO good. It's making my stomach growl. {*drool} All I did in Vegas was party. SO unbelievably burnt out. First time I ever partied in Vegas.
    ANYWAYS!! I really love your Juicy bag and all your accessories from Guess; hearts, crowns and bows are just too hard to pass up on.

    I think you did a good job shopping. I saw the GWP on your blog last night and today at Newpark I ran over to check out the gift. I was suprised at the quality of everything. I wasn't able to buy anything tonight but I am going back for sure sometimes this week.
    {*AHH} I want to comment on everything you got but I feel repetitive if I do. I want to go shop now. =X

    <3 Serena.

  19. I am completely jealous of everything that you bought!!! The hello kitty stuff I am so insanely jealous over those! I need to go shopping with you!


  20. Oh love the dream velour Juicy Bag! I have mine too in pink with a different design. The only annoying thing about having it in pink is that it can get more dirty and because it's made of that material.
    You sure hauled a lot! Me likey XD.

  21. The guess necklace is too adorable!!! Smart thing you got the Juicy Bag in black!! Other colours get so dirty!!!