Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A beautiful Saturday with Kalmo

Several weeks ago in March, Kalmo (Cambo Soup) came to visit me! As some of you may know, Kalmo and I used to live in the same town where we both went to school, and we had hung out a couple times last fall. But last winter, she moved to southern California, and we haven't seen each other since, until last month, when she told me that she was coming back to the Bay Area for a visit.

We were both really excited to see each other, and talked nonstop while fiance drove us to San Jose for some girls time and shopping. As soon as she saw me, she handed me a wedding book to help plan my wedding :) Thank you so much sweetie!

Before we got to the mall, we also stopped by David's Bridal for my first ever wedding gown try-out. It was an interesting experience, even though I didn't end up picking the two styles I had tried on that day, but I had a lot of fun.

I stopped by LUSH to pick up some of their Valentine's bath products.

From left to right:

Lush Love Soap -- It's shaped like a heart and covered full of red glitters, and is scented like Sex Bomb Bath Bomb.

The Ex Factor Bath Bomb -- It looks like a gingerbread man with a cute little pink heart on his chest, how adorable! It smells like Lush Butterball.

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar -- This is my favorite out of the three. It looks like a really cute pink mushroom. The red cap is scented like Yummy Yummy, and the bottom white part is Vinallary scented. My bath with this bubble bar was truly a fun experience, it smells so yummy, and made my bath water pink :)

Lastly, a Sex Bomb. The little pink flower inside is so pretty!

I also picked up some LUSH fresh masks to try out. I was always really afraid to buy these masks as they only have about 3 weeks before they expire, since they are made with all fresh ingredients. I don't always remember to do mask every day, and sometimes I even go weeks without doing one. So I didn't want to buy these fresh masks and waste them. However, Kay and Catherine informed me that the unused portions of the masks could be frozen and thawed again when ready to use. As soon as I got home, I froze two of the masks, and two weeks later when I defrosted them again to use, they were fresh as new :) I am glad that I now know this trick, especially since I don't live near a LUSH store, so if I go, I'd have to stock up on my goodies.

The three masks I picked up are:

Catastrophie Cosmetic -- this is my favorite out of the three. It has a very smooth texture, very easy to apply, and smells like blueberry = so yum!

Cosmetic Warrior -- works wonderfully for blemishes and oily skin, BUT has such a strong garlic smell that made me hate it. There are also garlic pieces in this mask, make sure you don't smear one right next to your nose! If you have super sensitive nose, and dislike garlic, don't try this one at home. haha

Cupcake -- hmm chocolate cupcake batter in a tub, is exactly what it looks/smells like. This is also a yummy one to use!

A cool thing I found out about LUSH fresh masks -- if you bring back 5 clean black LUSH pots back to the store, you would receive a free fresh mask! What a great incentive to encourage people to not toss the plastic containers, but to bring back to the store so they can be properly recycled.

I've finished all 3 masks by now, and will do a more detailed review on them soon!

Have you tried any LUSH fresh masks? Which ones do you like or recommend for me to try next?


  1. Is that the Beautymaker concealer on top of the wedding book? xD I haven't tried anything from Lush yet haha. I'm just not as into bath things, I suppose. I'm convinced it's because I don't have a nice bathroom LOL~

  2. hey...lulu....I'm gonna email you tomorrow...been so busy with a lot of things today....and how sweet of kalmo...and that magic mushroom bar is my fave too....I'm too scared to try those masks...

  3. Lush mask sounds so great, but I never tried them.

  4. I'm confused... did you hang out in March or was this this past weekend? {*LOL}
    Sounds like it was last month.

    Anyways... to your haul.
    The Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar looks soo cute! It reminds me of the mushrooms in Super Mario games.
    Glitter in the Lush Love Soap? Isn't it kind of irritating? It looks really pretty though.

    I haven't tried any fresh masks from lush recently but from reading your post I want to get myself a jar of Cosmetic Warrior. I need help with breakouts and oil control. My skin is being weird. {*bleh}

    <3 Serena.

  5. Yay for shopping with friends!

    And duuude I LOVE Lush's FFM!!!! I have to try Catastrophe Cosmetic now. I had the same exact feelings about Cosmetic Warrior as you. It's just not fun to use at all ugh.

  6. Yup, I went to the toilet restaurant last year. The food was just okay but it's fun to be there :D

  7. Aw that's so nice you got to catch up with your friend =)

    The Lancome cleansing water is a type of makeup remover/cleanser. You can use it all over your face, eyes and lips.

    Here, took this right off the website LOL:
    A transparent and high potency water gently liberates the skin from impurities and toxins deep inside. Used by make-up artists, the micellar technology allows perfect make-up removal with optimal tolerance in a burst of freshness. Its extremely gentle formula can even be used to remove eye and lip makeup.

    I haven't tried that many Lancome products >< This was the first real product purchase for me so I wouldn't know what to recommend either, sorry!

  8. I've never tried a Lush mask...I think it's time! lol
    RYC--I did swatch Stylesetter in my last entry. =)

  9. I've never tried any of the Lush masks, but that's a good tip (freezing the mask & thawing out a little at a time) to know for the day I decide to try one :)

    aww, Kalmo's such a sweetie to get you that book!

  10. how sweet of Kali to get you that book! :) I am pretty much a newbie to Lush masks so can't recommend you there, but now you make me want to try them!

  11. Sadly I have yet to try their masks. =\ What a wonderful shopping day you girls had! LUSH always has such fun names for their products...hehe. Great haul!!

  12. man I really don't take advantage of living so close to a LUSH store. I usually buy their gift sets for my friend's birthdays, but I don't actually own anything from there. The mushroom is adorable! Looks like the mario mushroom hehe

  13. Haha, the mushroom-looking one's so cute! :D