Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Haul -- Forever 21

Annnnd the birthday haul continues :)

Recently I've been really loving F21's spring/summer clothes, because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and I won't have to worry if this wedding diet/exercise routine works so well (fingers crossed haha) that if I lose a ton of (much needed) weight by the end of the summer, I won't cringe if I can't wear those clothes anymore. I also really love Forever 21's shipping, since it ships out of LA, it only takes about 2 days or so for it to arrive.

In this order I got a bright coral colored romper that says Waikiki in the front. This is my first time buying a romper, which is basically a one piece overall with a combination of shorts and a tank. This would be something cool to wear while relaxing at home in the summer days. I got two leggings -- a must have for spring/summer outfits because they are so versatile to wear either under a skirt, a dress, or with a tunic shirt or long tank. I also purchased a 3/4 sleeve jacket and a cardigan. I am really loving the idea of a shorter sleeved spring jacket, but too bad the weather is getting warmer faster than I had expected, and I won't be needing to wear jacket for much longer. I've also been really into cardigans after I started working. They are the perfect piece of clothing for layering, and to throw in my bag for when the office gets a bit chilly, and are not as bulky as hoodies that I normally wore during my student days.

I also purchased this skinny belt with a bow tie at the closure. As you all know, I love bows in my outfit :)

Not too much jewelry this time. I got this earrings/necklace set that totally reminds me of spring, and surprise! a pearl bracelet with a huge jeweled bow in the front.

I got this cardigan to add to my growing cardigan collection. The color is very appropriate for everyday office wear, yet the black bow tie near the collar adds a bit of uniqueness into this piece.

More leggings, and a super long tank that will be good for layering.

I saw this shirt in the store before but didn't get it. Good thing I waited because now it's on sale! The black kitty is just so adorable, and her whiskers are covered in rhinestones :)

A peachy colored tunic shirt, and a simple tshirt that's too adorable to pass up. It has a cute kitty and says, "I'm cute and I know it" :p

Lastly, another simple tee with an adorable design. I am so going to wear this during our honeymoon, hehehe :)

That's all, pretty simple everyday pieces, I hope you enjoyed reading through it!


  1. Dangggg girl! You've been doing some major damage haven't you?! You weren't kidding when you said you love getting packages.
    This is an awesome haul. I LOVE so many of the items you got especially the peachy colored tunic. I was trying to look for a similar shirt at Forever21 but had no luck. Maybe I should just buy it online like you.

    You got a romper?! Wow... props! I would never be able to pull one of those off. I think I'm oddly shaped.

    The last cute is so adorable... {*HAHA} Oops. I just looked at what I typed thought it was funny so I left it. I was trying to say "the last sure is so adorable" but when I was typing I looked at the shirt and thought "CUUTTEEE". Ended up typing out what I was thinking. {*hehe}

    I enjoy all your haul posts. =]

    <3 Serena.

  2. wow on your hauls, I believe Forever 21 is coming down! i am so excited to haul too

  3. lovin it! i am totally digging the skinny belt and the "we are in love" tee. love love love!

  4. Haul porn on a Friday...a perfect start to the weekend! Love it =D I am nuts for bows right now too...hehe. Another super fab haul you got! I totally love that cardigan you bought, plus the last tee totally makes me smile.

  5. I totally agree with you..I love to shop at F21 cuz' I wouldn't be too disappointed if I gained or lose weight....hehe....lovin' cardigan too right now.....

  6. I have the same jumpsuit my cousin sent me from the US and I love it.

  7. I love Forever21! It's cheap and the quality has gone up!

    I really want a romper now! Despite what my boyfriend thinks, because I think he doesn't like one pieces, but I really want to try out some new fashion must haves! :D

  8. The whiskers are in RHINESTONES!? Omggggg! So cute :D I was going to get it but decided against it :(

  9. That's seriously ONE of my favoritest stores to shop at!!!! I saw the same romper at the store. I can't wait to see you rock it out. I have another romper from them, but I haven't had the chance to wear it yet. I'm still kinda iffy about how to pull it off, lol. :p

  10. soo cute!! happy belated birthday!! i love the last shirt...haha i should get an xxlarge for my bf just to wear hehehe ;D

  11. *high 5* I adore bows too. Especially love that chunky bow bracelet! And the cardigan :D And the belt lol that's everything with the bows. Everything you picked out is so adorable! I find that my trips to Forever 21 are hit and miss, sometimes I can find a lot of stuff but sometimes stuff is just thrown all over the store and I can't find anything.

  12. Love the graphic tees!! They are too cute~~~~!