Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Haul -- Sephora

It seems like Sephora always has a sale around my birthday every year. Last year I got antsy to buy goodies for my birthday and placed my order the night before the 15% off sale started, since I had no idea about it. Well this year, I made sure that I was able to take advantage of the sale (or like Iyah says, it took advantage of me too, hehehe)

My first Sephora order came with my Sephora birthday present, a Benefit kit, a Korres blush, and a Tokidoki lip stain.

I spotted the Benefit kit during a Sephora store trip a few weeks ago. At first I didn't think it was something that I'd ever get and use. But just a few days later, I was researching for a matte bronzer for contouring, and Benefit Hoola came to my attention. Many described it as a non-shimmery, natural bronzer that doesn't give off an orangy or reddish tone if used for contouring. I have tried many bronzer that made my face look more orange than the natural shadowy look that contouring is suppose to achieve, so I was really excited to give Hoola a try. This kit is a great value for someone like me who wants to try out other Benefit products as well, plus all items are full sized products. I am currently using a mini-sized High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer, and I love it as a highlighter, mainly on my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. The kit also comes with Gilded highlighter pencil and a Bad gal brown mascara. I have never tried mascaras shades other than black, so I am very interested to give this one a try soon!

You guys know how much I love Korres products. So when this Korres orange blush was on sale, I knew I had to get it, just because :p I've been really into peachy/coral makeups recently, so this blush is a nice addition to my growing collection. Under the light, you can see some golden shimmers in the blush. Reviews say Korres blush is buttery smooth and a dream to apply. I can't wait to try it out! It kind of reminds me of MAC's Ripe Peach Blush Ombre, which I love dearly and have been using every day!

Tokidoki collection at Sephora offers a ton of overly adorable products. I was especially interested in the lip inks for its claim of long lasting power. I wanted to test them out and see whether if they'd be wedding day appropriate. I want to find a long lasting lip color so I don't have to keep reapplying throughout the day, and also so I won't transfer any lip colors on anyone else's face, hahaha. I also purchased a MAC lip stain recently, which I will talk about in another blogpost soon!

 Cactus Friends (coral) -- another makeup for my latest coral addiction.

I thought the packaging is adorable. The product basically looks like a marker. I didn't enjoy the pointy tip too much as it was a bit hard to color in the upper lip with the sharp tip. However I can see that this tip would become convenient if one were to use this lip ink as a lip liner, for its precise application. 

This is what the lip ink looks like on me, under florescent light, taken without flash.

This is the same lip ink under flash.

Also from Sephora, I purchased a set of Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume/shower gel/body lotion set, and two Juicy Couture lip gloss tins.

I fell in love with the sweet scent of Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume when I took a sniff in store last month. So when I saw this Sugar Affair set that is created by Fresh exclusively for Sephora's 10-year anniversary celebration, I was overly excited. Sure I don't need another perfume, and this was an impulse buy, but it sure makes me happy having this :)  I have been wearing my new perfume for the past 3 days and I am loving it!

I also purchased these super adorable Juicy Couture lip glosses. They would totally make cute stocking stuffers. I regretted not getting more of them as it was on sale for 1/2 off.


  1. ooo, what a lucky girl! D:
    hope you enjoy your new items, and happy belated birthday~

  2. ooo wow ! So much good stuff! I'm am especially envious of the Fresh set. All their scents are soooo good!

  3. Wo0oW.
    What great brthday presents you got yourself!!



  4. Ooh, nice haul!!
    I wanted to get the Benefit Legally Bronze set in the store since it was such a good deal but they didn't have any left! :(

    Fresh's scents are to die for! I always smell them when I go to Sephora haha.

    And wow the Korres blush is so pretty!! The Korres shadows are on sale too. I might have to get one of those on another Sephora trip.

    I'm glad you treated yourself for your birthday! :)

  5. Lovely birthday haul! the Korres blush looks so pretty and the Juicy Couture lip gloss is just too cute :D

  6. whoa..!! you made out like a bandit and cleared out sephora!

  7. That Benefit kit is so cute. I've never seen that at Sephora, what a great idea! I've heard good stuff about the hoola bronzer too, let us know how it works for you. Glad you had a great birthday!

  8. that korres blush was sold out last night....:(

    oh well I better visit sephora if I get the chance....nice haul....a good way to treat yourself for your special day!!!

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  10. LOVE your haul.
    Good decision on the Benefit kit. I've tried most of those products in that kit before minus the glide stick.
    Hoola is an amazing bronzer! A friend of mine had it before and I got to try it. A very pretty color. Can't wait to see how all these products works for you.

    I didn't know they had the Juicy lip gloss for half off! I guess I didn't look hard enough. I just bought whatever I found right away. {*LOL} I probably should have looked harder.

    I never knew Sephora had this sale every year.. I've been missing out. They stopped sending me emails for almost 2 years now. I finally called them and found out that my email wasn't even on record. How weird huh? I must keep my eye out for these sales more often. Thanks for letting me know. =P

    The Lychee perfume sounds like it would smell yummy. Lychee is soo good.

    <3 Serena.

  11. I love the Juicy Couture lip glosses, they're so cute.

  12. nice haul... enjoy your good and have a great birthday!

  13. Super haul! :D I think that no one could resist Sephora's 15% off event XD

  14. OoOoOoh!!! Lovely birthday haul! Man, I'm regretting not getting the Korres blush now - it looks soooo gorgeous! I can't wait to see you wear it!! :D

  15. Neat haul! Lucky you, lol. I actually was good this year and didn't get anything. Ugh, but how come being good doesn't make me feel good? Especially after I see the wonderful things you got! :p

  16. woW! Happy belated birthday! You got some goodies. The lip stain looks gorgeous on your lips. Also, I'm a huge fan of orange/coral blushes too! yay! I will let you knw about the np set! I only have like 5 np right now.. i need to catch up with the rest of you guys!

  17. Fabulous haul from Sephora!! =)

    My fav is that Benefit kit. I've tried those items out before, but I luv the hoola blush most. =)

  18. Awesome haul! I also love Korres products. They are absolutely amazing and are good for the skin :D Awesome impulse buy! I love the Fresh sugar lychee perfume! I've gotten a sample of it and it really is a warm lychee smell! I would think it's so hard to duplicate a smell like that but they make it so perfectly!

    Juicy lipgloss tins are awesome!!! :D I've never seen them before!

  19. nice haul~! you got a way better bday present from sephora this time. i wanted to get the givenchy lip stain but it was still oos. didn't pay attention to the tokidoki brand. looking forward to see your next order.

  20. ooh Benefit Legally Bronze! I was eyeing that because it seemed like such a great deal with everything full size, plus I wanted Gilded. This looks like a great haul, the fresh Sugar Lychee perfume sounds similar to Fancy (Jessica Simpson). I think Sephora's new birthday present is much better than their old one

  21. OMG, I told Daniel I want the Lychee perfume. Wow, I should exchange my nano star for the peach lipstain. it looks so pretty on you!

  22. Yay to b-day hauls! I love your lips...hee hee. :) I am really digging the packaging on that Benefit kit!