Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Haul -- Urban Decay and Cosme-de

Let's jump right into what I bought from Urban Decay :)

When I heard that Urban Decay was having a FF (friends and family) 30% sale, I jumped right into it because I've been wanting to try out the facial sprays they came out with their summer collection. I am really loving the concept of facial sprays recently (see my March Favorites), I love how they help to set my makeup, replenishe the moisture in my skin throughout the day, and are easy to carry around and use.

I picked up De Slick, which is a setting spray for oily prone skin; and Guardian Angel, a spray moisturizer with  SPF 8 in it. My plan is to use De Slick on the days when I need to wear makeup and use the mist to set my face, and bring Guardian Angel on the go so I can keep my face moisturized, plus with the added benefit of the tiny bit of SPF.

I've only tried De Slick so far. To be honest, I am not quite sure if it helped to mattify my skin much, at least not for too long. But then my face does tend to get pretty oily, especially on a hot and humid day. Most mattifying products did not offer long lasting power for me, and the only product I have found so far that works really well at keeping my oily face matte for quite some long time is the Pore Refiner by Dr. Brandt, which I will talk about in another post soon.

I'll let you guys know how Guardian Angel works out for me once I use it, probably after I finish my current spray (L'Occitane Rose Hydrating Face Mist). The name Guardian Angel just sounds like it's going to be a nice product doesn't it? haha we'll see if it holds up to my expectations.

I also picked up a "Hall of Fame" kit that contains an XL sized Primer Potion. I've always used Two Faced Shadow Insurance. So I wanted to compare and see how I like the primer potion. The kit also came with the most adorable, tiniest lipstick in Midnight Cow Boy, a mini 24/7 eyeliner pencil, a mini mascara, and a mini Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Timothy. I am so excited because this is such a great way to try out some Urban Decay products. I've only tried the 24/7 eyeliners and Pocket Rocket eyeliners in David before, but I heard Timothy is one of the most popular choices :)

Cosme-de is a great online store that ships out of Hong Kong. It sometimes has a few really great deals. Plus it offers free shipping with no minimum purchase. The shipping time for Cosme-de is actually super fast, considering that it came all the way overseas. It took about a week for me to get my package, this is much faster than Sasa, and mind you, my Sephora packages usually take a week to arrive to me as well since it ships from the East Coast. Sometimes they have great deals that pop up, so this would be a website where you might need to check back once in a while and see if they added any cool new items!

When May told me that dejavu Fiberwig mascaras were on sale for $8, I was super excited because this was one mascara that has been on my wishlist forever, but I never got a chance to buy. Considering how this product sales for $24 on Sephora, this is such a great deal! I got both of us a mascara, but of course I had to wander around the site a bit more, and guess what I found!

A YSL Collector Powder Palette For Eyes and Complexion. I picked up the color 01, which has a pink blush, and light beige, golden, and gray/black colored eye shadows. The most adorable thing about this palette?

The colors are shaped in such a way that it resembles a dress with a big bow! I fell in love with it right away, isn't it too cute to use? hahaha.

Go get yours before it runs out! :p


  1. the imju fiber is very nice though i want it to be more volumizing and more light,the YSL is soooo cute!!!it looks like a toy hehe

  2. And the haul fun! =D I had no clue UD had facial sprays. *is clueless* Looking forward to your review on that! Holy cow that YSL palette is gorgeous. =D And what a super duper price you got the mascara at! *runs to check out Cosme-de*

  3. Omg what great deals. Fiberwig for $8!? Sign me up :D
    I love the big bow ^__^ Super cute

  4. Lulu,you've really been online shopping a lot...hehe....but it's all great deals...fiberwig for $8?how come I didn't know about it good???

  5. That palette is SO cute! I wished I had known about Cosme-de earlier. I think they ran a Guerlain sale a little while ago? Too bad I missed out!

    Sorry Lulu! Your pack is done, I just need to get time to visit the PO. Letcha know soon! :D


  6. OOOH what a cuuuuute haul! And dude, $8 Fiberwig?! What a steal!!! :D

  7. Ouch! i got the fibrewig at a higher price :( but its really nice!

    Nice haul!

  8. Wow, nice haul! I hope you had an awesome birthday! :D Everything looks super nice! The figerwig mascara is an awesome deal! Especially since Sephora has it @ at crazy ridiculous price! The YSL compact is too pretty :) Looks like you made good use of the UD friends n family deal :D I did not partake in the sale since I have too many things! lol :p

  9. daang what a good deal for that fiberwig. The YSL palette is SO cute! I love when companies take that extra step and give their makeup a nice presentation. Let us know how the UDPP works for you, I use TSFI as well

  10. the YSL palette looks so pretty! I indulged in the Urban Decay F&F sale as well and got the de-slick spray...I need to try it a few more times before writing up a review, but for now I can say that the smell doesn't irritate my skin the way model in a bottle did!