Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogger Loves

One of the happiest moments in my life is to come home and discover a package on my front porch. Haha silly I know, but what girl doesn't like to get goodies in the mail? Let along if they are surprise goodies from lovely blogger ladies! So today I will share with you some of the love packages I've received this spring.

This was from the beginning of the year, I am sorry I never got a chance to show this until now :T Edna and I prepared each other Christmas presents, and we talked about meeting up since last December but never got a chance to make it come true due to our busy schedules :( So finally we've decided that we were going to mail our belated Christmas presents to each other. My package came in a big box filled with love!

She got me a set of travel makeup bags, California Chips that she told me I had to try (and they were soooo good! I'm hungry just thinking about them), a massage bar from LUSH (because we are both LUSHies), 2010 calendar with a cute Mia-lookalike on the front of the box, and Christmas cards. She also let me borrow some of the Gossip Girls books from her collection, Edna is my personal library for Gossip Girl books :p

Why two Christmas cards? Because Mia's "god-mommy" sent a card for her too! hahahha totally adorable!

Then in February after fiancé proposed to me and wedding planning had started, I received a surprise package in the mail from her!

This girl is totally a sweetheart, she sent me a wedding planning book, just when I needed one. This book was really cute and sturdy, with tons of inside pockets for me to stash random notes and papers and keep organized. When we met our wedding planner and venue a week later, this book accompanied me ❤ Thank you so much, my love!~

The next love pack came from Audrey from During one of our chat sessions a while ago, I had mentioned to her about my eczema and the annoying dry patch on my hand. She offered to send me a bottle of Skin MD to try out. Of course she had to include some extras -- Silk Whitia masks and a MBD premium mask in Camellia. Thank you sweetie for the timely package, because I think Skin MD shielding lotion really helped with my dry skin over the winter and now is a staple item in my routine!

A couple of weeks ago, Audrey sent me another package in the mail with a bottle of China Glaze nail polish in Sugar High (from the Up & Away collection). Audrey and I made a list of nail polishes we wanted to buy during our lunch break and when I made the purchase, I didn't include Sugar High in it. So she kindly offered to get it for me in her haul, as an "early birthday/congratulations for my engagement" present, hahaha what a sweetheart! Thank you so much! I think Sugar High is a totally cute color for the spring, so bright and happy :)

The sweetest Catherine from sent me a love package around Valentine's Day. She totally surprised me with all the cute goodies she got me. I had commented to her before about one of her beautiful NOTD's that had these adorable bow nail stickers on them, little did I know, she got me a pack of it as well! She also got me more nail decors in pink glitters, hearts and starts, and my first ever bottle of Pa. nail polish! I am super excited about this, and thank you so much Cat for helping me feed into my recent nail polish/decor obsession :p

Cat also got me a Revlon Colorburst lippie in Fuchsia (such a pretty color for the spring), Revlon ColorStay liquid lipcolor in Stella Sunshine (what a cute name for a lippie!), and a L'Oreal HIP liner pencil in Violet Volt (deep purple).  Thank you so much sweetie!

A few weeks ago I sent the lovely Amy some matcha milk tea powder mixes to try out. I totally didn't expect her to send something in return, but look at all the goodies she got me as a thank you! Oh Amy you are way too sweet and your package totally made my day!

Thank you for the adorable Rilakkuma and the cute bunny pen! She also got me face masks (we are all mask addicts hehehe), a Paul & Joe toner in the cutest bottle ever, some samples, and a Majorlica Majorca Honey Lip Essence -- hmm this is so yum and hydrating on my lips! Thank you so much Amy! :)

See! Aren't blogger girls the sweetest! Their love packages totally made my day and put a bright smile on my face :D


  1. I love getting mail! I get so excited when I know something is on the way. :3

  2. Yay to love packs! You got loads of great stuff!! =D

  3. Aww what sweet and lovely packages from your friends! They're so nice. :)

  4. you will be receiving 3 more from me this week. hahaha

  5. aww the wedding planning book is too cute! That nail polish would look really good with the book. Haha, your nails and planner would match while you go wedding shopping!

  6. Hmm... I haven't sent you anything, but I love you too! He he ~ :D

  7. I know how it feels to feel loved with all the love packages! enjoy the goodies!

  8. i love getting packages too and normally the first thing I do is to open them on the spot! hahha
    lots of loves there~~ ;-)

  9. Aww yayyyyyyy! Lovely packages there!!

    Hope you'll be receiving a BUNCH more really soon! :D

  10. Ahem, love/hate relationship. <3 I should send you a Peter Catcat next time!

  11. Yay for love packages :D so so cute!! :D

  12. I absolutely love getting mail! Especially when it's packages! They're so much fun!

    Have a fabulous day girly!


  13. the wedding planner is such a thoughtful gift! beauty bloggers really are the most thoughtful ones! i enjoyed looking at your love bombs! stay happy planning your wedding lulu! :)

  14. wow you've got a lot of blogger love there :) the wedding planner is such a nice gift! how are the gossip girl books? I enjoy the show, although now it's nowhere near as good as it was Season 1, but I've never read those before

  15. I can feel all the love. =]
    So sweet of them! I thought I was the only one who took picture of love packages. I don't feel alone anymore. {*hehe}

    Gossip Girl books!! That's actually how I found out about the TV show. Well, I never got to read the books but one of my old apartmentmates [during college] read them. I tried reading one of them back then but I wasn't into reading back then. I kind of wish I had a few now.

    So far from the comment about Clinique... Moisture Surge is a good investment. =P I think I'm going to get the Moisture Surge the next time they have a GWP.

    <3 Serena.

  16. That's awesome, you have really nice blogger friends :p

  17. what lovely packages from your friends :) my gift to you is going to be late =T I haven't been able to get to the post office this week and err...our birthday is tomorrow :( but you'll be getting something from me soon!

    happy early birthday Lulu :)

  18. I love the collection of Up and Away. I still need to collect more.

    I might be late but Congrats on the engagement. SO happy for you. Awesome stuff you got there.

  19. awww how gorgeous!
    love your blog too
    great posts
    stop by some time xx