Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Go To Beauty Products

Today I will talk about my go to beauty products. These are basically products that I like to use on a daily basis, or just products I tend to grab most often to use at the moment. This tag is inspired by julieg713 after watching her Youtube video.


Korres Vitamin E Face Primer: 
I am almost done with this tube. Yay! I like this primer because it does not cause me to break out or clogs my pores. I love that it's silicone free, because it doesn't feel heavy on my face. 


 Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15:
perfect for when I am in a hurry, minimal blending required, and it makes my face glowy and my complexion more even.

Revlon ColorStay makeup for Combination/Oily Skin:
I've been trying this foundation out  recently to see if it would be a good candidate for the summer/wedding when my skin is more oily. 

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: 
Also trying this out. Mine is not as sparkly as some people mentioned in reviews! I guess I got lucky? 


 NYX Concealer in a Jar: 
My everyday concealer, its creamy formula is perfect for covering up blemishes. See, I hit pan on it! :D

NARS Duo Concealer:
Sometimes I'd grab this concealer too for convenience, the lighter color for my dark circles, and the darker skin for my blemishes. 
✔Setting Powder:

La Mer the Powder:  
I love this powder, it's so finely milled, making it super light and never goes powdery on the skin.  

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Duo:
I use the bottom matte part as a setting powder, or sometimes I even swirl the highlighter color and the matte powder together for a little bit of fine shimmer.


MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach: 
My most favorite blush ever! It just has the perfect peachy color for spring. 


 Stila Contouring Trio:
I use the dark color for contouring, and the light color for highlight. The dark is matte so it's very appropriate for creating that shadow along my cheekbones to help sculpt my face.

Cream Highlight:

 Benefit Highbeam:
This product is a great highlighter. I dab this along my brow bones and inner corners of my eyes for that extra awake look. I don't usually use it on my cheeks though, as the sparkles tend to make me look more oily. 


See above, I either use the light shade in Stila Contouring Trio, or the shimmery upper portion of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. 


Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Mascara: 
My all time favorite mascara. It holds my curl, lengths my lashes, and stays put!

✔Eye Shadow:

 Stila Precious Pearl Palette:
Love this palette. It's small so it's travel friendly, yet it has 6 very pretty and pigmented shades.  My favorite to use are the light pink for overall wash of color, dark blue for liner, green and gold. You can't tell from the picture as the camera totally failed to capture the details, but I've actually used quite a lot of the pink, blue and gold colors. I hope I can hit pan on them soon!
✔Eye Liner:

 Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes:
It's perfect for doing tightlines and waterlines as this liner is super pigmented, doesn't fade or transfer easily.  
✔Lip Liner:

I don't normally use a lip liner.

MAC Ever Hip:
My favorite lipstick at the moment, I've been grabbing this everyday!
✔Lip Gloss:

 MAC Lip Gloss in Mimmy:
This shade actually compliments my Ever Hip lipstick pretty well. Plus it's from the Hello Kitty collection, and just using it makes me happy haha.  

 Urban Decay Brow Beater:
Very easy and convenient to use, it has the color, the wax and the brush all in one! 
✔Makeup Brushes:

 Face Brushes (from left to right):

EcoTools Concealer brush: quite a handy brush for applying cream concealers.
 ELF Foundation Brush:  I use this to even out the concealer under my eyes.
Everyday Minerals Duo Fibre Brush: for stippling on foundations.
ELF Powder Brush: love it's soft flat top for putting on setting powder.
Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush: for contouring.
ELF Complexion Brush: for blending, putting on highlight powder.
No Name Blush Brush: forgot the brand of this one.

Eye Brushes (from left to right):

ELF Eyeshadow C Brush: big wide tip perfect for a wash of eyeshadow color across the lid.
Stila #9 Blending Brush:  love this for blending out harsh lines. 
Costal Scents Angled Liner Brush: for shadow liners.
✔Nail Polish:

 ELF Nail Polish in Champaign: 
Even though I own so many other nail polishes, my most used shade is this ELF one. I just really love this light peachy color, as it really compliments my skin tone when I wear them on my nails. It's perfect for everyday. Also, ELF polishes have a nice wide brush, which makes it a dream to apply! For a $1 polish, this totally exceeded my expectations. This might actually be the first bottle of colored polish that I'll ever finish as I am near the bottom of it already. But don't worry, I already picked up a back up :)


  1. Nice go-to products! You use up so many things/hit pan a lot! I wish I had that ability, but then again I don't use makeup everyday, haha.

    I'm so sad now that I didn't get Ripe Peach. T___T

  2. Awesome items Lulu! Im totally curious about the La Mer powder and the NYX concealer. I wonder how it compares to Guerlain Meteorites or the MUFE powder (since I have those 2). Need to haul my booty to Saks to look for this.

    Need to find me a NYX concealer-I get those pesky undereye circles when I skimp out on sleep-may I ask what concealer color youre using?

    Im still bummed I missed out on Ripe Peach ~sigh~.

    Yay for ELF brushes! I have alot of the studio line ones 2! I like that theyre cheap, soft, and you can use basically any soap to clean them with! I reach for those everyday!

  3. I really love that Mac Blush! I'm thinking about getting some of their blushes, because it seems like a lot of people like it! :D

  4. Ever Hip is really nice (partly for color and partly for the packaging haha) But it seems MAC limiteds are faster to disappear than Japanese ones - have you noticed? At least for the Japanese stuff, I can usually Ebay it. Good thing MAC has a wide wide collection, so there's always something similar.

    I also watch JulieG713 on YT! I think I watch more YT than read blogs. ;P

  5. Awesome post :D I kinda want to try out the Revlon foundations now... and the NYX concealer!

  6. Oh... so sad that I missed out on the blush ombres. I do love MAC MSF too, so easy and fast!I also love the aqua eyes, last forever!

  7. Nice go to beauty products! I always love to see what other girls like at the moment, hehe... thanks for sharing! ;)

  8. awww... I love Mimmy, but Ever Hip was already sold out when I got to the MAC store @.@

  9. nice list of items!!! ive been considering getting the kiss me mascara this is making me very temped after your good review above!

  10. Ooh, thanks for sharing your go-to products! Now I wish I had gotten the Stila Precious Pearl palette - it's soooo pretty!

  11. I am interested with Korres Primer now! Wow, you're almost done with it!

    I love Revlon Photoready myself and its' not as sparkly as what other people reviewed, we're both lucky!

  12. Thanks for sharing..I totally need to try the stila tinted moisturizer...and I don't think photoready is shimmery too...

  13. Yay...I love these posts! =D I have the same contour and eyeshadow palette. Wah...I can't look at "Ripe Peach". :P So jealous...hehe. It is beyond pretty! Thanks for sharing your go to products, girlie.

  14. Great post! I have the same elf Powder brush too, and loving it :D

  15. Really glorious effects from images mentioned by you.This shade actually compliments my Ever Hip lipstick pretty well. Plus it's from the Hello Kitty collection, and just using it makes me happy haha. thanks lot any way for sharing post.

  16. Thats a nice list! I still want that La Mer powder because of you :)

  17. lol at the No Name Brush. I really love my ecotools concealer brush, it really blends everything so well underneath my eyes! That lipstick looks great as well. I love long list posts. :) Gosh I wish I could get my hands on ripe peach