Friday, May 14, 2010

April rains ruined my Cherry Blossom Festival

...But I still had a ton of fun that day!

San Francisco has Cherry Blossom Festival every year around mid April in Japan Town. This year, Edna, May and I decided to go check it out together and have an girl's day out! Unfortunately, the day that we decided to go turned out to be a rainy day :( I was on my way to San Francisco when I heard that the festival had been canceled! What a bummer :( The heavy storm also prevented Edna from coming over because she lives 3+ hours away. But since I was already on my way to SF, might as well go visit May and do what we do best -- go shopping! hahahaha :D

But of course, more goodies from May! Love you so much girl *hearts*

LE Kit Kats that she ordered from I am officially hooked onto flavored kit kats now :) Have you tried them before? I guarantee you that you will be addicted just like me, they are so much better than the regular chocolate ones we have here in the US! The ones I got from may are strawberry chocolate, and sweet potato.

More masks and a Eve Pearl lipgloss duo in the colors of Baby Doll and Honey Bunny. I can't wait to try this one out, both colors look really pretty!

From H&M, I got myself two tunic tops to pair with leggings. I am so excited that the weather is getting warmer now that summer is approaching. I look forward to flip flops, leggings, skirts, and tank tops!

From Forever 21, I bought a pair of workout shorts. Ever since our wedding date is set and our venue is chosen, I've forced myself to workout more often and eat healthier so I can look my best on the big day. I will be wearing these when I do my daily elliptical training.

From LUSH, I stocked up on Fluffy Eggs bath bomb. It is part of their Easter collection, and smells like Snow Fairy :)

May and I also stopped by the MAC counter at Bloomingdale's. The MAC girls there are super friendly! May was able to score the last ever blush ombre in Azalea Blossom, lucky girl! While she fell in love with the eye liners from the Art Supplies collection (and came home with 3 :p), I was really curious about these Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers from the same collection. Unfortunately, the pink colored one called Stylesetter was out of stock. This reddish coral shade also drew my attention. It is called Sunset.

It looks and feels just like a felt tip marker. On the lips, it doesn't feel that drying to me, but deposits a nice shade of color that are pretty long lasting. I plan on using a lipstain marker for my wedding day underneath my lipstick, that way even if the lipstick wears off from drinking and eating, I'll still be left with a hint of color on my lips!

without flash

with flash, it appears much brighter on camera. Please excuse the poorly swatched lips that I did in a hurry.


  1. May is so generous! The Hello Kitty shopping bag/tote is so cute.

  2. what a fun day. i still remember how bad the weather was that day. you guys did good. i love the red lip marker you got

  3. May is too sweeet! :D Sorry to hear it got canceled but it looks like you girls definitely made up for it...hehe. "Sunset" looks gorgeous on you. And is it weird for me to say you have nice looking lips? ;)

  4. Thanks Lulu! I'd meet you in IRL too! :)

    Wow you can totally rock the red lips! :D I've seen those Kit-Kats before but I just thought they were fancy-wrapped normal ones lol! Sweet potato flavor?! How interesting!

  5. The Hello Kitty bag is super cute. How do you like the lipstain so far? Did it stay long on your lips?

  6. I'm glad you were still able to have fun! oh man I stay far away from flavored Kit-Kats because I know I would be hooked with one bite and then very sad that I can't get them whenever I want here. I really want to try the milk tea flavored ones though, heard they're amazing. yay for more lush stuff! those eggs are cuteee

  7. Cute HK stuff~~ Those bath bombs are adorable.

  8. How fun is the shopping! May is a really generous sweety, the HK tote is so cute :)
    ryc: it's great that your scar is healing faster now! :D

  9. Good luck in getting ready for your big day!!!

    Looks like you had fun! The tops from H&M would be adorable with leggings and flipflops. I want to shop now tooo!!!

  10. Awww how fun! Your lips are sooooo pretty!

  11. May is so sweet! lovely haul there.. the MAC lipstain marker looks super pigmented and pretty on you :)

  12. Hi Lulu!

    Oh sorry to hear that your fun girls' day out was ruined by the terrible weather. May is sooo nice to give you all the awesome goodies! Can't wait to hear the reviews. LE Kit Kats sound so yummy.

    Oh Eve Pearl stuff, I'm interested in trying their salmon concealer.

    Those LUSH eggs are adorable. Thanks for the swatch of the lipstain marker, it look so pretty.

    I think I'll be in LA for a month or a little more, been two weeks already.

    Have you got your wedding makeup all set and done now? :)

  13. Ah~ another reason for why shopping seems to always save the day haha =D

  14. Aww... so sorry to hear that it was all rainy that day! :/

    The HK tote is adorable! Your lips are sooo cute and pretty! The color looks so good on your lips!

    Oh, please review the Vitacreme B12 and Serum soon! ;)

  15. that's a pretty lipstain :)

    ohh if you haven't tried the maple kit kats, you should try to get your hands on some - they're delicious!

  16. LULU!! You have such cute lips ♥ Love the color of your lipstain..♥ May is just so sweet, love the HK bag and the mask! woohoo!! and great haul hun! :D