Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Love from Dina + Quick Review

A while ago, when Pink reviewed The Face Shop Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser, I rushed to my nearest The Face Shop to get my own tube. Much to my disappointment, they were all sold out. I complained about it on Twitter, and the ever so sweet Dina told me that she could help me get one. Well, she didn't just get me one tube of the spot eraser, she also bombarded me with birthday love!

 She got me 3 different kinds of The Face Shop sheet masks and a Skin Food one, I am really excited about these because I have not tried any of these formulas. She also got me my first ever Skin Food nail polish in the cutest iridescent pink shade (I cannot decipher the shade name as everything were in Korean :T). And to satisfy my sweet tooth, she got me a baggie full of yummy candies and sweet coffee drinks :)

Now about the Spot Eraser, since many of you probably are curious about my result with it. Dina did a very good review of how she feels about the product here:

I think I share similar feelings about the product as Dina does. While I do see visible fading in my acne scars, the old scars on my forehead have not completed disappeared yet and I have been religiously applying the spot eraser on every night for the past month or so. Although I feel like if my scars were to fade naturally, it might take even longer, so the spot eraser might have helped to speed up the process. 

But on any redness that have occurred within the past month or so ("newer scars"), I notice the redness goes away faster than usual, sometimes even over-night. I think applying the spot eraser gives me a peace of mind and make me feel like I am actively doing something to prevent and help eliminate the formation of hyper-pigmentation on my face due to acne breakouts. Do I really need it? It's hard to say. But since it hasn't caused any adverse skin reactions (it did not break me out), I'd say it's a keeper and I'll keep finish up the whole tube and continue to use it everyday to see if I can see a better result over a longer period of time. Especially since it is fairly easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin, so it is not so much of a hassle in my skincare routine. Plus it has a mild floral scent that I actually really like. 

Keep in mind that everyone's skin works differently, so who knows, maybe you will see a better result in using this product compared to me. If it does work well for you, please let me know :)


  1. You're on a roll with all these post Lulu!! So many goodie presents for your birthday. You're loved and what's not to love about you?! =D

    I must get my hands on Skin Food BB Cream. I still don't know which BB Cream to get or where.

    All those sheet masks are making me want to do one asap. Unfortunately I'm at the BFs and he doesn't have any.

    Kit Kats.... O_O. *drool

    <3s Serena.

  2. Skinfood nail polish shade name is in code, hehe.. Hope you'll like everything :) Ah, I'm embarrassed for my writing, haha..
    I agree, I'm going to finish the spot eraser to see if I'm gonna repurchase it since I've gone through more than halfway of it :D

  3. Sweet package! I think I feel that way about most products that treat hyperpigmentation. I guess you can't know unless you measure the exact time for fading in a controlled experiment, but who the heck has the diligence to do that?! xD

  4. If you want, I can decipher the shade name of the nail polish. Just show me the name... hehe~ Happy belated birthday!

  5. What a cute birthday present! I totally want to try that TFS spot eraser now!!

  6. what a sweet present from dina! I'm in the same boat with the spot eraser - it definitely helps with the more recent scars from pimples, to take away the redness and keep it from leaving what would normally be a dark scar, but any scars that i've had before using it, it didn't really seem to do much.

    I'm trying out a new product to see if it lives up to its claims of lightening/removing acne scars/discoloration/dark spots, so I'll let you know how it goes!

  7. so sweet! I think that with a lot of these acne scar fading products, the results tend to be long-term, so update and let us know if the results are more significant later on! It's good that it helps prevent redness though, glad it worked out for you :)

  8. Wow, that's a lot of goodies! :D
    I'm really interested in the face shop, but there isn't one in southern california.

  9. Dang girly! What fabulous goodies you got! I wish I had a birthday filled with fabulous goodies like you've received!

    xo enjoy your day!

    My fruit dip recipe is yogurt of your choice (a single serving thing of it) and cool whip and sometimes I use marshmallow fluff.

  10. So sweet! I am digging the color of your Skin Food nail polish for sure. :D The spot eraser sounds like a YMMV product. Good thing you didn't have any adverse skin reactions.

  11. I do hate the scar left over from older pimples! And such great goodies you received!