Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Love from Edna

The birthday love continues...

Edna's package arrived at my front porch all nicely decorated with colorful balloons all around. I can feel the love already even before I opened the package!

A peak inside:

Edna picks the cutest card :)

With the touchiest message inside. She even wrote Mia a love note.

Goodies galore:

Essie Wedding Collection nail polishes in 4 lovely shades:

Petal Pink, Show Me The Ring, Walk Down The Aisle, and Main Squeeze. Don't they have the cutest names ever?

What is this? She got me my favorite Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. She knows that I ran out of my tiny bottles before and got me a bigger bottle! This cleanser is the best cleanser to be used with Clarisonic. It takes off makeup so easily and does not leave my face feel dry afterwards.

Of course, how can we forget the yummies -- Japanese red bean mochi (those were so good), salt water taffy (to celebrate no more braces for Edna!), yummy Kit Kat, and Poifull jelly beans that she got me hooked on.

The cutest little black cat charm is now mine :) I remember when we went to Japan Town last time, we were staring at these!!

Bare Escentuals shower gel, I had no idea they make bath products too, it smells yummy! The cute little bottle is perfect for traveling too!

She remembered that I told her Lemon mask is my favorite scent from The Face Shop:

Of course, I saved the BEST for last:

*GASP* sneaky sneaky girl convinced me not to get it and instead she got them for me! The other day she asked me to choose blue or pink, and I chose blue...little did I know she was shopping for these LE Paul and Joe' Alice in Wonderland collection!

Opened tin with all its contents inside: blotting paper with the most adorable prints on them that I will never want to use, a pack of refill blotting sheets, and an peachy toned lip conditioner. Ahh too adorable!!!

Thank you so much for all the goodies love! I *heart* you forever, teehehee :p


  1. Omg what an amazing package Lulu! I had no idea Essie came out with a wedding collection! Edna is so sweet!

  2. Where did Edna find those Poifuls? I can only find them in HK!

  3. Wow, how generous of her!! Totally jellin' over the Alice set. ;)

  4. that card! Omg, you got the Paul & Joe tin set! Soo sweet of Edna XD

  5. the cat on the card is hilarious! Edna put a lot of love & thought into your package :) the essie wedding set is perfect for you!

  6. Dang Lulu!! So many birthday present posts!

    The blue tine from LE Paul and Joe' Alice in Wonderland collection is sooo cute. Let us know how the products work out for you. I'm tempted to buy it because of the packaging but I don't think I'd use it soo I probably shouldn't. {*hehe}

    MIA is so cute. What a nosey kitty.

    <3s Serena.

  7. Awww thats so sweet and cute! =)

  8. The card is so cute! Awesome present :D

  9. Awwww what an awesome birthday gift. :D

  10. LOL, Mia is rolling around in the tissue paper because her friend, Summer was rolling around it it first! I guess Mia misses her mean friend.

    Glad you <3 the presents :) There were so many Mia charms to choose from and Genia said the lil Mia puppet one is the best :P

    7 more days :)

  11. aahhhh!! u got the alice in wonderland!?! oh so lucky!!

  12. wow so many birthday goodies! you are spoiled! i was looking at the P&J alice in the wonderland thing the other day too and thought it was SO adorable :P