Friday, May 21, 2010

A lovely belated Xmas present

Edna's sister G is such a sweetie! We never got a chance to meet up during Christmas last year, and finally she decided to just mail her presents for me! The package came right around my birthday last month, so it was perfect :)

She cat-sat Mia last summer for about a week when I had to go on a business trip to Canada. She treated Mia so well! Thanks G again for being so loving to Mia even though I know she must have been annoying!!

The gift bag she sent to me looks like a tiny version of Mia. How cute! I shall treasure this forever :)

Her gifts are really made with love! I couldn't even tell that she had made the card until she mentioned it! How cute!

G is also an excellent cross-stitcher! Gosh Mia is loved by so many people, no wonder she acts like a spoiled brat at home :p Did you come up with the design yourself? It's totally adorable!

Here's a close up of her stitch work:

Thanks so much G, and I am so thankful to have met a loving friend like you. I am also totally excited about your new job, you will be such a wonderful nurse!!! *hearts*


  1. Whoaaaaa niiiice! She did such a fantastic job! I haven't done cross-stitching since the 3rd grade! Mine was hecka ugly! Haha~

  2. Gawd, I totally know what you mean! Esp the eating the same portion thing. =\ Good luck to both of us! I'm sure you will be able to lose 'em. There's nothing more motivating than one's own wedding. ;)

    Wow, that is some amazing stitch work! It definitely looks like Mia! =)

  3. Oh that smelly skunk! Everyone misses her, especially her long distance boyfriend, Peter! His birthday's coming up, maybe Mia can hang out here so the two love cats can catch up <3

  4. oh sweet, an award for you check out

  5. The stitch is so cute! So sweet of Edna :D

  6. Woah that is such a nice and heartfelt gift! the cross-stitch is so cute and totally resembles Mia. Mia is adorable, people can't help but fall in love with her. :)

  7. So sweet :) Aw, I love cats! I have 2 of my own :)