Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Sunny Weekend in the Bay

And it was especially fun because May came to visit me and we went on a summer dress shopping and yummy food spree.

We were not allowed to buy any makeup because Edna, May, Iyah, Giang and I have decided to do a May-No-Buy project for this month. We are doing great so far and all the girls have been super supportive!

But of course, May always surprises me with new goodies to play with:

She got me a bottle of the St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser that she loves, and just recently Fuz also mentioned about this product. It contains salicylic acid to fight breakouts, and the green tea helps to clear blemishes and calm any redness on the face. I can't wait to try it out!

In the pack of Skittles flavored chapsticks that she got for her god-kids, she was thoughtful enough to save me the banana flavored one because she knows I love bananas :) haha I am such a big kid.

OMG what is that! Both of us have been anticipating the new LUSH lip scrubs for a long time and when they finally had it in stores, it was sold out before we could get our hands on it. So May ordered them for me online! How sweet of her! Bubblegum smells exactly like my favorite LUSH scent from Snow Fairy shower gel, it's sugary and sweet, and did not disappoint!

She also got me the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer. I've talked about getting this for a while now, and now she got them for me. She's such a doll!

And yes, that's a huuuuge brush from Urban Decay that she ordered from Hautelook, this girl totally surprised me with this brush. Well once she got it in the mail, she was surprised too because this brush is a looooot bigger in real life, no wonder it's called a Big Buddha Brush, hahaha. The brush is so cute though, and has the softest bristles ever. I think it's suppose to be used to apply powder or bronzer on the body, but I've been trying it out as a blending brush on my face and I loved how it feels against my cheeks, one sweep and I was able to blend my bronzer, blush and highlight seamlessly :)

For lunch, we got dim sum, but too bad both of us were too busy talking so we forgot to take any pictures of the food!

For dinner, we went to a Japanese all you can eat restaurant, half way through eating we finally remembered to snap some pictures of our food :p

Last but not least, finally my own "I'm not a Paper Cup" mug, which I've wanted for a long time. Thanks dear fiance :)


  1. Oooh, I would love to hear what you think about the Green Tea cleanser! I wonder if it smells good?

    The food you got looks delish~ Especially the sweets, haha!

    The "I'm not a paper cup" mug is too cute. :D

  2. All you can eat Japanese!!! Where at?

  3. that food looks good, i never been to a japanese buffet but im tempted now cus of your sushi pics =P also the cup thing looks interesting, i need something to take my drinks in the morning to school, is that cup re-usable or it's just once and then throw it out?

  4. O.M.G... I want that I'm NOT a Paper Cup Mug.. it's so cute!

    Where did you go eat?! That sushi looks really yummy. {*drool}

    Review the lipscrub!! I actually saw them the last time I went to LUSH but I didn't want to pay $8-9 for it. =/ It looked like flavored sugar to me. Maybe I'll be wrong.

    <3s Serena

  5. that is one huge's my first time to hear about that green tea cleanser...please do tell me if it's good....

    and looks like you & may had so much fun....I've never been to a japanese buffet sounds so good...

  6. That's so sweet of May :) Th brush is really huge! Love the food porn, and the mug is so cute :D

  7. So nice of May! Now i have cravings for sushi :P and the mug is cute!

  8. i want to try that st. ives face wash!!! ahhhh!!! it doesn't help looking at your blog it's sooo enticinggg!!!! and that cup is cute!! :)

  9. There are Skittles flavored chapsticks?! Oh boy, too cute. =D May's indeed a doll! Sounds like you two had a really fun time together. XD Wah...the lip scrubs arrived and then sold out? I definitely missed the boat on that Hopefully they'll restock soon. Love that cute cup!

  10. That's so sweet of May!

    I love that mug. I've never seen something like it.

  11. i had had so much fun with you last weekend. i wish you live closer to each other then we can play together every week hehe

  12. aww, what a sweet gift from May! haha that kabuki really looks huge!

  13. OOOH Lulu~ let me know how you like the St.Ives Cleanser cuz ever since Fuz mentioned it I've been wanting to get it.