Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday Love from Diana

My birthday twin Diana from and I met because of our birthdays last year, and she encouraged me to start beauty blogging. I can't believe it's been a year already! This year, she also didn't forget to send me lovely birthday presents, she is super sweet and friendly!

She got me Bath and Body Works shower gel and body lotion in Sweet Pea, which also happens to be my favorite scent from BBW, it's like she read my mind :)

Lookie what she got me! The tokidoki mint tin in SANDy! Now I have both Moofia and SANDy for my collection, thanks for Diana and Catherine :)

In the cute goodie bag, she gave me a sample of Vitacreme B12 (love this cream!), a cute purple sparkly Sally's Girl nail polish, and a cupcake shaped lip gloss.

Isn't the cupcake lip gloss adorable?!

Thank you Diana, you are the world's bestest birthday twin ever *hearts*


  1. Diana is so sweet! The gloss is too cuuute!! ><

  2. aww that's so nice of her. i like bath & body works new bottles. they look cute and rounded

  3. Such a cute birthday gift! :D

  4. I love that card! Everything's so cute *^_^*

  5. That is so sweet of Diana! You got so much loves from bloggers :D. The cupcake lipgloss is so cute.

  6. awww way cute! she is so sweet!! <3