Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Love from Janice

I am so glad to have met Janice from Swtest2Lips this year. We always have so much fun chatting with each other, and she's given me many great advices on wedding planning. I would totally love to meet Janice in person sometimes, she is a super sweet and caring friend!

Janice and I are both LUSH fans. For my birthday, she sent me:

A LUSH solid shampoo in Seanik. 
LUSH Website described this shampoo as:
 Limp, lifeless hair could use a little inspiration from the sea. We make this ocean blue bar full of fine sea salt for volume and Nori seaweed to soften and nourish lame locks. We put in lemon oil too, to cleanse your hair and make it shine and topped it off with the glorious fragrance of mimosa and orange blossom absolutes. Thanks be to the inventors at LUSH and the deep blue sea! 
This shampoo is totally perfect for me! It also smells super yummy :) Janice also gave me a LUSH shampoo tin to store the solid shampoo in, and inside, I spotted Bailey's candy (Janice says it's for birthday celebration :p)

Thanks so much Janice for your thoughtful gift :) And the oh-so-cute birthday card!


  1. What a cute gift! I hope you review the shampoo bar soon - I've never tried Lush's shampoo bars and I'm curious hehe.

  2. Lulu...its official! Im falling in love with you. hehe-Tell your finance I'm gonna steal you away. Kidding...kind of.

  3. What a pretty card! Yay to Lush =D