Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Love from Miss Wiggle

Miss Wiggle is also a fellow Bay Area gal. Even though we've never met in person, but we got to know each other ever since a year ago when we both started beauty blogging. We'd email each other back and forth once in a while, I've always enjoyed Wiggle's cheerfulness and sense of humor. She seems like a really fun girl to hang out with and just chill :)

A few weeks ago, Miss Wiggle posted about a few MAC items that she owns and her thoughts on them, one of which was the famous MAC Emote blush that many blogger ladies love. I did my share of hunting down this blush at all my nearby CCOs last year, but no luck :(

To Miss Wiggle, this color showed up reddish on her skin and she did not like it as much as a contour.When I told her about how I had always wanted to try it but had trouble hunting one down, she kindly offered to send hers to me to try out. I felt so loved by her generosity!

She even made me a handmade card :) With hilarious messages inside. hehehehe this girl is so funny :p

There it is, MAC Emote blush :) I actually really like it as a contour. It doesn't show up on my skin that much, which is the effect that I want, just a hint of shadow. For some reason this blush hardens as you use it, Miss Wiggle recommended me to use a fluffy brush to prevent the top surface from clumping up. Does anyone else have this issue with Emote?

Wiggle also got me my first ever Dior Diorshow mascara sample, and a Dior eyeliner. I can't wait to try them! She also got me a QUO Diamond liquid liner in gold, such a pretty color, and perfect for the summer time.

Thank you so much Wiggle for your birthday love :) Hopefully I can meet you someday too!


  1. What a sweet package and she has such a cuuuuute handle! lol :D

  2. So sweet of Miss Wiggle! I agree. She's got such a great sense of humor. :D

  3. Wiggle is really sweet! The handmade card is really cute :D

  4. I have to say, comparing all the birthday cards or notes you've received from fellow bloggers, my handwriting is the worst hahaha~ thanks for the shout-out! :)

    Oh woo hoo! I'm so glad it worked out for ya! :D What are you using to apply it? I was thinking of getting the Sephora flat blush brush, both for contouring and blush. Fuz really likes it, and it's not too expensive, he he ~

  5. very sweet gifts from wiggle :) hmm if emote is forming a hard layer, you could try to "lift" it off with some scotch tape once in a while...that's supposed to help with MAC shadows when they get too hard, so I'm guessing it will work on a blush as well.