Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This was my first Memorial Day weekend as a working girl. For the past oh 18+ years of my life as a student, Memorial Day was just part of the summer vacation and felt nothing that special to me. But this year, it meant a 3-day weekend, woohoo! :)

On Saturday, Fiance and I visited San Francisco. He went to his best friend's house warming party, and me...of course I had to call up May and do another fun girl's day out! May brought me goodie bag :) In it was the cutest Snoopy with a pink polka dotted bow tie. She also got me a Shiseido toner sample, and a MUFE Glossy Full gloss in #7 Pale Pink.

We have frequently requested May to take us to her favorite dim sum place in SF China Town. Boy did we have our dim sum craving satisfied! I didn't take too many pictures though, fiance's chopsticks always got to the food before I realized to take a photo :p

After some yummy dim sum, May and I said bye to fiance and we shopped around Union Square for a little bit. At Forever 21, I found my new favorite bracelet:

We also went to Japan Town.

I hopped into my favorite Japanese sweets store, and got:
White chocolate covered freeze dried strawberries (hmm so good! Such a smart idea to extend the life of chocolate covered strawberries)
Banana milk chocolate mochi (omg my favorite! I go bananas over banana flavored candies/sweets and this is no exception)
Tansy and black sugar dumplings (tansy? hmm these are like red bean filled mochis, so good!)

After Japan Town, we had dinner at My Tofu House, it is also a restaurant that I've wanted to try out for a long time. May and I ordered so much food -- tofu soup for each of us, ribs, and bibimbap.

Thanks for such a fun day out in San Francisco, May!

On Sunday, fiance's bestie came to visit us from Santa Cruz. We went to Costco and bought so much food for BBQ. I didn't take any pictures of our food, the boys got to them before I could have a chance :p

On Monday, I actually had to finish some work at home. But it was pretty exciting too, because I finalized and ordered my wedding favors. I am so excited about my wedding favors, I think our guests will really like the idea! I will share with you with more details later :p

I also decided to try on these glue-on nails from Revlon. I've never had any luck with glue-on nails and the last time I played with them was in high school. I remember it was impossible to not leave any air bubbles when I press them on. My natural nails have not been behaving well lately, the tips were getting really weak and peeled easily, so I trimmed all my nails really short, and decided to give these glue-on nails a try again. I've heard good reviews about these Revlon ones. They turned out pretty well, and to my surprise, almost no air bubbles!

I totally wouldn't mind using these again for a special event or a girl's night out in the future. They look pretty natural too, no?

I only kept these on for two days though, and removed them all last night. To remove them, I tried the Kiss All or 1 Artificial Nail Remover. It was really easy to use and all the nails/glue dissolved within about 10 minutes of dipping. No pulling or tugging needed, therefore minimal damage to the natural nails. Amazing!


  1. My favorite dim sum dish is chicken feet he he he ~ Where did you guys go? I remember I went to one right outside of Chinatown but it was kind of expensive for not very much food. I did have yummy hot wings yesterday tho! ;)

  2. Wow, so much yumminess! Looks like you had a fab weekend! =)

    The revlon nails do indeed look SUPER natural! I'm quite tempted too now, although I can't even wear nail polish for my next hospital rotation!

  3. Looking at all those food surely made me hungry.. :/ LOL!

    Your bracelet is sooooo pretty!

  4. i had so much fun too:) let's go it again soon. the snoopy looks so cute in picture:) i'll get you another box of banana mochi this weekend:)

  5. HAHA i got those same nails yesterday from CVS! :p I bought the last 3 hahaha

  6. I'm so hungry now.
    Haha, I LOVE the chicken feet things. They're so good. And so you like banana-flavored snacks, huh? Hmmm...;D

  7. the nails look super natural :D

  8. Nails look great! :) Dim sum also looks very yummy. I love it :D

  9. I really can't wait for F21 to open up this June down here! Snoopy is too cute!!!

  10. ahhhh! i want to go shop and eat dim sum with may and you!!! :)

  11. was that Japanese store Daiso or Ichikanban? I didn't see the same stuff today. Sucks that they change their inventory alot.

    next time you're in SF, you should try Han II Kwan for some Korean food. Spicy tofu soup is not that good there but the dishes, bbq, etc are delicious, plus you get a lot more of the side dishes (around 8-11) depending on the day. You also get free tofu soup (nonspicy) - not sure how it works. 2 dishes, about 10 side dishes, tofu soup, and sometimes mang bean cake, tips and tax = $30 $35. I usually just go with the bf and we have leftovers.

  12. I love dim sum! I think I should get some before I head back to my hometown :D

  13. Now I want dim sum over the weekend.... hmpt!

  14. YUMMMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there.. looks so much funn!! and I see rilakkuma (sp?)!! yay! I totally want to shop with you guys! :D

  15. Oh what a fun weekend you had! I heart your Snoopy plushie. *^_^* So sweet of May! Dim sum and Korean BBQ. Cannot.go.wrong. Wow, those nails really do look natural and pretty. I wish I had known about that nail remover when I was playing with those things last year.

  16. =\ okay I don't know if my comment went through.. got an error -__-'
    Anyway I was saying that ZOMG DIM SUM YUMMYYYY!! Goodies, sweets and food.. your posts are the best!
    Hearing lil bits of your wedding planning is so exciting! ^^