Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finished Products in June

I managed to finish quite a lot of products in June, so let's get started!

Actually before I start, a lot of you ask me how I manage to finish all these products so fast. Trust me trust me, I also just have one face, one torso, a pair of arms and a pair of legs just like everyone else :) And just a few months ago before I paid attention to what I used up so I can review and evaluate the worthiness of each products and share with you in these "Finished Products" posts, I also had a lot of trouble emptying any bottles on my vanity and bathroom shelves. Because the product junkie in me would start using one product, but only to discover a new one a week later, open that one to start trying, and in turn neglect the one that was already in use. Soon enough I find my shower to be piled with bottles -- they were not only taking over a lot of space, but also it became hard for me to keep track, especially if expiration dates are concerned -- because when the bottle is open and the product is exposed to air, the clock starts ticking.

So the only thing I've changed from my habits is to concentrate on using one thing until I finish before I move on to another. The result of this is my closet started piling up with new unopened products that are in line for me to try -- because the product junkie in me never died, I am still always buying and wanting to try new products, but now these new things have to wait for their turn. I guess you could say that I can be pretty patient so it wasn't too hard for me to do this. And that is why, it looks like I finish so much products a month. But keep in mind that while some products only takes a month for me to finish from daily usage (such as a lot of my body moisturizers because I use them every night after shower), some of these products actually took me months if not over a year to finish up.

Okay! So now let's get started! :)

✔MAC Brush Cleanser -- This is only the first bottle of MAC Brush Cleanser that I've finished. I guess I am still far away from being able to "Back2Mac" with my empties, lol :p I pour this into my own spray bottle and spray onto paper towels to spot clean my brushes. I love this! It comes in a pretty big bottle so just for spot cleaning, it should last you a while!

✔Equate Baby Shampoo -- Of course, for weekly or biweekly (depending on how busy I am and how much my brushes were used) cleaning, I use baby shampoo to deep clean my brushes. This bottle probably lasted me even longer than the MAC brush cleanser. Baby shampoo are gentle on the bristles, and its cleaning ability is quite good. However, I find it a bit hard to rinse off completely if I am not careful, and the baby shampoo smell would linger, which I did not enjoy. I am probably not going to get another bottle of baby shampoo, and try other options. I just ordered a bottle of ELF Brush Shampoo to try, which I heard is scent-less. Has anyone tried it and liked it?

✔Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula  -- I really enjoyed using Clinique's face wash. It doesn't strip my face dry, is fragrance free and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I will continue to use Clinique's products -- they work quite well with my sensitive skin, and did not cause any adverse reactions.

✔Pond's Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes -- Ever since I suspected that my Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil was breaking out out (I switched to this product around the same time when my skin broke out so I didn't want to take any chances), I started using these cleansing towelettes to remove my face makeup. These were an old favorites of mine until I started using cleansing oil. To be honest, using cleansing wipes are much easier because I eliminated an extra step of emulsifying and rinsing the cleansing oil off my face -- definitely a good choice for those lazy days too. This wipe claims to "leave skin perfectly clean and make-up free", and "removes waterproof mascara". It had trouble removing my super water/sweat/tear-proof Kiss Me Heroine mascara, but did remove my non-waterproof mascaras pretty well. However I still like to use a soft cotton pad and eye makeup remover to remove eye makeup first before I use these wipes on my face, because it might be too much tugging and pulling around the eye areas. Just to make sure that all my makeup are cleaned off, I follow up with my Clarisonic Mia brush afterwards, but usually I don't see any traces of makeup on my brush (which would stain the brush head a bit yellow if there were). I will continue to use these wipes -- they are quick and easy, travel friendly, effective and works well for sensitive skins.

✔Paul and Joe Eye Makeup Remover -- This comes in a two layer solution like the Neutrogena and Lancome eye makeup removers, which you have to shake up to mix before using. This Paul and Joe ones come in a very cute frosted glass bottle. It works very effectively as well, and I only needed a little bit every time. I would purchase this again if I had the chance, as Paul and Joe products are not readily available to me.

✔LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel -- My favorite scent from LUSH (and I've probably mentioned that a dozen times before already haha). This bottle brings back sweet memories, because my then boyfriend (now fiance) brought them back for me from LA during his trip there, and it was also during that same trip that he got my engagement ring, and waited till Valentine's Day to propose to me. Here we are now in Mid-July, two months away from the wedding! And I still have two more big bottles of Snow Fairy to take on with me to our honeymoon to Hawaii, and to last till the next holiday season when Snow Fairy comes to LUSH stores again :)

✔Nivea Touch of Happiness Orange Blossom Scent and Bamboo Essence Nourishing and Energizing Moisturizing Body Wash -- Long name huh? What I liked about this shower gel is that it foams up really nicely -- it claims to foam up even without a puff. It also has a nice refreshing citrus scent. What a lovely name too -- Touch of Happiness!

✔Korres Body Butter in Fig --I love Korres body butters. Fig is a very yummy scent (I just had figs earlier tonight, haha). Korres body butters are moisturizing yet non-greasy. However, it does feel a bit heavy for the summer time. I hate the feeling of sweating as I am applying moisturizers, yuck! I am going to try out Korres Body Milk next -- it is suppose to be a lighter formula compared to the body butters -- it'd be a good product to use in the summer time.

✔Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion (Fair Skin Tones) -- Perhaps I should have gotten the darker skin tones formula. I was hoping to get a gradual tan with this lotion, like a really light one but not too overwhelmingly dark. I didn't feel like it did much to my skin. Although it did keep my skin very moisturized, just like all Aveeno products -- this is another great brand for sensitive and dry skin!

✔Suave Skin Therapy Natural Oatmeal Fragrance Free Moisturizer -- This is a giant family sized pump bottle that my mom got me a long time ago, and is one of those products that I dug out from the deep end of my closet and told myself, "You have to finish it!". So I put it on my nightstand, and used it for my feet and hands nightly for months -- pretty impressive *pat myself in the back*. It's actually a pretty nice moisturizer for an inexpensive drugstore brand -- I like that it's fragrance free, it also is quick to absorb and not so greasy feeling.

✔Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner --When this liner was brand new, I enjoyed using it a lot. It gives out very dark precise lines that are very long lasting, and is so tiny and travel friendly, as it is shorter than a lot of other drugstore liquid liners. However, the tip started to dry out not long after, even though there are still a lot of liner liquid inside of the barrel:
When only the thin tip is used, it barely gives off any color anymore.
But when the felt tip is pressed all the way down, a lot of liner would still come out, but this would be too thick and un-precise to use as a liner.

What a disappointment!


  1. Lots of products this month! I totally get what you're saying. I would totally be doing that but at the moment, I'm not too much of a product junkie...yet. lol. :D

    I think I need to check out the Korres body butters, I hear great things and their scents are always so nice!

    I always admire your diligence in finishing up products. I think I should try to do the same now too! And it feels good to use things up too, huh?

    Uhhh...I'm just rambling now, so ignore my comment please. hehe :P

  2. Woah! I really need to use lotion everyday but I'm so lazy, Lulu LOL. I am still working on my Korres Fig body butter! I think you've used up like ... 6 tubes/tubs of lotion in the time I've been using that one!

  3. WOw! I wish I could use up half as many beauty products as you, it would give me a reason to go out and replenish! hehe I would love to try Snow Fairy- heard lots of gd reviews on it

  4. OMG, you've finished a lot of products on june! It's really impressive. I don't think I'll be able to finish this much even in one year, LOL! I've tried the Fig Body Butter too, and it's really moisturizing :)
    ryc: Yes, it's MBD black cherry chocolate mask :D. Thanks for joining the giveaway btw :)

  5. you finished lots of products this month! lol I've got a similar setup at home - there are unopened products sitting in the bathroom or near my dresser because I'm trying to finish using something else before I end up opening everything! I can't even tell you how many different bars of facial soap are still unused =P

  6. Wow Lulu, I admire you!! lol! I tend to open everything that I buy too before finishing the previous one but I've started to control myself because the cabinet where I put my stuff would just explode if I don't haha. Now I'm stuck with a drawer full of unopened product. It makes me think twice before purchasing something new x)

  7. Gosh lulu, you sure managed to get through loads! I can't think of anything I finished last month, asides from 2 bottles of baby shampoo (to wash my hair with)!

    The P&J eye makeup remover comes in such a pretty bottle..I'd feel proud just to have it standing on my counter..even empty!

  8. I gave my medium bottle of snow fairy to the sister. I'm still working on my huge bottle of it. You finished a LOT of products!

  9. Wow great post!! It's a pity about the eyeliner ti, I've had that happen to me before and it's so annoying cuz there's no way around it! I LOVE lush's snow fairy aswell!! It smells SO good =)

  10. I actually never noticed you finishing so many products but after reading your explanation, I get it. =) Love these product posts. I tried that liquid liner too and was disappointed. =\

  11. You've finished quite a lot! :)

  12. I never seem to be able to finish products! However some of yours gave me some good shopping ideas!


  13. I've been concentrating on one product at a time too! I agree, it's best to use it this way so that you get better product satisfaction through using it all and better clearer results of the product performance. Though gosh, it's really tempting to open and try everything new hahaha!

  14. what a sweet memory from lush snow fairy!!! <3