Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lulu's Weekends

Last weekend, one of my good college buddies came back to the Bay Area for a visit and stayed over at my house. It's been a few years since I've seen her and we had so much fun catching up. She is a newly wed and when I asked about her wedding and her hubby, her face literally lit up with excitement. I am really happy for her, and hearing about her stories also reminded me about how close my own wedding is. Part of me is really excited about it, but part of me is so nervous because of the preparations we still have. eeeek!

We went shopping together. At Forever 21, I spotted the cutest Hello Kitty tank and immediately declared it to be mine!

Being the bow lover that I am, I also had to grab these socks:

I really love Forever 21 for their jewelries. This kitty necklace has a long chain, it'd be perfect for the fall.

My friend also gave me a pair of earrings she picked out for me from India. I never owned any earrings that looks like this, I love it!

After a yummy and filling brunch with her, we took a stroll along an arts and crafts fair. When I passed by the booth that sold these adorable kitty grass (reminds me of Chia Pet), I just had to get them for Mia. It is actually really easy to maintain, all you have to do is remember to water everyday. Look at how much it grew within a week :)

I also grabbed these Goody Spin Pin and Modern Updo clip. I've seen Youtube videos of girls doing awesome hair styles with these accessories and decided to try them out myself.

The Spin Pin is suppose to hold the hair really firmly and eliminates the needs to use a whole bunch of bobby pins at once. Once you form the bun, spin the pin into your hair to secure. It was really easy to use, and so amazing because it held up my bun in place very well! You should seriously give this magic pin a try if you like to put your hair up.

The Modern Updo clip was a bit harder for me to manage. I loved the look of the model on the packaging though. Maybe I just don't have enough hair to achieve that look yet? Anyone that used it and have tips for me, please let me know.

This weekend, fiance and I went shopping on Saturday, and got him the shirt and tie for the Big Day. We decided to try out a new pho place near home and really loved it. Don't you like their presentation of the basil? hehehe. It's been a while since we've had pho so we really enjoyed our dishes. Pho holds a special place in our heart because the first dinner we ever had together was to a pho restaurant. And prior to that, I didn't even know what pho was! But as soon as I tried it that day, I fell in love with the dish :p

I also grabbed more jewelries :)


  1. The HK shirt is soooooo cute! I bought the Modern Updo clip awhile ago too, thinking it would be nice for a wedding but it just doesn't work for me for some reasons :(

  2. aww you and i have similar taste in jewelry :) such cute bows and HK! you will be a beautiful bride very soon eek!

  3. What cute jewelry pieces! And the socks are quite cute. :)

    I've seen those spin pins all over Youtube, but haven't had any luck finding them in real life. But ah, oh well, my hair isn't long enough for a bun at the moment. LOL. ^^;

  4. Yay glad you had a fun weekend and got to catch up with a good friend. I love all the cute kitty themed things, especially the necklace.

    The spin pins are really neat but I think my hair is too thick and long as it could not hold up a bun too tightly. I ended up giving mine away, perfect for most people though I'm sure.

    Ah pho is so delicious!

  5. Aww sounds like such a fun weekend! :D :D :D

    And now I'm craving pho, LOL.

  6. Love the jewelry! And pho is the best ever! :)

  7. cute jewelry haul lulu! i love bows too! ;) aww...that short story of how you and future hubby's ate pho on your first date is so sweet and heart warming, good food makes people grow closer dont you think? :)

    wedding bells are ringing! i'm sure you'll make a stunning bride! :D

  8. spin pin and hk shirt <3333333333333 love seeing all your haul pictures, gives me ideas of what is out therE! glad to see you had a weeekend full of haulage! high five** hugs* have a nice work week ahead, babe!

  9. I went to Forever21 and got a different HK shirt.

  10. L, love your hauls! The kitty grass is soo cool-I swear I was obsessed with getting a chia pet as a kid because I thought they instantly grow when u sing "chi-chi-chi-chia" lol.

  11. That's a lot of bows & kitty's....loving it....glad you had a fun time with an old friend...

  12. looks like it was a fun weekend :) a bowl of pho sounds soooo tasty right now!

    the grass things are cute - Minos likes nibbling on grass as well so we try to keep a little pot alive as long as possible...though he'll even nibble on the dry grass if we happen to forget watering it!

    I had spin pins when I was younger & had really long hair - I remember they worked really well to keep my hair up!

  13. omg I love bows too! Those socks and that necklace are adorable, and that pho looks super yummy. The spinny bun thing looks interesting, I think that might be just the thing for my hair.

  14. Lovely haul!! I love those socks! And OMGSH, that last piece is the most gorgeous necklace ever! I absolutely LOVE bows! ^^

    & I've heard alot about those Goody hair things. Haven't seen them in Toronto yet though..

  15. awww :) your wedding IS super close! how exciting!! i bet your face will light up when you tell people about it too, hehee.

  16. I recently went to a really big F21 in Vaughn where I live.. and omgosh I forgot how affordable and stylish their clothes and accessories are. It's no wonder it's so popular. Yummy pho mmm.
    I don't think those hair pieces would work on me as I have fine slippery hair. I can never do anything with it haha sadface T___T

  17. oh my goodness I love those socks and that bow necklace!!! I am seriously bow obsessed!