Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rock and Republic Haul [2]

Today we'll continue with my Rock and Republic haul from rockandrepublic.com -- the brand's official website. They have a great deal going on right now, with only $0.99 shipping, and 50% off all cosmetics items with code ROCKCOSMETICS. They currently have 3 blush shades available, and their shades do sell out pretty fast, but they have also restocked a few times in the past so I'd recommend keep checking back. But my advice to you is, if you see a shade that you like, grab it right away because I had waited on purchasing Kinky and Tease, and they both went out of stock just within an evening's time.

They ship from Southern California, and the packages were able to reach me within a couple of days. Just like HauteLook, everything was wrapped up safely in tissue papers. I just love the design on their black tissue paper.

I ordered the Tinted Primer- SPF 20 & Tinted Illuminizer Set, which was a great deal because normally one of them is the price of the set ($46) and there is a 50% off deal on top of that.

The Classic Tinted Primer SPF 20 is a great mousse like light weight primer with a sheer wash of color. The pump bottle pumps out just the right amount of product to cover the entire face each other, and the SPF factor is a plus! I've been using this primer everyday, and during a normal work day, SPF 20 is enough for me since I don't get exposed to the sun much at all when I am at work.

Ava is the lightest shade they offer. But since it is so sheer anyway, it worked out pretty okay for my NC30 skin.

Rock and Republic claimed that this product has:
- Mousse texture
- Matte finish
- Silicone base
- Caffeine infused for improved circulation
- Contains Vitamin E to restore the skins balance
- Oil absorbing with skin brightening properties
- Provides sheer coverage

The Trickery Tinted Illuminizer is kind of like a tinted moisturizer, but more on the highlighting side than an all over the face base makeup for me, because of the shimmery effect it gives -- however if you don't have oily T-zone like me, and you want that glowy complexion look, you are welcome to blend it all over your face as well.  The texture is more on the thick side, a little goes a long way, too much product will make it concentrate on one spot of the face, making it very hard to blend out.

- Silky, smooth, moisturizing texture
- Dewy, luminous finish
- Water based
- Contains anti-inflammatory properties
- Contains Vitamin E to restore skins balance
- Oil absorbing with light diffusing polymers
- Provides medium coverage

Since I loved their blush so much, I decided to also give the Exhibition Pressed Powder a try. These powders come in similar looking compacts as the blushes, and also contain 0.32oz/9g of products. I had a hard time deciding which shade to get, but turned out Satin was a pretty good choice! I also thought Suede looked pretty close, but it was out of stock at the time, so that made my decision a little easier :)

I am actually planning on using this compact in the little wedding makeup kit that I will bring along with me to my wedding in September. I am sure a lot of photos will be taken then, so if anyone catches a picture of me touching up my makeup, it might as well be one with a kick-ass packaging right? :) Plus its big mirror is just so convenient, and actually shows the whole face.

This is a side to side comparison with Satin and the Stila Sheer Pressed Powder in Medium that I am using for this summer. Pretty close right?

Lastly, of course I had to grab another blush -- in Immoral this time.

When I first opened the package, the intensity of the blush shade kind of scared me. This is the most bright florescent coral shade of blush I've ever seen. You'd definitely need to use a skunk brush to apply this blush.


  1. wheee~ more R&R! woot! let me know how the pressed powder is :)

  2. I know Immoral is a beautiful coral shade. The pictures of it are intense but when people wear it, it's almost fool proof that it's a quality shade. Yay for all your items at R&R! I hope the pressed powder is good! It does look like a crazy match to your Stila one :)

  3. The tinted primer looks interesting! The pressed powder is definitely great for your wedding kit, the packaging is so pretty :D

  4. lulu you're on a roll haulin all these R&R goodies! im sure you all love them. the pressed powder looks like a match for your stila. WOW u hit pan! :P enjoy! :)

  5. ahhhhh!!! i love immmmoral!!!!! i love all of this!! r&r had such a good deal! :D

  6. Whoa the blush is so flashy but beautiful!

  7. Immoral is definitely one to apply with a skunk brush, but it's such an awesome coral shade! the pressed powder looks nice too...i'm going to have to try the site when I get home, for some reason it stalls when I try to view the items in my cart...darn this busted computer, lol

  8. Great haul!!! Immoral scared me too at first!!

    Can't wait for Part 3!


  9. that tissue is so pretty...lol....I got Immoral too...and X-rated...I think.

  10. Love their sleek packaging =D You did a great job selecting the right powder. I always struggle with this when buying online.

  11. Nice haul! I love their huge packaging! Immoral look bright and pretty!

  12. Ooh, nice second haul! I haven't tried anything from R&R besides the blush yet hehe. I wish there were more swatches of the pressed powders!

  13. hahah I completely agree! If you're going to reapply, you should pull something nice and pretty out of your bag xD The pressed powder looks really nice, and I love how bright their blushes are.