Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend in SF

This has been a fun and productive weekend for me. On Saturday morning, I had the chance to meet up with May and Catherine at IKEA. Catherine has just moved to the Bay Area (yayy!) this past week, and she told us that she needed to stop by IKEA to get some new furniture for her new place. May and I decided to meet up with her and keep her company :) This was also my first time to finally meet Catherine in person, so I was super excited!

May brought me two beautiful Milani 3D Holographic nail polishes in 3D and Hi-Tech. She had raved about these nail polishes before, and it was so kind of her to get me two during her CVS trip so I could try them out too :)

After helping Catherine to get all her new goodies to her super adorable apartment that I fell in love with, fiance dropped me off at the AT&T Park where I met up with Edna and her boyfriend Daniel, for a Giants baseball game vs the Arizona Diamondbacks. Edna and I haven't seen each other since last fall, so I was super excited to meet her up again :)

Our seats were on the third level, with a gorgeous view of the bay!

I'll end the post with a few hauls from the weekend:

I stopped by The Face Shop to grab another Post-Acne Night Time Spot Eraser since I just finished my first tube. But of course, they didn't have any more in stock because it has been so popular recently. I was placed on the wait list, so hopefully I will be able to grab some next time once their shipment arrives!

I still managed to grab a few things before I left the store -- I stocked up on my favorite nail polish remover (it comes in a much smaller bottle than the typical nail polish removers you can find in American drugstores, however, it doesn't have that strong acetone smell and removes nail polish so nicely). I also picked up a spray deodorant in fragrance free to try. This is apparently a new product  from The Face Shop. They also come in a floral scent one, but I liked the fragrance free one better so the deodorant scent doesn't over power any perfume I might be wearing on that day too. I really like the spray can, it is just so much easier to use, and does the job nicely.

I also picked up a pretty peachy nail polish. I had originally thought it would be a close one to NARS Orgasm nail polish, which is one of my favorite to wear. However once I came home and did the comparison, I found out The Face Shop one is more frosting and glittery than Orgasm. Still a pretty shade nevertheless.

I found a few new flavors of Japanese Kit Kats and Oreos at Mitsuwa and Marukai! I was super excited and grabbed all the new ones I haven't tried. Fiance called me a chocolate junkie during check out as he was paying, hahaha. But I will be sharing these chocolates with fellow blogger ladies too, so expect a few new flavors to try out in your love packs :)

Ahh I am just a big sucker for cute notebooks. Also got a bunch of nail arts decors, stocked up on my favorite oil blotting tissue, and bought a little organizer that I plan on storing my brushes in. I love how it has several smaller and bigger compartments so I can organize my brushes according to their purposes accordingly.

Last but not least, some yummy snacks from the Asian bakery, and the best cream puffs ever from Beard Papa's.


  1. omg Beard Papa's cream puffs are DELICIOUS. Have you tried their eclairs? Sooo good. aw looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend :) Wow, new Kit Kat flavors! I need to try them!! :D
    I want to have Beard Papa too, haven't had it for a while..

  3. I've heard the Milani holographic nail polishes are pretty good for drugstore too. OMG COFFEE JELLY!? I want! I want! So many Asian snacks...I wish I lived in Cali T__T. And the stationary! <3 the Panda notebook. :D

  4. oh nice....another meet-up...looks like your weekend is so fun...hubby's been wanting to go to a baseball game...he's going to be so jealous...hehe...and yay!!for haulin'..omg!!oreo white choco...seriously?cute hauls by the way..

  5. OMG, i love the pictures you snapped. I only got 2, one on my phone and one on my camera! we need more pictures together! in 2 and 3 weeks, oK?!!

  6. Ah this post is amazing!! I LOVE the super cute notebooks, I get them too and then I never want to waste them =P The panda one looks SO cute ^.^ I really want to try the green tea oreos and ANY of the kitkats but they don't have them anywhere here in Ireland =(

    That colour nailpolish is so nice =) Looks like you had an amazing day at the match and in IKEA! I could be wrong but it looks like if they hit it out of the park it would end up in the bay?? =P

  7. Yum...I wouldn't mind munching into a Beard Papa cream puff right now. *^_^* Looks like you had a super awesome weekend! I love the humongous Coca-Cola bottle at the ball park. Girl, you did some nice haulin'! Hee hee...I like the cute panda bear and frog notebooks. :D

  8. Hi lulu! Looks like you had so much and how awesome that you got to meet fellow bloggers :) TFS nail polish color is so cute, very sweet and girly! Mmmm I'm craving for papa's beard now but I'm suppose to be on a diet!

  9. LOL, love that giant Coke bottle!

    & Nice haul!! We don't have The Face Shop in Canada unfortunately =( Though, that pink polish is very pretty and sweet!

    OMG! There are flavoured Oreos too?? I only knew about Kit Kats,,,>.< More cravings now..LOL

  10. those blueberry kit kats look yummy! that's so great that you got to meet Cat and meet up with May again :) and Edna for the baseball game!

  11. oh yay what a fun weekend. you should've got the other kit kat as well. it's very good. last time we wanted to have some beard papa's but i really can't stand the buttery smell so we didn't

  12. hi, i live in sf too. i just stumbled on your blog. looks awesome. great info. thanks!!!

  13. Hi,

    Thank you for stopping by and taking part in the give away. I am also a huge fan of Hello kitty. Kitkat looks good to eat. Have you seen the new DHC Hello kitty range? They are ever so cute ^^