Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Wedding

It's been exactly a week since our wedding. The past two weeks went by like a blur -- from the stressful preparations, to the chaotic few days with a house filled with loving relatives who were trying to help, to that perfect day! Now whoosh -- two weeks later, I became a Mrs., and I couldn't be happier!

Thanks to all the lovely friends here on Blogger/Twitter who have congratulated us, you guys are the greatest bunch of friends I could ever ask for!

Our wedding took place on a beautiful yacht around the San Francisco bay -- it could not have been more perfect. Perfect weather, perfect setting, and with our closest family and friends.

My beautiful calla lily bouquet.
The shoes dad helped me to pick out -- totally right up in my alley, bows!
Our rings.
Can't miss this one -- some of the tools to get myself pretty that day :)

Our beautiful yacht.
The beautiful San Francisco skyline.
hmmm cake!
We passed by a SF Giants baseball game at AT&T Park.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Personal Microderm from

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by for a chance to review the Personal Microderm System -- a home microdermabrasion machine.  I was really excited because this product would not have came in my life at a better time. With wedding on the way in a few weeks, I was more than happy to give my skin a major boost to help me achieve a radiant, glowy complexion for my Big Day.

Microdermabrasion is a painless skin resurfacing procedure that uses usually aluminum oxide crystals to gently polish the top layer of the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, in order to reveal a new fresh layer of skin underneath. Doing so could help skin to look healthier, luminous, and younger. The procedure claims to help get rid of age spot, acne scars, reduce fine lines and winkles.

Although the concept of microdermabrasion is not unheard of by me, I have never personally tried microdermabrasion before. So you can imagine my excitement when I received my Personal Microderm.

Besides at-home kits like the Personal Microderm, you could also get microdermabrasion at spas, salons, or the doctor's office. I was curious about how much the procedure would cost to have it done professionally by someone else. At a salon or spa, one treatment usually costs around $75 to $200, and at a doctor's office, generally around $100 to $300 for one treatment (Reference: On the other hand, the Personal Microderm costs $179 for the whole kit, which includes 6 exfoliating discs. Each disc could be used for at least 2 to 3 treatments, and replacement discs are only $14.99 for a pack of 6. In comparison, the Personal Microderm is a much more cost effective way to try out microdermabrasion, especially for someone who's new to the concept like me, to get a feel of what it is like.

The Personal Microderm System is very easy and quick to use. Inside of the box comes with an instruction sheet and an instruction CD. It is highly advisable for you to watch the video first before you start trying the product out to learn the proper way of usage and avoid damage to your delicate skin!

To use, you just have to plug in the power cord, place the reusable filter in, then place the exfoliating disc and screw on the cap. Use the smaller exfoliating disc for the face, especially areas around the nose and lips where it'd be difficult to reach with the larger disc. The blue discs are more sensitive than the green ones, so always use the blue ones for the face, and you can use either the green or the blue for the body, depending on your need.

You need to start off with a clean face/body, so the best time to use the Personal Microderm is after shower or bath. Take the fingers on your other hand to tightening up the area on your skin that you are treating. Stroke in one direction away from the face, and don't go over any areas more than once. Also, don't go over the cheek bones or underneath eyebrows near the delicate eye area, as the skin in that area is too sensitive.

When the Personal Microderm pass through your skin, you'd feel a light suction as the vacuum holds in contact with the skin and sucks away any dead skin flakes from the microdermabrasion process. With the right amount of pressure, it doesn't hurt my face at all, but there is a slight stingy sensation in the more sensitive areas such as my cheek bones and around the lips.

It is recommended to use the system every 5 to 7 days. So far I've used the product twice already, on both my face and my arms. I used the green disc on my arms, concentrating on the rougher elbow areas. It was a bit hard to create the proper suction and achieve abrasion around my elbows because the bones were in the way, even with the smaller disc. But the second time I used it, I asked fiance to help me stretch my skin while I laid my arm out flat, and it worked out better. I loved how soft my arms felt after wards. On my face, I used the small blue sensitive disc. It is really effective in getting rid of dead skin cells, and it's such a satisfying feeling to see the white flakes trapped in the clear cap as you are doing your microdermabrasion. Immediately after use, I noticed that my face felt so smooth! I've also noticed that my acne scars are lightening up at an even faster speed now that I have started doing microdermabrasion at home. The scars on my right cheek from that bad cystic acne breakout earlier this summer is almost not noticeable anymore, and I am ecstatic about the result! Over time, I am confident that it will help to refine my skin texture, and I can only imagine what my skin will be like after continued usage.

I am so happy to have discovered the Personal Microderm System, just in time before my wedding so that I will be guaranteed to have glowy skin on the Big Day. It is so convenient to use, and not bulky so very travel friendly. I plan on using it once a week from now on whenever my skin needs a pick me up, so that I can constantly give my skin that refreshed look and feel. Who doesn't want smother, clearer complexion?

I was also given samples of the M2 Skin Refinish serum and the Skin Recovery Moisturizer, which can be used in conjunction with the Personal Microderm treatment. Because of the acidic ingredients in the M2 Skin Refinish, I don't use it right after the microdermabrasion treatment for fear of that painful stingy sensation. I use it the night before I know I will have a treatment, then the night after. On the night of treatment I just use my normal moisturizer afterwards. I really like the Skin Refinish and the Skin Recovery Moisturizer, they are both light in consistency and non-greasy. Since I have started using the Personal Microderm and these two products, I have not broken out and I am very satisfied with the result.

I highly recommend you to give this a try if you want to do inexpensive microdermabrasion treatment by yourself at home. Or if you are someone who goes to the spa or dermatologist to have professional microdermabrasion done, then this kit could still be useful to you to use in between visits as a quick skin pick-me-up.

Good news! For a limited time only, is offering a 15% off the Personal Microderm coupon to all my readers -- that's nearly $30 off of the original price! The coupon expires on September 27th and is case sensitive. This is such a great deal because your order will also qualify for free shipping, you won't ever find the Personal Microderm cheaper than this!
The Coupon Code is: LuluMicro15 

Thanks to for offering me such a great gadget to try, and now I am hooked! 

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review purpose from I am not compensated for this review, and am not affiliated with the company. The above are my honest opinions based on my experience with the product.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogger Love is in the Air [II]

Today I will continue showcase the blogger love packs I have received from my lovely blogger friends :)

To celebrate the end of our No Mak Up Buy in May, Giang our nail polish queen :) sent all of us a Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in Steel Gray as our reward. What a sweetheart she is, right? But wait, there's more! She helped me to hunt down some of those adorable Hello Kitty stationary from her Target store when I told her that I couldn't find any in mine :D She also sent me two of the well raved Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color lipsticks in Mauve Outta Here, and Just Peachy. These lipsticks are really nice for an inexpensive drugstore product!

Giang's second love pack was full of yummy Kit Kat chocolates. The mini Kit Kats are so adorable! Being a fellow Hello Kitty lover, she also got me Hello Kitty socks that I am loving so much. The first time I washed these socks in the laundry, I had a good laugh at fiance because he had a lot of trouble matching up all my socks, he was especially getting confused with the red and the pink ones because they looked extremely similar under our dim bedroom lights. He always says that matching up my socks (I have a lot of colorful ones) is like playing those match games and very annoying :p But he still does all my socks and that's why I love him. hahahahahhaa :p

Earlier this summer, I went to visit May in SF one day after work, and she handed me a huge goodie bag. May is always so sweet and thoughtful :)

The beauty stuff. She claimed that some of them were "hand-me-downs" from her and that I should give them more love that they deserve, such as the Clinique 3-Step set that both of us bought last winter, and the Biosilk Silk Therapy. She tells me that since Clinique has worked for my skin, I should keep these products and continue using them. How sweet of her! She also didn't get a chance to use the Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer, but knows that I used up mine and loved it. Thank you so much love :)

After hearing that I was running low (now completely out) of my MAC MSF, she asked her bestie that lived near the Napa Outlet stores to grab me another one. She is just always so considerate and super nice, and that's why I *heart* you May :)

From Japan Town, she got me more of the banana mochi that I loved, and another box of mango mochi. The coconut M&M's were so good, and java Twix was my first. Coffee lovers, you should really try the Java flavored Twix!

Hello Kitty goodies! The bathrobe is super adorable and very soft. I have been using it a lot lately :)

And being the wine lover that she is, a very cool corkscrew that I will be sure to put into good use during our wedding dinner to open celebratory wine bottles! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogger Love is in the Air [I]

Today I will start talking about the Blogger love packs I have received in the recent months. I am so sorry for the delay in posting some of them, but I have certainly not forgotten all of the lovely gestures from my dear blogger friends :)

Janice from Swtest2Lips have been a great help and support since the day 1 of my wedding planning. She and I exchanged many emails and chatted a few times online, and she is seriously one of the most friendly person I have ever met. When we were discussing about oil control for my wedding day makeup, she recommended to me her HG product for controlling oil and shine during summer days -- the Kryolan Anti Shine Powder, and offered to send me a sample to try. She also told me that she wanted me to try the MUFE HD foundation as it has been her love recently as well. Little did I know, she surprised me with more goodies in her love pack, way more than the two samples she told me she was going to send.

She also got me more masks to try, Nivea's A Kiss of Flavor lip balm, which I have heard great things about. Being fellow LUSHies, she again included a yummy LUSH shower gel in Chai. She also kindly sent me a Biore eye cream that she said has greatly helped with her dark circles, so I can't wait to finish my current eye cream and give it a try! Thank you so much Janice for your kind heart and friendship!

Earlier this summer, Stephanie from Julu Jewelry told me that she was looking for those matcha milk tea drinks, and I offered to send her some to try. We also exchanged a few emails in between talking about her exciting trip to Vietnam. This girl seriously made my day when I got a surprise love pack full of yummy goodies that she got me from her trip!

Everything was so neatly packed, and you can tell Stephanie put so much thoughts into it!

The card was adorable!

Masks, and Stephanie's lovely note :)
Snacks galore! Those matcha tea caramel are sooo good! Where can I get more Stephanie! Hi-Chew in white peach was so yummy, Stephanie had mentioned that it was her favorite Hi-Chew flavor.

In these super cute pillow packs were MORE candies! The green ones were matcha milk tea candies, the purple ones were taro, I loved them SO much! The yellow ones on the right were mango gummies, so juicy and yummy!

What's the surprise??!!

A Hello Kitty doll. Stephanie must have purchased this during her layover in Japan. This is one of the most adorable Hello Kitty's I owe, I just LOVE it's cute kimono with the pink bow in the back. ahhh THANK YOU so much Stephanie!!! *hugs*

Dianne surprised me with a love pack this week, full of falsies for me to practice on! She is such a sweetheart. We had talked on Twitter before about putting on falsies because I am such a noob at it and really wanted to learn. She sent me so many different kinds to try! Including the Model 21 ones that I've been eyeing on, and Red Cherry lashes that I've heard many great things about. I tried on a Model 21 lashes over the weekend and really loved how light and natural it felt, I hope in no time I'll become a falsies pro too! :)

She also sent me some fun goodies. The pink thing is a hair brush that you can use to massage your scalp while shampooing in the shower. What a coincidence because I had just been looking at something similar at Mitsuwa last week and curious about trying it out! She also got me an adorable mirror and a razor you can use to trim your lashes. Thank youuuu Dianne!!! *hearts*

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Packs from Juli

Juli from Jujubeads is seriously one of the sweetest girls I've ever met through blogger. She makes adorable jewelries that I've purchased and love. Sneaky girl is always super thoughtful to send us wonderful love packs!

The first one she sent was back in June when I first met her, and I remember we were talking about masks that she had just ordered. She kindly offered to send us an eye mask to try. Also inside of her lovely package was a really pretty handmade bracelet by her, and that was my first ever Jujubeads jewelry piece :)

Then a few weeks later, Juli love bombed me again. Her parents had just visited the Philippines and she wanted to share yummy coconut candies with us all. Let me tell you, those coconut candies were so delicious! Fiance and I were seriously fighting for our last piece!

Then this past week, I received another surprise package from Juli, what a sneaky girl! I ate all the candies she included before I could wait for better lighting to snap pictures hahaha. Thank you Juli for being so thoughtful, I am totally in love with my new Hello Kitty earrings!

So if you haven't already, go check out Juli at Jujubeads, and don't forget to look at her Hello Kitty themed jewelries!!! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Haul

Hi everyone. It was a long weekend here in the US because of Labor Day. This year, we decided to stay in and rest instead of going somewhere, and finish up any last minute wedding preparations as we are getting close to the Big Day! It was really nice to get the extra day off, how I wish all of our weekends are 3 days long hahaha.

I snatched up two of the Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl nail polishes at Target, in Scandal, Secrets & Sparkle -- a silver glitter, and Nicole...Spotted -- a lovely glittery green shade. I couldn't find the other two shades that came out with this collection, and the shelves were running low of the remaining two shades too, so Gossip Girl fans, grab yours while you can!

Stopped by H&M and grabbed some pretty accessories. Very bow themed huh? My favorite ring is the middle one in the front with the bow tie and the pearl hanging from it. So cute!

Also went to Forever 21 and went jewelry crazy there haha. I also had a hard time deciding on the colors of the pearl bracelets and earrings so fiance convinced me to get them all. My jewelry storage is slowly filling up. Already no more room for earrings *chuckles*

I also did some damage at Sephora. One of the Sephora's I went to had about 6 or 7 UD Naked Palette on display! I would have seriously snatched up another one if it weren't a permanent item. I am loving my current one right now. And I just realized I still haven't made a haul post about that yet! Did you get Naked yet? ;)

I was ecstatic when I saw my favorite perfume, YSL Parisienne in a special set (maybe from Mother's Day?) on sale. I got my first bottle of Parisienne as Valentine's Gift from fiance earlier this year, and this has been my everyday perfume since then. I've already used up half a bottle of mine and I am glad that now I have a bigger bottle of backup :)

I also picked up this Stila Brow Polish to try. It is basically a mascara-like wand that you lightly brush over your brow hair to give it a bit of tint and also to groom all your hair together into shape. I actually really like it! The shade I picked up is Warm, a brown shade perfect for me.

This Sephora Favorites Lip Service Deluxe Sampler is such a great way to try out different brands of lipsticks. Some lippies in there are in adorable sample size containers, but a few are full sized, which makes it a great deal!

All the lippies are tucked in a nice velvelty holder. From left to right, we have:

Duwop Private Red Lipstick
Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Sheer
Sephora Nano Lip Liner in Radiant Rosy
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday
Korres Guava Lipstick in Wine Red
Cargo Plantlove Botanical Lipstick in Muir Woods
Tarte Vitamin Infused Lipstick in Hatha
Laura Mercier Lip Coulour Creme in Pink Champagne.

How was your weekend (and Labor Day weekend for those in the US?), and what did you haul? :)