Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogger Love is in the Air [I]

Today I will start talking about the Blogger love packs I have received in the recent months. I am so sorry for the delay in posting some of them, but I have certainly not forgotten all of the lovely gestures from my dear blogger friends :)

Janice from Swtest2Lips have been a great help and support since the day 1 of my wedding planning. She and I exchanged many emails and chatted a few times online, and she is seriously one of the most friendly person I have ever met. When we were discussing about oil control for my wedding day makeup, she recommended to me her HG product for controlling oil and shine during summer days -- the Kryolan Anti Shine Powder, and offered to send me a sample to try. She also told me that she wanted me to try the MUFE HD foundation as it has been her love recently as well. Little did I know, she surprised me with more goodies in her love pack, way more than the two samples she told me she was going to send.

She also got me more masks to try, Nivea's A Kiss of Flavor lip balm, which I have heard great things about. Being fellow LUSHies, she again included a yummy LUSH shower gel in Chai. She also kindly sent me a Biore eye cream that she said has greatly helped with her dark circles, so I can't wait to finish my current eye cream and give it a try! Thank you so much Janice for your kind heart and friendship!

Earlier this summer, Stephanie from Julu Jewelry told me that she was looking for those matcha milk tea drinks, and I offered to send her some to try. We also exchanged a few emails in between talking about her exciting trip to Vietnam. This girl seriously made my day when I got a surprise love pack full of yummy goodies that she got me from her trip!

Everything was so neatly packed, and you can tell Stephanie put so much thoughts into it!

The card was adorable!

Masks, and Stephanie's lovely note :)
Snacks galore! Those matcha tea caramel are sooo good! Where can I get more Stephanie! Hi-Chew in white peach was so yummy, Stephanie had mentioned that it was her favorite Hi-Chew flavor.

In these super cute pillow packs were MORE candies! The green ones were matcha milk tea candies, the purple ones were taro, I loved them SO much! The yellow ones on the right were mango gummies, so juicy and yummy!

What's the surprise??!!

A Hello Kitty doll. Stephanie must have purchased this during her layover in Japan. This is one of the most adorable Hello Kitty's I owe, I just LOVE it's cute kimono with the pink bow in the back. ahhh THANK YOU so much Stephanie!!! *hugs*

Dianne surprised me with a love pack this week, full of falsies for me to practice on! She is such a sweetheart. We had talked on Twitter before about putting on falsies because I am such a noob at it and really wanted to learn. She sent me so many different kinds to try! Including the Model 21 ones that I've been eyeing on, and Red Cherry lashes that I've heard many great things about. I tried on a Model 21 lashes over the weekend and really loved how light and natural it felt, I hope in no time I'll become a falsies pro too! :)

She also sent me some fun goodies. The pink thing is a hair brush that you can use to massage your scalp while shampooing in the shower. What a coincidence because I had just been looking at something similar at Mitsuwa last week and curious about trying it out! She also got me an adorable mirror and a razor you can use to trim your lashes. Thank youuuu Dianne!!! *hearts*


  1. lots of fun and yummy goodies for lovely lulu! hello kitty in her pink kimono is purr-fectly adorable! heehee have a lovely weekend lulu! :)

  2. Aw...I can feel the love as well!!

    Gahh! I'm so nervous, I really hope my package for you arrives safely and not get lost! >.<

  3. Awesome stuff that you got!! Need to send you a love pack one day!

  4. So sweet! Blogger love is definitely in the air =D

  5. Aw you have so many great and generous blogger buddies Lulu! I can't wait for your dark circle eye cream review. ^^ So many tasty and yummy snacks! The HK doll is adorable.

  6. I just love bloggers giving love packages to one another! Steph is freakin generous, the HK is sooo cute yay!

  7. Yey for love packages! Lucky lady!

  8. {*WOWIE} Lots of lovin for the amazing Ms. Lulu. I think you're such an amazing and sweet person. I'm not surprised that you get so many love packages from fellow bloggers.

    Isn't it great getting random packages from people you enjoy talking to? I think it's the perfect surprise to the end of a long day at work.

    <3s Serena.

  9. let me know how that oil control stuff works for you! i'm also super curious ;D even though i'm not getting married for the next like 3 years hahaha.

  10. Yay for love packages! You really deserve all these because you're the sweetest :D