Monday, December 27, 2010

Finished Products in November

Much belated, but here are all the products I finished in the month of November. I will do a short reviews of each one for ya :)

✔Kose Coen Rich Q10 White Hand and Finger Cream (with Pearl Extract)
The big blocky letters that spelled out "white" drew my immediate attention to this product. While I've tried many hand creams in the past, none other claimed to also have whitening effects. We have whitening/brightening products that helps to diminish age spots, sun damage and blemish scars for every parts of our body, so why not hands too right :) I bought the big tube from After finishing the entire tube, I don't think I noticed any brightening effects on my hands. But I do enjoy its moisturizing abilities and rich formula, a perfect product to use before I go to bed every night to keep my hands moisturized all night long. It has a nice flowery scent too, which is relaxing for bedtime.
I also bought a smaller sized tube from the same brand to carry in my purse for on the go. Very convenient.

✔Victoria's Secret Girls' Night Flirty Peony and Waterlily Nourishing Body Cream
I really enjoyed using this body cream. The scent is really sweet and fragrant, the cream texture is light and not at all greasy once rubbed in. I also like the tube packaging, makes it easy to squeeze out till the very last drop.

✔Borghese Therapeutic Foot Cream
I got some Borghese products from a gift set that I got a while back, one of the products inside was this foot cream. I really enjoy using Borghese body products, I've tried their body cream and face masks before, they all have this very nice and refreshing scent. This foot cream is no exception. As a foot cream, it's moisturizing and gets the job done. Honestly though, do we really need to purchase a separate foot cream? Body lotion probably does the same thing right? haha I get foot creams anyway, more reason to shop. I kid! :p

✔St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub
This gentle facial scrub really does smell a little like green tea! Unlike the apricot scrub from the same brand, the exfoliating bits in this scrub isn't as harsh and sharply edged, and the direction actually approved for daily use. I think for a while hubby used it daily though and no complaints from him. He never watches what he grabs to use in the shower, I won't be surprised if he's using my shower gel for his face one day if I move the bottles' locations around, hahaha. Anyway, about the scrub. I used it in conjunction with its sister product, the green tea facial wash. I really like this green tea line. It claims to clear up breakouts and reduces skin irritations and redness. I think it does a good job at cleaning the face. I also haven't been getting much break outs lately and I wonder if the green tea line had anything to do with it. All in all a very good and inexpensive facial wash line that you can get at any drugstores.

✔Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream 
I received this product to review, so I will have a detailed review post on this coming up soon. Let me just briefly talk about it here and mention how much I loved this product. It is a skin lightening cream that claims to fade dark sports and even skin tone. It does exactly what it claims. I've noticed a more speedy fading of my acne scar on my face, and I've also been using this on my body where I had scars from when I suffered eczema earlier this year -- that's why I used up this jar to fast (I also brought it with me on my honeymoon trip and used it on my body twice a day). This product really works! 

✔Sarah Michaels Moisturizing Bodywash
Yummy yummy peach scented shower gel. Need I say more? Smells so good!

✔The Face Shop Fragrant Enamel Remover
At $2 a pop, these The Face Shop nail polish removers are my favorite to use. They remove nail polishes, even glittery ones quite effectively, and they do not have that strong acetone smell, which I really appreciated. Instead it leaves my nails smelling nice. 

✔Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Gosh took me a year (on and off ) to finish this bottle. It is so long lasting, also because I only needed a pump of product each time for my whole face. It is a light weight gel that is designed for combination/oily skin. I like this moisturizer for my face, especially in the summer/warmer days because it doesn't leave a heavy greasy feeling on my face. I am glad I finished it just in time for the winter though, I feel like I need to layer up with something a bit heavier if I use this gel during colder months.

✔ELF Zit Zapper
Another Zip Zapper finished. It is cheap (only a $1), has very effective ingredients, easy to use and travel with, works (as an acne prevention serum or as a spot treatment), and unlike the acne creams (benzyol peroxide) that I used to use that stained numerous shirts and pillow cases,  this one won't. Need I say more? Go try it :)

✔EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream
This is from the maker of those cute colorful ball shaped EOS lip balms. Unlike other shaving creams I've used, this one does not foam up. It is in a cream texture that you just smear over your skin and then shave away. It leaves skin feeling moisturized, and I haven't had any nicks and cuts from my razor while using this bottle. The pump on top makes it convenient to use. 

✔Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Extractor
This is an interesting product. I was drawn to it first because of its name. It sounds so convincing right? It is a gel consistency that you smear over just cleansed face, wait 10-15 minutes, and rinse off. I think it is suppose to help loosen up the sebum and bring out the gunk in your skin so they could be gradually cleansed away overtime. For me, I always follow up with extraction (either with a pore strip, a nose mask or an extraction tool) because I found that the product makes those whiteheads easier to extract. While the product is drying on your skin, you will feel a strong tingly sensation. While it is fine for me, I can imagine some with more sensitive skin to sting from this. Always patch test and try new products with caution.

Honorary Mention:
✔Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads
I did not use this product up, but my hubby did, and he was so proud that he nmentioned to me that I should include it in my monthly finished product post. So here it is! dun dun dun! :)
I actually purchased this product for myself from Sephora in the spring. It sounds like the perfect product for my oily break out prone skin. Sadly my skin didn't like it (despite the yummy peach scent it leaves my skin with). Contrary to most reviews I read about how it helped with other people's blemishes, I in fact I think broke out from using it :( I was totally bummed out and told hubby that I wanted to return it. He said, are you sure? Let me try it! Since then it has been his and he loved it! 
Would I buy this again for hubby? Probably not. He even said himself that he doesn't need to use this (he likes his Clinique one, or whatever I give him just fine), he just didn't want my un-loved product to go to waste (hahaha thanks hubs, I already told you I could have returned it!). I think though, he secretly really loved how he could just pick up a sheet, use it and toss it away. Instead of taking a cotton pad, screw open the toner bottle, dump the product on the cotton pad...all that extra steps that he already doesn't want to do if I didn't force him. hahaha.

Tossed Mascaras: I honestly never finished a tube of mascara before it is time to toss. I feel like mascaras could last forever if you keep using a tube, but then I'd rather not risk any eye infections associated with using the same mascara wand for too long. 
✔Physician's Formula Organic Wear mascara
Would not buy again. The most dry and clumpy formula I've ever used -- even before I applied it on my lashes I could see the clumpiness on the wand. The mascara wand is a rubber wand with lots of short bristles, which I could see as potentially a really nice applicator, if paired with a formula that actually works. The mascara smells like sweet honey, kind of weird for a mascara but the scent was yummy regardless. Too bad this one goes in the trash because it just doesn't work for me. I kept going back to it hoping it'd work but it has been disappointing.

✔Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara
This mascara has a nice and big applicator that applies on the lash nicely. It really helped to lengthen my lashes. The formula is a little on the wet side, which means it takes a bit longer to dry on my lashes. I have on several occasions blinked my eyes before the mascara was dry and ruined my makeup with it. Once dry it stays on fine for the rest of the day and doesn't flake. However I noticed when I remove this mascara with an oil based eye makeup remover (Neutrogena), it leaves a lot of clumpy black pieces on the cotton pad.

✔MAC Zoom Lash mascara
This is my first MAC mascara. It came as a little free sample from one of my MAC orders. It didn't work out for me at all, so clumpy! I will not be buying a full size.


  1. you seem to really like those Victoria's Secret body lotions! again, I'm amazed (just like I am every month) that you can finish more than one product. I hit pan on a powder about 5 months ago...and there's still so much left! gahh my goal in life is to finish that thing off.

  2. YAY! I'm so proud of you finishing all these products! I'm making a habit of taking pix of everything I finish or hit pan on so I can share on my blog, too. HEEHEE. I'm so happy you liked your secret santa present! I'm happy to have met you! RINA

  3. this is so impressive Lulu! I wish i could finish my products like you ;p I've been tryiing to hunt down the green tea line here in Canada but still no luck. I hope we'll get it eventually!

  4. WOOHOO another finished product post! Once again, I'm amazed at how much products you finished! I've been wanting to try the St-Ives green tea line for soooo long but the thing is that they don't carry it in Canada =_= (booo.. it sucks to be Canadian sometimes lol!) Everyone seems to like it! I also tried Clinique's DDM gel and I loved it too but after a week it made all my jawline bumpy =/ I'm now excited to make my next Finished product post haha!! =P

  5. Congratulations! You finished quite a number of products!

  6. i love the st ives green tea line too~ totally agree abt the peter thomas roth pads ugh so strong! really need to start posting finished prods also bc i love reading ur helpful reviews!

  7. Wow, you're always finishing so much!! I think I might do one of these posts soon but I already chucked out a good amount of empty bottles.

  8. Lulu, you're like the queen of finished products! Wish I could be more like you. =D Zoom Lash didn't work for me either. =\

  9. I never finished a mascara too! But I'm afraid to use it too long as well :D

  10. I cant believe you finished all that products. Maybe ill finish mine too.

  11. oh dear! you finished a lot of products. admirable ^^ the zit zapper looks interesting and the packaging is sleek.

  12. wow that face shop polish remover is cheap !! lol.. i wish they sold their products online.. =/ i've heard lots of great products from their line, but their stuff is so limited..

    i use that eos shave cream too =)

  13. Ahhh!! You finished so many products! don't you feel happy and accomplished when you finish some products? heheh! That's how I feel when I do :) Anyway, I have that VS nourishing cream and I truly agree!! IT smells delicious! :P and I wanna try that St. Ive's scrub soon once I finish my cleanser :D

  14. when elf has a good sale, i'm going to grab that zit zapper. traveling made me break out :(