Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: My Personalized Laptop Bag

I always get excited over personalized items -- they make the item you own so much more special because it says that it belongs to YOU :) So when Bob from contacted me to review this super monogrammed laptop bag, I was very happy for this opportunity. My dad also just gave me a new laptop during his trip to California recently to attend my wedding, so what a perfect timing this was! Now my new laptop has its own special bag.

The bag is made with lightly padded material that's enough to offer your laptop protection, yet not bulky to carry around like a tote bag. I also really love the color combination it comes with -- simple chocolate brown color, yet still very girly with the turquoise patent trimming.

One feature of the bag that I really appreciate is how the zipper zips all the way down, it just makes removing laptop so much easier!

This bag is roomy enough to fit my 15" laptop in comfortably, with plenty of room for the charger, a portable mouse, and documents. The inside wall also has a zipper pocket, pen and business card slots, making it the perfect bag for going to work and meetings.

The two long handles make it super comfortable to carry on the shoulders -- especially useful of you have to carry your bag for a long time.

If you guys are looking for personalized bags either for a special event, a trip coming up, or just for everyday use, check out the Simple-Bags website. In particular, I especially love their bag selection under their Bridal Bags and Cosmetic Bags category.

Disclaimer: The "Fashionable Laptop Bag" was sent to me for review purposes only, I did not get paid for this review, nor am I affiliated with the company. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Kitty Haul

Getting Hello Kitty goodies is an addiction. Today I will share with you some of the HK related (mostly) clothing items that I purchased from Forever 21 and Karmaloop recently. Those of you that are new to Karmaloop, you need to go check out their Hello Kitty related goodies -- they have tons, and a lot of times you can find things on sale as well. Search for "HK" or "Hello Kitty" in the search bar and see for yourself :)

From Karmaloop:

From Forever 21:

I ♥ Hello Kitty! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MAC Haul

Some of the MAC products I've hauled recently -- mostly from the MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga/Cindi Lauper collection.

I tried on Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass during a visit to MAC store recently, and really loved how it looked on my lips. So I grabbed it, along with Freckletone lipstick that Giang highly recommended to me.

Freckletone is the perfect neutral peachy lipstick. This is also my first lustre formula lippie -- it's sheer and gives just the right amount of glow -- almost like a lip balm but with a bit of color for a pick me up. Perfect perfect!!

 Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass -- so pretty right?

Around the same time, I also ordered the rest of the Viva Glam stuff online -- when the Gaga lipstick first came out, I wasn't too impressed with it. While the shade looked so cute, when I tried it on my lips in store, it settled into the dry lines on my lips and did not look flattering at all. Immediately I said no to it. But over the past few months after seeing other girls' swatches of the lipstick, I swayed and was itchy to get my own. The swatch that really won me over was this one by Makeup For Life. How gorgeous is that on her lips!!!

 I knew I had to get the Cindy Lipglass as soon as I saw Temptalia's swatches.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

 Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

Last but not least, this was from earlier this summer, Jazzed lipstick from In the Groove collection -- beautiful coral color, kind of reminded me of my favorite Ever Hip from the Liberty of London collection, but not as red I suppose? It is also a cremesheen formula, which is one of my favorite from MAC lippies. I haven't used it yet, but I can't wait!

So here there are, 5 new lippies to add to my lippies army :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

♥ September Favorites ♥

In the month of September, I enjoyed using:

♥ ~H2O+ Anti-Acne Overnight Complex -- This product was my substitute after I finished the Neutrogena Anti-Acne Anti-Aging Cream. I feel that it's essential for me to include an anti-acne serum in my daily routine since I do have acne-prone skin, so it's a good idea to prevent new pimples from forming at all times. This ~H2O+ serum comes in a light gel form that contains salicylic acid as the main anti-acne ingredient. I love that it feels light on the skin and quickly absorbs without leaving my face greasy. Almost done with this tube yay :)

♥ Rock and Republic Exhibition Pressed Powder in Satin -- I used this pressed powder for touch up during my wedding. And for the past two weeks or so I have also been using it as my setting powder during my makeup routine. Besides the fact that I love its glam and sturdy packaging, I also find the powder to be smooth, somewhat pigmented, and does not become cakey throughout the day. I was able to use just a concealer for spot concealing, and a thin layer of the powder all over my face today before I stepped out of the door, no foundation or BB cream needed -- it really helps to even out my complexion. The shade Satin is a perfect match for my ~NC25 skin tone. 

♥ Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel --Forget the harsh grainy exfoliators, this enzyme peel does the exfoliating job so much better, without the risk of it being too harsh to the skin. It is also perfect for traveling because it comes in powder form in the bottle -- doesn't weight much, and doesn't make a ton of mess, especially with its pre-measured sprout that pours out the perfect amount of products for every use.  I use this peel after I cleanse my face either in the morning or in the night after shower. It was a life saver the few weeks before my wedding -- a wonderful product to help my skin stay smooth and flake free -- helped with my chapped lips too! I suggest you to use it during your morning regime on the day of a big event, so your skin will be freshly prepared to let skincare soak in better, and let makeup sit on smoothly.

♥ Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Hairmask --The Shiseido Tsubaki line is quite popular among blogger ladies. This was my first jar of tsubaki hairmask. I had previously bought this for May and friends before, but it never occurred to me to try it out myself. But when my hair was somewhat lackluster and I was in desperate need to make it smooth and shiny for my wedding, I picked up a jar to try, and it worked great! I apply this hair mask after I wash my hair, concentrating on the ends, then I'd clip my hair up and let it sit and work the magic while I finish the rest of my shower, and finally rinse the mask off. My hair would instantly feel a lot smoother, and next day more volumized and shinier. 

♥ Beautyblender -- Jumped on the bandwagon a few months back and got my own Beautyblender sponge, and I loved using it! This was the tool that helped me to get that flawless airbrushed skin for my wedding day! It's the perfect little tool for blending in foundations, and dabbing on concealers, and it's so fun to use!

♥ Urban Decay Naked Palette -- Last but not least, finally a chance to showcase my Naked Palette. The reason I haven't talked about it much was because as soon as I received it, I stowed it away in a little box of makeup labeled wedding kit -- I knew the two matte brown shades (Naked and Buck) would be perfect for my simple day time eye makeup. I also used Virgin for the brow bone and inner corners of my eyes, and Darkhorse as liner.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finished Products in September

In the month of September, I finished:
(Note: please read me)

✔ Stila Sheer Pressed Powder -- I have this powder in the shade Medium, which is just right for my skintone. But actually it wouldn't have mattered that much anyway because it only offers a sheer coverage. It mattifies oily skin quite effectively so that's why I toss it in my purse on the go as my blot powder. The big mirror is a plus so I don't have to bring an extra mirror. I am so excited to finally hit pan on this though, because I am itching to try out another pressed powder. I want to save this packaging/pan though, I just love its silver embossed florals on the outside. Maybe I can press my own blush in there in the future?

Kiss Me Heroine Long and Curl Mascara -- All time favorite mascara. Super water proof, oil proof, and does a super job keeping my lashes curled/lengthened all day long. I've always purchased the Long and Curl version in the past, so this time when I purchased backups, I bought their Volume and Curl version as well and used it for my wedding -- love it just as much! So I'd recommend either one of the Kiss Me Heroine mascaras to you. It takes a bit of patience to take this mascara off -- be patient, and be gentle :) For nice defined lashes, it's well worth the effort.

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara -- To be honest, I didn't really finish this mascara, but I know I won't be using it much anyway so might as well toss it than having it take up room in my makeup drawers. I know some blogger ladies really love this one, but it just didn't do much for me. The formula is really wet, so sometimes after I apply the mascara on, and uncontrollably blink, I'd end up with black smudges on my lid :T It also clumps my lashes like no other, did not hold my curls well -- all in all just not something I'd want to purchase again. It's been a while since I used Cover Girl's Lash Blast, but I remember I had better result with that one! 

Do you ladies have a recommendation for a good non-waterproof mascara for my everyday use? As much as I love Kiss Me Heroine, sometimes when I get off work, I just don't feel like sitting in front of the vanity trying to remove my stubborn mascaras off -- non-waterproof would be so much easier to remove. I might just have to go pick up more Cover Girl Lash Blast -- I spotted those 3-packs at Costco for $13.99, and often times they have $3.5 off coupons on the pack, which makes them a great deal.

Pond's Clean Sweet Wet Towelettes -- Another month, another pack. This is my last pack of Pond's towelettes. While it does the job well, I think I am ready to venture onto other brands so I can try and compare. Which one should I try next?

Korres Body Milk in Bitter Almond --Loved this. Perfect formulation for the summer -- light, non-greasy, easy to absorb, and makes skin moisturized and soft. Perfect scent -- Bitter Almond scent reminds me of almond pudding/milk, my fav!
Mario Badescu Control Cream --I had talked about a few Mario Badescu products in the post here.  The Control Cream was one of them. Loves the soothing effect, loved the texture, but probably won't repurchase because it's a bit expensive -- I have never tried it on my face though, even though it's meant to be a face cream, which would have been okay I suppose. Give it a try if you suffer from red, rashy, flaky, and irritated skins, it really helped me!

ELF Zit Zapper -- Finished my first tube in a month, and loved it. I will repurchase this for sure, for a dollar and something that works, I will always keep a few backups at hand! To clarify, I didn't finish a tube this fast because I had tons of zits to zap (hahaha) but I find it to be a nice anti-acne serum (to the same effect of the Neutrogena Anti-Acne Anti-Aging Cream that I had finished and loved) to apply in large areas on my face to prevent acne from forming. I just take the roller ball and roll out a bunch of products onto my finger tips and dap over my cheeks and forehead -- where I tend to break out more. 

Skin MD Natural Face, Hand & Body Shielding Lotion -- Onto my second bottle already, and love this! Super light weight and makes my skin feel nicely moisturized. It was especially helpful to calm down my inflamed skin during eczema.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun protection Lotion SPF 55 -- I used to use this bottle for my face only and it lasted me for such a long time because I only needed a little bit of the product every time for my face, and I'd only use it on days when I will be outdoors a lot, when I know I'll get a lot more sun exposure than just sitting in my office all day. But in fear of it expiring (sadly I couldn't find a clearly printed expiration date on the bottle like most sunscreens do, it does have some sort of code which could give me indication but I never bothered to do research haha), I started to apply it on my body as well in the past month or so, and that helped me to finish up the bottle a lot more quickly. Would I repurchase? Definitely! It's already on my list of things to purchase during the Sephora FF sale this year, along with the SPF eye cream also from Shiseido.

Gold Bond Body Lotion Triple Action Relief for Dry & Itchy Skin -- OMG finally done w/ this bottle! Seriously this bottle has been traveling through two moves already! I first purchased it to use as an anti-itch cream to sooth my flared skin due to eczema. As it wasn't proven to be as effective as hydrocortizone cream, I stopped using the bottle. So when I discovered it again last month, I was determined to finish it once and for all so it doesn't go to waste, and I am glad I rediscovered it because it was such a nice treat to use in the summer. Why? Because the menthol in the cream that's suppose to help relieve itchiness makes my skin feel super cool and refreshed upon application, and on a hot summer day, it feels super nice, like a cool treat for the legs/arms! :)

Vitamin Conditioner in Acai Berry Guava -- As a conditioner, it does the job just okay. But the scent is so sweet and yummy -- I really enjoy yummy shampoo/conditioners in the shower because it just makes the experience so much better, right? :p

Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye Creme -- Really liked this eye cream. Comes in a big jar that lasted me quite a long time too. Very hydrating, so gentle, and fast absorbing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Claire's Mood Color Changing Nail Polish

Over the weekend, I stopped by Claire's during our casual mall stroll, and decided to give these Claire's Mood Color Changing nail polishes a try. I've seen them on the shelves for a few months now, and my curiosity finally won me over, plus this time I was able to spot two lovely shades that I know I could wear everyday -- instead of the usual blues/greens/purples that I see more often on the shelves.

The shades I picked up are in Awesome/Silly and Excited/Bored. How these nail polish work is that when your finger nails are warm, the colors are lighter than if your nails are colder. These work especially well when you have longer nails, so it gives off that nice French manicure/gradient look, because the nails on your nail beds are naturally warmer than the long nails that hang past your finger tips, so the tips of your nails would look darker than on your nail bed. I hope you get the picture, I wish I have longer nails to show you -- maybe in a few weeks when they grow longer, I'll post another picture to show you what I mean :)

Awesome/Silly is a cool pink color that turns brighter pink when cold, and Excited/Bored is a super pretty coral color that I love.

On my hand, I have Excited/Bored. Here is what it looks like in room temperature. You can faintly see a bit of a darker line where my nail is hanging out (hence the colder "mood") -- ahh my short stubby nails :( Maybe this will be a motivation for me to tend my nails more carefully and make them grow longer and stronger -- which has always been my wish.

When I run my hand under cold water, the color turn into a much brighter shade.

Compared to when my hands are dry/warmer.

Isn't this nail polish cool? I totally get amused by little things like this, hehehe.

Also from the weekend, I stopped by Daiso hoping to find the sponge cleanser that Dina was talking about here. But I couldn't find it :( Instead I grabbed a few random stuff, including these two:
The one on the left are mesh sleeves that you can slip onto hair brushes. Those with long hair know that when you brush your hair, the fall outs will get stuck in between the bristles, making them very hard to clean. Also over time, dust might collect at the base of the bristles -- these nifty little sleeves would make cleaning much easier. Once hair gets collected on the hair brush, all you have to do is lift out the sleeve (along w/ the hair and gunk) and replace with a new one. It also claims to have anti-bacterial effects.

The little spatula on the right is made of soft flexible rubber. This is handy when you have a face or eye cream that comes in a jar. Instead of digging your finger in there, which is both unsanitary and products might also get trapped under your finger nails, these spatula will do a much better job. The soft flexible tip also ensures that you can scoop out every last drop of the product out of the jar. What I like about it is that it comes with a cap that you can cover the spatula with when not in use or traveling, which prevents it from getting dirty.

See this is why I love to visit Daiso, I can always find useful little items that will make everyday life more fun and convenient :)