Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas Love [Picture Heavy]

My package delivery guy deserves a big tips and a big bag of cookies for working so hard during the holiday season. Not only was I shopping like crazy, I also received a TON of love from friends. I felt so blessed to have gotten to know so many super sweet ladies since I started blogging, and I think our friendship are the best thing that happened out of my blogging experience <3
Today I want to share with you the Christmas love I've received, so you can share my happiness with me :)

Yumeko send me the most adorable Christmas card. I wasn't sure what the Japanese were saying, help please?
My friend Ying knows of my love for Hello Kitty and being the crafty girl that she is, she made me this Hello Kitty key holder -- it's too cute for words. I also don't want to use it after seeing how delicate and pretty it is, she even asked me what my favorite colors were (yellow and baby blue, for now haha) and incorporated into the key holder:
My friend Teresa gave me this big Burt's Bees set, it's got a little bit of everything, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, face scrub, towel, you name it. It'll be an awesome kit to bring on trips!
Stephanie baked YUMMY cookies! She packed them so nicely too. Are you hungry yet?
Nic send me her sweet Christmas love, the chocolate lover in me was really excited when I opened the package:
Dear May gave me this pair of warm and soft Hello Kitty slippers, and a TON of beauty goodies: masks, Sabon body butter bar, Cake Beauty lotion spray, scrub and shower gel, NARS shadows and a pink Scent Bug.
Iyah's Christmas card is so adorable, thanks for the super sweet message, your hand writing is so neat and pretty!
My birthday twin Diana surprised me with two LUSH items that was on my wish list. Sneaky girl! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful! Isn't her Christmas card super adorable too?
Catherine gifted me the cutest Hello Kitty plush ornament that I placed on top of my Christmas tree this year. She also gave me my very first L'Occitane hand cream. I can't wait to try it out!
The super super sweet Edna gave me SO much goodies! Look at her Christmas card too! We are both Hello Kitty (and kitty) lovers <3
 A cupcake shaped bath bomb she got me during her vacation, Almost could pass for a real one!
What was inside of the Hello Kitty box? MAKEUP!
Edna got me my first Guerlain eyeshadow palette. She is a Guerlain lover and she's trying to convert me into one :p Isn't this so pretty! Thanks love!
So there you have it, a collection of photos of Christmas love from my lovely friends. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart <3


  1. whoaa I totally thought that was a real cupcake! The key holder is so adorable, she's got some talent! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season :)

  2. lots of gift...you truly deserved it...cuz' you're such a great friend.....we have the same HK slippers..mine is pink and I got it for my birthday..

  3. Aw, such wonderful presents! I totally agree that the friendships I've made are the best part about blogging. I'm tickled that the HK ornament got such a place of honor on your tree! LOL! & love the way you strung up all your cards on the fireplace - so pretty! :D

  4. :) HK galore! Did you use your Guerlain yet? I'll use my Naked palette for work tomorrow!

  5. OMG so many christmas gifts! very pretty!! guerlain is so pretty!! you got so much love and you totally deserve it! :D see you really soon love!!

  6. aaa so cuteee.... I would love to receive those as gifts, but, oh wel... T^T...

    btw, the card says "akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!" which means Happy New Year ^^

    I can only read kana so, no heavy kanji for me ^.~

  7. whoa! so many amaaazing goodies! hope you enjoy all of them :) and the cupcake looks so really i can practically eat it :P

  8. what amazing love packages! hehe so many cute HK stuff!

  9. Yay for xmas pressies! in january! xD That cupcake looks so edible (:

  10. So much LOVE, Lulu! The cupcake bath bomb looks so much like a cupcake! Good enough to eat~

  11. oh my! you got so many goodies! i really love the key holder. I can't believe she made that!! And! the cupcake! i thought someone baked you a cupcake! hahahah it looks so yummy!!

  12. Great gifts!!! The cards are all soo cute!!

    And may I eat that cupcake? xD

  13. wow! amazing gifts!! that guerlain palette is so pretty!