Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scented Nail Polish Show Down

I have recently discovered a new love for scented nail polishes. This started when I purchased my first bottle of Paul & Joe nail polish during the holidays. Not only was the polish consistency smooth and easy to apply, it left a nice fragrant scent on my nails once dried. Ever since then, I purchased 3 more bottles of Paul & Joe nail polishes, all of them leave the same nice scent once dried, and I am totally in love!

I have also been informed that Jill Stuart nail polishes also leave a nice scent once dried. I will have to get myself a bottle to try out soon!

While browsing CVS, I also discovered that Revlon also came out with a scented nail polish line called Revlon Scented Parfume Nail Enamel. Out of curiousity I picked up two to try.

Today I am going to compare the Paul & Joe vs. the Revlon scented nail polishes.

The Paul & Joe Nail Enamel left a light floral scent on my nails, and it is also very long lasting -- even after repeated hand washes and still left a faint smell the next day. I just couldn't help but keep sniffing my finger nails for the whole day after I had it on, good thing I stayed at home, otherwise I'd probably been stared at weirdly hahaha. The scent the Paul & Joe polish left is light, sweet and feminine. The polish formula is smooth, and very easy to apply. The only downside of the Paul & Joe polish? Its price tag, at $14 a bottle.
Paul & Joe Nail Enamel -- 23

The Revlon Scented Parfume Nail Enamel left a fruity smell once dried. The scent is stronger than that of Paul & Joe immediately after drying, but actually not in a completely good way, more of a if you are sensitive to perfume/strong scents, then you might sneeze kind of way. After a few handwashes, the scent grew fainter and it was completely gone by the next day, unlike Paul & Joe. So the scent is not as long lasting, despite its stronger and much sweeter note when freshly applied. Much to my disappointment, the formula, like a lot of Revlon ones that I've tried, is streaky. However once the second coat and top coat are applied, it is opaque and smooth at last. Each Revlon polish is about $5 to 6 dollars, and often times you will find them at BOGO 50% off sales, so for under $10 you can get two bottles.
Revlon Scented Parfume Nail Enamel -- Peach Smoothie
I also think maybe the Revlon polishes come in different scents as each polishes' names suggest, such as Peach Smoothie, Sublime Strawberry, Grape Icy, etc.

Overall, I guess I am still more attracted to Paul & Joe, for its smoother formula and more favorable scent (to me personally). I also just cannot resist its pretty bottle. However the Revlon ones will be a good alternative for anyone who's interested in trying out a scented nail polish because they are more readily available. Scent wise, if you are into the lighter floral scent, try Paul & Joe. But if you prefer the sweet fruity scents, Revlon would be your choice.


  1. How interesting! I've heard of a scented polish from Rimmel before but I haven't seen it yet.
    It's nice to have a scented polish instead of that horrible chemical scent

  2. Love that you're doing nail stuff now. I have a very controlled relationship with nail polish. I want everything, but I want it for super cheap.

    ...Scented ones seem like they're out of my price range.

  3. I just bought the revlon one today in Beach, it is such a pretty green/yellow reminds me of the OPI nailpolish be serena williams..I'm gonna try it out tomorrow!!

  4. Paul & Joe FTW! :P it's so pretty!! I love nude polish :D :D :D I've been loving neutrals lately :)

  5. Actually I much prefer the jill stuart polish scent! The p&j one seems a little too flowery and sickly smelling to me..maybe because I got used to the JS scent?

    You should defo give the JS polishes a go, they have a very nice smooth formula, and the brush is good as well!

    I've never actually tried revlon polishes! But if they're streaky I think I'll probably pass. I haaaate streaky polishes.

  6. That is so interesting. I wonder how they go about creating a formula with scent like that. I'm just so used to all those chemical smelling polishes -.-

  7. Scent polishes sound amazing! I had one during high school that smelt delightfully fruitful. I think it was from Bath & Body Works. For some reason I feel like polishes that are more pricey tends to be better than the cheaper alternatives. One reason why I love Chanel is that is has a smooth finish, it dries faster and doesn't chip as bad. I can see why you'd like Paul&Joe over Revlon. For most case, you pay for what you get.

  8. Hello my dear! How are things?!?!?! xD

    I recently got into nail polishes too. Actually, I got my FIRST pedicure last week.... my toes have never looked more amazing. I've never tried P&J polishes. But most polishes last OK on me, except for Essie - they chip like crazy on me.

  9. The P and J one looks so elegant. Polishes are so fun!

  10. we have ours at