Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping With a Friend is Way Better Than Shopping Alone

...because window shopping is more likely to turn into some real shopping, hahaha. This was a shopping trip with my friend YY from way back in December. She is one of my few real life friends who is also really into makeup/skincare. When I get together with her, we just couldn't stop talking about beauty deals and makeup, which was a ton of fun! She's also the only friend whom I could shamelessly admit to how much of a beauty addict I am.

When I met up with her that morning, she pulled out a printed coupon from Estee Lauder, as they were giving away free lip glosses for the day only. I have never tried Estee Lauder lip glosses before, so this was a nice treat!

We wandered into Juicy Couture and came out with matching bracelets. I love how chunky this is, as I've never had anything similar to it before. I'm not planning on adding more charms on it though, I think the heart and the J is bulky enough, haha.

At Sephora, I picked up the Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation. The SA matched me up for 203 (light beige). I have heard so many beauty blogger friends rave about this product. This product is perfect for my oily skin!

I also stood shamelessly in the long line of little kids anxiously getting their holiday presents at Build-A-Bear for my own stuffed animal. They had 4 Sanrio characters on sale back then, Hello Kitty (which I own), Chococat (which I really wanted but OOS everywhere), My Melody, and Keroppi. I opted for Keroppi :) And since it's limited edition, my Keroppi is numbered, cool huh? :)

Also picked up some CLEAN products -- Fresh Laundry Clothing & Linen Fragrance, and Simply Soap Soft Body Lotion. I love CLEAN scents -- they give you a fresh out of the shower and just did laundry feel. 

Hello Kitty PJ pants-- hey I'm wearing it right now as I am typing! So soft and warm. Perfect for lounging around the house for. 

Victoria's Secret shimmer powder, and bath products, all in Pure Seduction scent, which is my favorite scent from VS. I bought the trio of body lotion, spray and shower gel for the cute pink pouch with gold accents, and put it to use right away at my friend's Indian wedding:

My first time wearing a sari! My college roomie chose this sari for me and the pink and gold matched my VS wrislet perfectly :)


  1. Great Haul!

    I wish my friends were more understanding of my beauty addiction. They're just so shocked when I show them how much stuff I have. :P

    You look great in the sari! The pink-gold combo is gorgeous. The wristlet matches it perfectly. :)

  2. Great haul! The bracelet looks very pretty and simple.

    Ahh, the plushie is so cute ^^
    & you look gorgoues in your sari!!

  3. love the coupon and the gloss, lol!

  4. you're so right about the shopping part! lol i haven't checked the build a bear store for a while. i just remembered it was really fun in there. and you look gorgeous in that pink sari <3

  5. YAY! I love spraying my CLEAN spray in my closet! Esp after the meows sneak in and nap in there. I love the last picture !!!

  6. Hi!!Lulu,'re so pretty wearing the sari....and I'm loving the MUFE duo mat too....I didn't know the Sanrio was LE, but I think we still have it here....

  7. you look gorgeous in that sari! lol it's always dangerous for me to go shopping with some of my girlfriends...they aren't quite as obsessed with makeup as i am, but i'm easily persuaded to buy more stuff when i go shopping with them =P

    the duo mat powder is ♥!

  8. look at you looking super pretty in pink! you worked that sari babe! haha ;) its so cool you got a free lip gloss! is it any good? :)

    ps. i luuurve keroppi! he's the only sanrio character i can draw LOL! O.O

  9. That MUFE duo mat powder foundation looks interesting. I bet it works well. :)

  10. You look really beautiful in Sari! :)
    Is MUFE duo mat really good? I need a good powder foundie for my oily skin!

  11. i've always wanted a Juicy Couture bracelet (or necklace). Your's is so cute! you need to put some clothes on Keroppi. He's naked!! O.O hehe

  12. shopping with a friend is definitely better but can be dangerous lol i always end up buying way more than i intended to!

  13. Wonderful picture of you Lulu! Lovin' the JC bracelet you got there too!