Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finished Products in March

New month again! Today I will share my thoughts on the products I've finished in March:

✔ Paul & Joe Finishing Powder 002 --This Paul & Joe powder came out during their 2010 summer collection. It is my holy grail setting powder because it does an excellent job smoothing out my face and controlling oil, even during warm days. I think the packaging is very cute! Despite the cardboard box, it is sturdy and held up well through my daily uses for the past several months. I already purchased a backup of this.

✔Smith's Rosebud Salve  -- Dun dun dun dunnnn! This was the product I am most excited about finishing last month because it's been such a long time since I've used it. It is a pretty big jar considering I only used it as a lip balm every night at bedtime. I think I am getting the squeeze tube version next, it'd be so much easier to apply and travel with, and mess free too! I love Smith's Rosebud Salve, it keeps my lips moisturized all day long. The fact that it's a multi-purpose cream also makes it a great product to take along so you can apply to dry cuticles, elbows, heels etc if needed.

✔ ELF Zip Zapper -- My 3rd one already. So inexpensive, yet effective at making the spots go away. It also doesn't irritate or dry out my skin, so I often roll out a generous amount on my finger tips and dab all over the face for break-out prevention. Need to go to Target and grab more!

✔ Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer --  This face moisturizer is a little bit on the heavy side for me but perfect for hubby's dry skin, I appreciated the higher SPF (of 25) in this moisturizer.

✔ Celeteque Facial Wash -- This face wash was a gift from the lovely Georgina. Hubby and I both enjoyed this face wash a lot. It is gentle, non-irritating, and foams up nicely. I loved the clear squeeze tube that allowed me to squeeze out all the products to the last bit!

✔ Clarins SPF 30 Sunscreen Wrinkle Control Eye High Protection -- An eye cream packed with SPF is a must in my morning skincare routine. I loved the Clarins one. It's easy to blend out, does not leave my eye area with a white film, and is well worth the price because one little tube lasts me a very long time as you only need a little squeeze each time. I will repurchase for sure.

✔ SPAresource Melon Body Butter -- I can't get over how good this smelled! I am a big fan of melon scents and this body butter not only smells great, but works very well too. Want to read my review?

✔ LUSH Snow Fairy -- I lost count how many bottles of this lovely shower gel I have finished already. It is my all time favorite scents from LUSH and I will continue to purchase and love it :)

✔ Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy -- I went through a Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream phase a couple years back and while digging through my stash I found this one left unused. La Source is a wonderful scent described as " A crisp, clean scent reminiscent of fresh sea air". I love everything about the hand cream except for the packaging. The tube is made out of metal and it becomes extremely hard to squeeze towards the end. I purchased the Tube Key from their website this past winter and it is a nice little accessory that really helps getting the product out easier, but towards the end where the key can't turn anymore, another helpful hand, such as hubby's, was still needed.

 ✔ The Body Shop Wise Woman Eye Cream --The pump was very easy to control how much product I wanted to pump out each time. The eye cream is rich and perfect for night time use. It moisturizes very well without any tingly or burning sensation.

✔ Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat -- Despite how much I disliked sometimes Seche Vite made my nail polish peel off in big sheets a day or two after my manicure, it is still an essential in my life. For someone who loves changing nail polish but hates the waiting time for it to dry, Seche Vite was a life saver. I normally apply this top coat when my polish is still slightly wet, about a minute later, my manicure would be all dried to the touch. If you are someone who's always on the go, you NEED this! Keep in mind that Seche Vite tend to get really gloppy by the time you've used up half of the bottle, so you will have to purchase a nail polish thinner and add a few drops in there to thin it out, and you will need to continue doing this until you use up the whole bottle. But other than that, it works great and dries nail fast! Now only if I can figure out how to make it not peel so easily (even when I wrap the tip, although sometimes when my nails are too short I can't wrap the tip easily).

✔ DermaSilk Miracle Cream --I really liked this face cream. It is light in texture and non-greasy yet does a good job moisturizing the skin. This product was sent to me by DermaSilk for review, and please be on the look out for a detailed review soon!

✔ Kuan Yuan Liang Cucumber Water  -- This toner is soothing, non-irritating, and is a refreshing treat especially for warm weathers. It is alcohol free and fragrance free. If you are someone who likes to do DIY masks at home, this would be a good toner to use.

✔ Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner -- This smells really nice and is just your typical conditioner such that it keeps my hair smooth and rinses out very easily. But there is nothing too special about it.

✔ Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo -- Once again, leaves my hair smelling nice, does a good job cleaning but not as much volume as I'd like. A pretty typical shampoo for me.

✔ Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask -- This was another product that I have used before and kept in the bottom of my storage, so I was desperately trying to finish. I started using a large amount of it on my body too so I could finish up fast. This mask is soothing, but I didn't find anything too magical about it. It has a strong herbal scent.

✔ DermaSilk Collagen Gold Serum -- This serum was light weight, very soothing, and very easy to pat in. I loved it. This was sent to me for review, so be on the look out for a detailed review soon!

✔ Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Foaming Shower Mousse --Very interesting concept for a shower product. It pumps out in a mousse like consistency so there is no need to foam it up any further. However for someone who's used to having a shower puff to help foam up shower gels, this was a little bit weird for me. So I still ended up pumping a whole lot of products onto my shower puff so I could exfoliate in the process as well. Sweet Pea is my favorite Bath and Body Works scent so I really enjoyed it. While the packaging is unique, I do have complaints about it. It seemed to pump out products in a mousse foam quite nicely at first, but as you get towards the bottom of the bottle, it no longer pumps even though I shook the bottle and there were still products inside. So I ended up having to press the pump with the bottle upside down so the remaining gel would flow out and I could use up the whole bottle.

✔ Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 -- I used this every morning. The SPF is enough if I am just staying indoors most of the day. It is a good product that keeps my T-zone oil free for a few oils, and yet it's not extremely dry that it becomes hard to blend out.

These 3 Korres products are little bottles that came in one set that I was able to use up very quickly, since it's my first time trying them, I will briefly talk about them as well.
✔ Korres Aloe & Soapwort Little Shampoo (For Frequent Use) -- While I have used many tubes of the Korres body butter (HG!), this was my first time trying their hair products. The shampoo is gentle and foams up quite nicely. Other than that, nothing too special that I've noticed about my hair after using this.
✔ Korres Achillea Little Conditioner (For All Hair Types) -- This conditioner was a big disappointment. The consistency is just way too thin, and it did not condition my hair at all. As a result my hair came out of the shower all tangled and I needed to apply extra conditioner to smooth it out afterwards. 
✔ Korres Guava Little Showergel-- Love this one. The scent is so yummy, and the showergel creates a ton of foam. 


  1. oh lord you finished so many products! even the seche vite. i've never finished a single nail polish before. what do you mean by wrap the tip?

  2. WOW~! You're always finishing SO many EACH month! How is that possible? LOL

    I'm so proud of you! LOL

  3. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! So many products! xD Can you do a review on Clarins lotus face oil please? :D I'm really interested in the products and I've been debating wether to get it or not.. I have those white bumps on my forehead and I'm desperate to get them out of there!

  4. Great job! How do you finish so many items! I feel like if I did a post like this I would only have one thing on it. =(

  5. WOW you finished the P&J loose powder! i have it in 001. got it in july 2010 and have been using it almost everyday but i don't think im close to finishing it! do you use the puff or a powder brush for applying?

    finishing the rosebud salve is such an achievement! mine is still full! LOL XD

    aw. im thrilled to know you both loved the celeteque cleanser! let me send you a bigger one! :D

  6. Holy crap! You tried A LOT of products! Crazy Lulu!! Hahaha! J/k babe... *muah

  7. so many finished products! i'm so bad about hitting pan

  8. Wow you finished a lot this month.

    I envy how you can finish things lol.

  9. whoa!! so many products! could it be possible you made sure to finish a lot of products so you have an excuse to go shopping crazy during the FF sale? hmm..?? jk jk :P

  10. wow, you got through a lot of products for march :) I'm finally starting to get to the end of some skincare and can't wait to switch things up again!

  11. Wow, Lulu! You've finished a lot of products last month. I wish I could be more like you!