Saturday, April 2, 2011

♥ March Favorites ♥

♥ Clarins Toning Lotion -- Alcohol Free With Iris (Combination or Oily Skin)
This toning lotion is very gentle because it is alcohol free. The scent is floral and refreshing. I store the toner in a spray bottle to spray onto cleansed face and then use light patting motion to refresh the skin. I use this toner in conjunction with the Clarins Face Treatment Oil, which I will mention next.

♥ Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (Combination Skin Prone to Oiliness)
I have been using this face treatment oil/above mentioned toner combination during my night routine for the past month and have been loving it. This famous Clarins face treatment oil is well known in the Asian beauty community to be a great product to help reduce T-zone oiliness, brighten up complexion and help shrink pores. also gives this product wonderful reviews. At first I had doubts about this fighting oil with greasy oily product method, but surprisingly it works -- no breakouts in the process either. The way I use it is to spray the Clarins toner all over my face, lightly pat but make sure my face still feels moist from the toner. Then drop a few drops of the face treatment oil onto the palms of my hands, rub hands together a few times until palms are warm, then pat the oil onto my face, concentrating in my oily t-zones and cheeks. At first my face would look and feel really oily, but once absorbed after a few minutes, it's not too bad. Plus I only use this before bedtime so I am not afraid of my face looking shiny. The first night when I tried this, I went to bed scared to death about waking up with huge pimples because of how oily the product was. To my surprise, I woke up to super smooth and radiant skin, and looked like I had a great night of sleep! Normally I wake up with very oily t-zone, but the oil has helped to reduce the oiliness, amazing or what?

♥ Benefit Bella Bamba Blush
This is Benefit's newest boxed blush. It is described as a watermelon shade, and it smells like one too! First sweep of this product on my cheeks, I fell in love with it instantly. It gave my face the right amount of glow and pop, with a slight gold shimmer that is hardly noticeable with a light hand application. This is my go to blush for that look awake look.  

♥ Borghese Illuminare Brightening Hand Serum
This serum gives me soft hands and is great to use throughout the day. It absorbs super quickly and leaves no greasy feeling. I find myself using this quite often, less than a month of using this, I am already down half a bottle -- that's how much I've been loving it!

♥ Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats -- Rose Plein Vent 05
This blush is LOVE! Love the smell and the finely milled powder, love the choice of 4 different lovely shades that could be used separately or mixed all together, love the pretty packaging!
4 shades mixed together

♥ Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow -- Bronze Dore 481
Thank you Edna for getting this for me for Christmas! 481 is her favorite Guerlain palette, so she got me one to try as well. But seeing how pretty it was, I didn't want to touch it despite her constant nagging for me to bust it open and use it :p Finally after about 3 months of waiting and staring at this piece of eye candy, I used it, and it was love! The cream shade is creamy and smooth, which helps to even out eyelid quite nicely. The light green shade is a wonderful eyelid color while the dark green shade gives just the right amount of definition for outer-V, or perfect as a liner. The green colors really make my brown eyes pop! The bronze shade adds a nice bit of shine to the middle of my eyelid whenever I feel like it going for a little more shine. All the shadows are super smooth. I will definitely be reaching for this palette often :)


  1. I WILL NEED TO TRY Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (Combination Skin Prone to Oiliness)AFTER YOUR REVIEW THAT IT DOESNT BREAK YOU OUT. THANKS

  2. ooh! I want to try that Face Treatment Oil now!! I have Bio Oil but I don't know if it works the same way.

    I swatched the Benefit blush at Sephora! It's so gorgeous!!

  3. Great favorites list. I just bought the Benefit Bella Bamba Blush but haven't used it yet, I need to hurry and test it out. I love that Guerlain palette, it's so pretty and great for spring.

  4. <3 Guerlain. See I was right, you'd love it once you start using it!

  5. oooooooooo I'm tempted to get the Clarins Lotus oil now! I've been using Khiel's midnight recovery and it's been working great too! But so expensive >_< A sample lasted me like 2 weeks so I asked another sample.. to save money.. hehe

  6. ooooo guerlain!!!! need to get something from there soon. I think I swatched Bella Bamba 100x!!! and have yet to decide to get it or not. Looks so bright... your post is pushing the "get it" side of my brain

  7. Great favs! I want to try some of the Clairins products now!!!! :D

  8. Gah, I had a long comment all typed up and then Blogger ate it. ;_;

    Yay for the oil working for you!! I've actually been making my own oil moisturizer from jojoba oil, olive squalane and rosehip oil for about 4 years now, and it's seriously the best thing that ever happened to my skin!! Recently, I've sometimes fallen asleep before using my oil after the Neutrogena treatment (I like to let it sit for 10 min), but I always notice when I do use the oil - I wake up to plump, super soft, smooth skin. :D

    Oiliness is often a symptom of dehydrated skin. When your skin is too dry, it pumps out extra sebum as an attempt to prevent further moisture loss. When you use oils, either straight or in creams, this helps to replenish the skin's moisture barrier to keep the moisture in (because honestly, the best way of hydrating your skin comes from the inside from drinking enough water!), and the presence of oil being absorbed into the skin signals the sebaceous glands to stop producing more oil.

    I had *ridiculously* oily skin 4 years ago - like, oil slick 1/2 an hour after washing my face oily - yet it was also dry, flaky and rough in texture. I spent a LONG time trying tons of anti-oil, oil-free and lightweight "balancing" products that all did nothing (or actually gave me milia ;_;) before I realized that I was actually stripping my skin and under-moisturizing and encouraging the oil production! I switched to a gentle cleanser and started using straight jojoba oil 2x a day, and it took 6 months but it transformed my skin! My skin became smooth, soft, my blackheads and surface acne went away and my skin totally normalized! I'm still on the oily side, but I can wear makeup now, and only have to blot 1x a day, whereas before I couldn't even imagine wearing makeup b/c it'd be a greasy/patchy mess or totally gone within half an hour! Seriously best thing that every happened to me! (Plus, most pressed vegetable oils are a mix of oleic and linoleic acids and they're all good for you... it just kind of depends what mix is better for your skin chemistry than others. I use a super basic mix that costs me about $15/year and it works just as well as more expensive formulations I have bought and tried before. =))

  9. That Guerlain palette reminds me so much of a Lancome quad I have! I used it for my eye makeup tonight :) The Clarins oil sounds amazing, almost too good to be true o.O Must try that sometime.

  10. great list of favorites!!
    i have the clarins toner too :)
    and the guerlain blush looks too pretty!!!

  11. whoa! march favorites contains 2 guerlain products. Getting fancy! haha :P

  12. bella bamba is so pretty! you make me want to grab one for myself now lol. as always love your favorites!

  13. I've heard so much about Guerlain. I gotta try it. Thanks for reviewing it :)