Saturday, April 16, 2011

Overall Review of DermaSilk Products

Now that I have reviewed all 5 of the DermaSilk products I have been testing out for the past month, I wanted to talk about how I incorporated these products into my everyday skincare routine, and some of my final thoughts on them.

Night Routine:
  1. toner
  2. Gold Collagen Serum
  3. Miracle Cream
  4. 90 Second Eye Lift
  5. Double Chin Firming Serum 
Morning Routine:
  1. toner
  2. 5-Minute Face Lift
  3. Miracle Cream
  4. eye cream
  5. sunscreen
In between I will add other products that I own, such as anti-acne serum, more nourishing eye serum/creams, sunscreen, when I see needed.

I am happy that none of the DermaSilk products have caused any break-outs on my acne prone skin.

My favorite out of all were probably the 2 serums, they are light weight, easy to absorb, and make my skin feel refreshed. The Miracle Cream is also pretty good, but it's not a must try. But make sure you include a moisturizer into your routine if you don't use Miracle Cream, since the serums alone are not moisturizing enough.

I really liked the clear pump bottles that most of the products come in. It uses vacuum suction with a base that moves up to push products out and I can clearly see how much products I have left.

Maybe I am still a little young to see any visible firming effects on my skin upon using DermaSilk products, but I can feel the tightening effect right away (although not lasting). I cannot speak for how well these products do for sagging skin and deep wrinkles. But if anyone who do have to combat these skin issues, hopefully these products I've reviewed will help you out! To me, I see DermaSilk products as a great line of products to help me prevent aging and sagging skin, prevention is just as important.


  1. Yes, prevention is much need now! I can see there's some fine lines on my skin now :(

  2. Let's try this lulu: LOL ~ ~ ~

  3. it seems like a decent brand. i didn't know it was on rachelray show. i agree with you prevention is important.