Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finish Products in April

✔ Aspirin -- This uncoated Aspirin makes a great aspirin mask. Whenever I remember in the shower (to avoid mess), I'd take a few tablets, add a few drops of water to crush the tablets and apply to my face. The crumbled pills make a great exfoliator as well. Aspirin mask is really a cost effective, travel convenient way to give your skin a quick pick me up.

✔ Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion -- Make sure to shake this toner up before using, and if you have dry skin, please skip it, as it is rather strong. For my oily combo skin, it works really well to mattify skin and treat my occasional breakouts. A staple on my vanity.

✔ The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Booster -- I had high hopes for this product, but sadly it's a no-more-buy for me. Upon application, it makes your skin feel super smooth and...slippery, because yes, it is the yucky silicone that I dislike! While it does have a nice citricy scent, I am not really sure if the vitamin C in this is potent enough to show any improvement on my skin. It also caused me to break out, probably from the silicone that was clogging my pores. I ended up using the rest of the bottle on my body because I'd hate to see it go to waste. 

✔ ELF Eyelid Primer -- This $1 primer is pretty awesome. It doesn't make my eye makeup last as long as my Too Faced or Urban Decay eye primers, but it is a great choice for everyday use.

✔ DermaSilk Tightening Serum 5 Minute Face Lift -- A pretty good face serum, easy to apply and not greasy. Best yet, never caused me any break outs. See my review here.

✔ Fekkai MORE Scalp Purifying Shampoo and Root Nourishing Conditioner -- These were my first Fekkai products, and I really enjoyed using them. Yes they are a bit pricey compared to my normal drugstore shampoos, but you also need less of them each time. This pair made my hair so soft, clean, and volumized. See my brief review here.

✔ Crabtree & Evelyn Rose Water Hand & Body Lotion -- I really enjoy rose scented hands and body products, and this is no exception. I have tried the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater hand cream in a metal squeeze tube before and loved it. I think this plastic pump version makes it much easier to use. The texture of the lotion is a bit thinner and easier to spread than the hand cream, a great warm weather body moisturizer.

✔ The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector -- This hand cream is really nice and moisturizing. Its scent however is really unpleasant, but at least goes away fairly quickly.

✔ Rock & Republic Classic Tinted Primer SPF 20 -- Loved this primer. It has a mousse/whipped texture with a slight tint, it applies really easily, doesn't feel super slippery/silicone on my skin and gets the job done. Unfortunately I think this is really hard to find now as Rock & Republic discontinued their makeup line. If I see this again on sale on HauteLook or something, I will probably repurchase.

✔ Zirh Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Face Cream -- Finished by a joint effort between hubby and I. I actually bought the cream for hubby since Zirh is a men skincare line. But upon trying, I really liked it as well. It is unscented, which is pretty pleasant esp when layering on skincare products, the cream is light and easy to spread.

✔ Zirh Fix Blemish Control Gel -- I completely claimed this one my own after trying it on my pimples and how it magically shrunk in size overnight and dried up. Now I use it as an acne prevention gel whenever I feel there might be some break outs. I apply a thin layer all over my face before moisturizer. It doesn't dry skin up like most acne products, and feels just like a light moisturizer.

✔ DermaSilk Double Chin Firming Facial Contouring Serum -- Double chin be gone! I wish it's that magical. While it did have a firming feeling, but I didn't notice too much of a visible result on myself. Read my review here.

 ✔ L'Oreal Sublime Slim Anti-Cellulite + Smoothing Body Toning Gel -- I really enjoyed using this on my tummy area, it provides a cooling feel upon application, and it is really nice to take this opportunity to give my tummy a quick massage. On the nights that I use this, I do feel that the next morning, my stomach feels tighter, which makes me believe that this product helps to get rid of bloating.

✔ Cake Milk Made Body Frothing Bath & Shower Cream -- Smells SO divine! This shower gel foams up really nicely and fills my entire bathroom with a yummy sweet milky scent that I love so much. I haven't tried this in a bath but on my next bottle, I'll be sure to do that.


  1. hun, im always in awe with your finished products posts! good job on managing to finish all of these products especially the eye primer! *envies* hahaha :P

  2. BABE!!! you are sooo good with finishing your products!! you inspire me, i'm going to try to be like you and finish at least 5 products and month! the milk made looks so cute and by your description sounds like it smells yummy, i will check that out this weekend! i missss you!!! hugssss* have a nice work week!

  3. Ooh good thing you reviewed the Vitamin C from the Body Shop, will avoid that.
    Ah I want to buy that CrabTree & Evelyn hand/body lotion! I have the handcreme and I love it.

  4. OooO an aspirin mask! what a good idea! i need to try that

  5. you did really good this month! aspirin mask... never thought of it, but will definitely try it out.