Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sephora Haul

Sephora had a 15% off sale in April. This is a sale that I always look forward to every year, because it always coincides with my birthday, so it was a perfect excuse to get some presents for myself.

The first thing I got was this Sephora's Favorites Sun Safety Kit. I missed out on theirs last year, but this year's seemed even better! This kit contains 11 sun protection products, 1 deluxe sample plus a pink beach tote. This is a great way to try out different brands, and the sizes of each sunscreen is convenient enough to take on summer vacations. The beach tote is light weight and folds into a palm sized bundle, great for taking on shopping trips.
Remember, sun protection is very important!

This Sephora Advanced Airbrush Set is something I really looked forward to getting. I've heard all sorts of great things about Sephora's Airbrush line, so I thought this would be a great start to get introduced to some of the brushes. A lot of times a brush set's brushes are not as good of a quality as their full sized equivalent, but this set is an exception. Every brush in here are super soft and dense, the handles are long (comparable to that of full size) and has a good grip, and none of them have yet to shed a hair.  This is also a great set to take on travel, the brush case is soft and roomy, and probably would fit another brush or two to take along (since this set doesn't have a blush brush).

Powder Brush: even though the bristles look really long, but it's not flimsy at all. It picks up my setting powder nicely. I use it with a light patting motion to apply powder on my face.
Foundation Brush: it is really easy to control, dense and applies creamy products very well.
Concealer Brush: this is the brush I looked forward to using the most, this is very unlike your typical flat concealer brush. It is dome shaped like a mini kabuki. It blends in concealer like a dream and gets the job done as well as you would with fingers, even for under eyes. This brush is so amazing, highly recommend!
Crease Brush: this blends in eyeshadows very well, and is the perfect size for my crease area.
Eyeshadow Brush: I think this brush is best suited for blending in cream eyeshadow, it provides a very even application.
Bliss Love Handler's name drew my attention. I grabbed it since my L'Oreal Sublime Slim was running out and I wanted to see if this would be a comparable product. So far I am liking it! It's also very hydrating for my skin.

I also picked up this Benefit High Brow as a brow highlighter. It is the perfect shade for me. One light sweep under my brow, blend blend, and voila, I look more awake already! It really gives the illusion of a brow lift. Love!

This Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer is a 100 point deluxe sample. I really love the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, so I wanted to see how this compares. Anyone tried this one before? 

As silly as it sounds, I really look forward to the free birthday gift that Sephora gives out every year, as little and sometimes useless as they were, I like my free goodies :) I really like this year's gift, as it is totally my cup of tea -- I love Philosophy bath products, they have a wide range of yummy scents. This one is in vanilla birthday cake, sounds yummy enough to eat!


  1. nice haul! the spf kit looks nice!! ohh i have always wanted to try the LM Illuminating TM! maybe ill cash in some pts! thanks for showing it! YAY i got the same shower gel have not used yet through =P

  2. aahhh i want to try the high brow!!!

  3. I enjoyed checking out your haul cuz' guess what I haven't been shopping at sephora or any cosmetics for myself for months now....I know it's so sad:( and well, looking at the airbrush set & high brow...makes me want to shop again...hehe....kinda glad I'm back at reading blogs again...gonna catch up on what I've missed...missed chatting with u as well....

  4. Hmmm the Philosophy shower gel looks yummy (:

  5. ohhhh i definitely want to try out that spf set :) great stuff

  6. I'm jealous of your haul!! I want to try that love handler thing. XD

  7. I missed all of my b-day gifts..... do u think I can go back and claim a few? xD I've never tried the illuminating one b/c it looked so shiny whenever I tried it on my hand. Tell us how it is! :)

  8. wow great haul!! The Sephora brush set looks great. I've heard so many raves about the concealer brush. Their bday presents are getting better! One yr I got a set of trial sephora glosses that were super sticky & tasted off. The Philosophy one is much better !! ^_^

  9. OH nice birthday haul!! So many goodies. I missed out this year on the sale. {*BOO} I guess I'll have to wait till October. Sephora has the coolest kits but I'm always scared of trying so many different products. Damn sensitive skin. Let us know which sunscreens are your favorite!

    <3 S.

  10. looking at your haul makes me want to run to sephora right now. everything's amazing! i also got my birthday cake a while ago. can't wait to find out what's next. btw, you seem really busy now. miss you lots!

  11. Great haul!!!! I wanna try that high brow pencil and those SPF products. Great for summer. :D