Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's inside of my travel bag

When I was packing for the bag that I was going to take on the plane during my 12 hour airplane ride to China, I decided to take out my camera and record what I brought with me. Interested to take a peek into my travel bag?

Since the flight is long, the seats are uncomfy, and we all know how cold/dry it gets on the airplane, I wanted to make sure that I bring all the essentials to take care of my body/skin in-flight. Yet everything has to be light and compact enough that I don't feel like I'm dragging an extra piece of luggage with me.

 This is the bag I chose -- a canvas duffel with two front pockets for easy access, two side pockets for water bottles, plenty of room inside with a secure zippered closure, and an extra small zipped pocket inside for the extra valuables to prevent them from getting lost. The bag itself is light weight, and has no rigid corners so I can squeeze it anywhere, even when the overhead compartment is filled with other people's suitcases. The straps are wide and soft, so even when my bag gets heavy, they won't cut into my shoulders and cause fatigue. Also, don't you just love the panda prints? :)
 First up are everything liquid/gel that need to fit into a ziplog baggie so they can be screened separately during security. Here I have  
Go Smile Touch Up, perfect for preventing stains on my teeth when I drink that glass of red wine during my flight so I can fall asleep quickly :p 
Jack Black lip balm has gotta be my favorite lip balm at the moment, it really keeps those lips stay moisturized. Plus the black tea & blackberry flavor is so yummy.  
L'Occitane hand cream in a 1 oz. travel sized tube. L'Occitane makes excellent hand creams. Since the back of my hands tend to get dry, I find myself constantly applying them. 
ELF cuticle oil stick is a mess free way to keep those dry cuticles moisturized whenever needed.  
Hello Kitty tinted lip balm for when I get off the plane, to give my lips some extra color. 
L'Occitane rose facial spray prevent my skin from getting too dry, plus it is so refreshing when the plane ride gets to feel too stuffy.  
Stila converticle color is so versatile, it could be used for both cheeks and lips, plus the compact comes with a mirror that comes in handy.
Sample pack of My Scheming Camellia Sleeping Mask, to use when I am resting.

 Of course, my iPhone and headphones, for movies and music.

Empty water bottle, since you can't bring water pass through security, it is a good idea to bring a water bottle so you can fill up inside of the terminals. Stay hydrated at all times!
Kao Steam Eye Mask (buy here), doubles up as a sleep mask to block all the cabin lights, and it warms up so it really relaxes and soothes your eyes.
Airbourne, to prevent any chances of catching the bugs and getting sick from the trip.
Clean & Clear moistened face wipes, they clean up my face, removes all the dirt, oil and impurities, and contains salicylic acid to prevent pimples.

 Books and magazines to read and keep me busy.

 Pen and notepad, just in case. The notepad also contains all of our travel information, itineraries, phone numbers of people to contact because once we enter China, our AT&T phones would no longer be working. Make sure you bring a pen, it will come in handy when your flight attendant hands you the Customs form to fill out.

 Makeup bag:
Shiseido Pureness Refreshing Cleaning Sheets, to clean face, hands, and body.
Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Sheets, this is a must for me as my tzone gets oily easily.
Collagen Crystal eye mask, it is clear and not very noticeable when the lights are dim (to avoid weird stares), and they really help your undereye areas to stay hydrated.
Sample of DHC Facial Film Soap, a very convenient face wash that foams up when wet, in case if my face feels gross at the airport or in flight.
Trident White gum for fresh breathes. Also chewing gum during landing and take off helps to reduce that annoying buzz in the ears.
Band-aid, you will never know.
Floss to be used after eating.
Alcohol hand wipes to keep hands germ free, especially before handling food.
Hair ties and hair brush to pull hair into a pony when they get in the way.
Retractable kabuki brush and a powder to use after I land.
DentaBurst Refreshing Teeth Cleanser to keep my teeth clean since brushing teeth during flight will be hard.
Nail file, because broken scratchy nails would suck.

To stay comfy and warm:
Neck pillow, a must if you don't want sore neck from sleeping weird in your chair.
Long sleeve cardigan & scarf, to keep warm when the plane gets cold.
Portable slippers, to keep my feet warm and comfy during the long flight.

Plus an extra inflatable neck pillow for the hubby, they are so convenient because they take no room when folded up.


  1. you are definitely so well prepared for travelling! i love all the essentials that you bring, I always seem to forget things and never bring the things that i really need :/

  2. I love seeing what people carry because it gives me an idea of what to bring. I really need to get the Jack Black lipbalm, everyone is loving it plus it has SPF. ^^

    Facial spray is a good idea on planes since the air is so dry and recycled, the packaging on that one is super cute.

    Those C&C cleansing sheets sound awesome. I loved those DHC cleansing films, very convienent and foamed up well.

    How long is the flight to China?

  3. Wow, you are prepared for everything :O
    I should take note of your packing skills haha

  4. it's the panda bag!! hehe

    you bring a lot of stuff compared to me. hmm...maybe that is why i always look like poopoo when i get off the plane. i really like your neck pillow. it's so you! haha i wish i had enough room to bring all the stuff you bring, but my bag is always filled with electronics. i refuse to check in electronics because i know someone will jack it from my luggage.

  5. Wow! You're so organized and prepared with all your travel necessities! I would have never thought of bringing an empty water bottle...brilliant! :D

  6. Ahhh, the panda duffle bag is too cute! You're so well-prepared and organized. Smooth traveling, I bet!

    I really want to try the Jack Black lip balms soon. I've only heard good things about them. Do they sell them at Sephora? (I hope you don't mind me asking, haha)

  7. OMG, this post is so useful, I have to read it in next year when I'll be going to South Korea. The idea with water bottle is great ^_^

    Check out my new post:


  8. Wow you can fit so much in that bag! The bag is super cute and great for travel! Dang I need something like that haha. All my bags are pretty stiff.
    Very informative post. I've never travelled before on a plane so I wouldn't know what to expect. Great post! Will save your link for future reference =)

  9. great travel bag necessities! i just got that jack black balm flavor and i really like it :) it's been a while since i've flown anywhere, but this will be a good list to keep for the next time i do!

  10. Hi Lulu,

    The boyfriend's mom sent us an Aussie goodie package of sweets. I know Pepperidge Farm sells Tim Tams now but am not sure if they produce the white chocolate ones. Sorry I can't be of more help!

  11. you're so well prepared. nothing will stop you from having a nice relaxing flight.

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  13. you take a lot of stuff with you on the plane. i'm going to bookmark this page for my reference. every time i seem to forget something =x

  14. Love the cute neck pillow *^_^* I'm always forgetting to bring a water bottle!

  15. I love that panda bag!