Thursday, August 18, 2011

♥ Summer Favorites -- July ♥

I searched through my pictures folder high and low and couldn't remember if I took pictures for June favorites, then it struck to me that I must have skipped that month because I was traveling and had brought with me mostly travel sized and sample packets of skincare and makeup products so I wouldn't over-pack. That method actually worked quite well for me because as I gradually used up and tossed my skincare samples, my luggage got lighter, which means more room for souvenirs!

I did however have a few products I loved during the month of July.

♥ The Body Shop Watermelon Pasteque Body Lotion
I love watermelon, and I love watermelon flavored candy, watermelon scented body sprays, watermelon scented hand soap (Bath and Body Works makes the yummiest smelling ones!) get the idea. This The Body Shop body lotion is no exception. It is also a perfect lotion for the summer because it is not oily at all, and is very light weight -- almost a waterly consistency. So it's super easy to spread, super fast to dry, no sweating involved. The scent is sweet and yummy enough to make me go to bed a happy gal :)

♥ Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup
I jumped onto the GA bandwagon last month and I am so glad I did. Even though I only purchased two things, both products were instant love, so much that both of them made it onto my Monthly Favorites. This foundation leaves a really nice finish on my face, makes my pores disappear, and helps me to stay matte. It contains silicone (thus its super smooth texture) so another silicone based primer is not needed. It has a light coverage but nothing a little dab of concealer underneath won't do. 

♥ Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #2
At first glance, this blush is very unremarkable, and definitely would not be something that I'd want to pick up and purchase right away if it weren't for its awesome reviews. It has an all black packaging with minimal writings on it. When you open up the compact, it has your standard mirror on one side, and the powder. #2 is a light peachy pink with very fine shimmers. One swipe and you will know why I fell in love with it right away -- it has the smoothest texture and is the finest milled powder ever. It is very sheer (hence the name), but a little bit of layering gives me the most beautiful glow -- a healthy flush of glow within and doesn't even look like I had blush on. This is a very flattering shade and is perfect for going to work with. I was wowed by GA blush, and #2 will definitely not be my last. (I am a MAC NC20-25, if you have darker skintones, #2 might have a hard time showing up on you, and I recommend #10 for you.)

La Mer the Lip Balm
When I came back from my Asia trip, my lips got extremely dry and peely, I suspect it was because California was a lot drier than the hot humid weather I experienced during my trip, and my skin went crazy trying to readjust. I decided to splurge myself with the La Mer lip balm, hoping for a quick lip repair. This lip balm does live up to its hype, however I do wish that it doesn't come in a jar form so it's more sanitary. Since this product doesn't contain SPF, I have decided to use this for bed time and my Jack Black (has SPF 25) for day time.


  1. Wah I need to get the La Mer lip balm if you say it's as good as it's hyped up to be. I've heard nothing but goods thing about that GA SS foundation, love the packaging too. Watermelon scented lotion sounds great for the warm weather.

  2. oh i have always wanted to try the la mer lip balm!!! I'll prob try it next after the by terry, but boo about no spf

    the GA products look incredible!

  3. all of your favorites look and sound so good! i have Armani blush no. 10 and i love it, its fool proof and gorgeous! :D

    i super love watermelon everything too! hahaha ^5 babe!

  4. Thanks for sharing your monthly faves, Lulu!
    Yes, the GA blush is just LOVE, right? I have my La Mer lip balm for about almost 1 year now, and you know what? Still lots of product left! Not that I don't use it regularly... ;)

  5. I keep hearing these amazing things about La Mer lip balm, one day I'm going to cave and get it. And about the packaging, you could just apply it to your lips like it's a very big tube of lipbalm. That way you don't have to touch it w/ your fingers.

  6. I've heard so much about the La Mer lip balm! The packaging looks really sleek too. There are so many lip balms I want to try! Including the Jack Black ones -- I still haven't gotten around to getting them, hahaha! :)