Sunday, September 11, 2011

♥ August Favorites ♥

♥ Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
This is an old favorite, and I found myself to be using it a lot this past month. It is a brown matte shade that I find to be a great contour shade for me -- it doesn't have much orange so no it doesn't make my face look muddy. If you are interested in trying Hoola, I found a really great deal on Sephora right now that lets you sample several of Benefit's great products.

♥ MAC NW25/NC30 Chromographic Pencil
This is a multi-use pencil that could be used as a spot concealer, brow/cupid's bow highlighter, eyeliner, etc. I chose the darker shades of the two, which doesn't really match my skin as a concealer so I rarely used it for that purpose, even though it was my original intent for buying the product because I thought it would be a very easy to carry, precise spot concealer. However recently I have been using it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and also have been putting it on my waterlines -- it doesn't look as harsh as a white eyeliner yet still gives you that bigger/more awake eyed look.

♥ CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15
Also an old favorite of mine, I like it so much that I wanted to conserve it so once in a while I put it away and use other concealers instead. It is really good for covering up my dark circles and doesn't crease, it also provides very good coverage as a concealer for my face, and is so long lasting and transfer free. It also blends in very easily and isn't drying at all. Before I use this up, I will definitely need to buy a backup!

♥ Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara
Being a big fan of Kiss Me Heroine mascaras, I always have a tube open and use it all the time -- it's perfect in every way except how difficult it is to remove. Sometimes I just don't feel like putting on Kiss Me and go through the cumbersome procedure of removing my mascara at the end of the day -- and on those lazy days I use a non-water proof mascara. Right now I'm trying the Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara. I like it so far, it seperates and lifts and no major clumping issue.

♥ Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip gloss in Lychee Martini
The formula is very sheer and not sticky at all, yet it gives my lips enough moisture and shine that is still office appropriate. It is a lip plumper so expect a slight tingling, but it's not nearly as bad as some others I've tried.


  1. Thanks for sharing our favorites Lulu. I remember you review Huge Lips Skinny Hips gloss before and the color is really gorgeous.

    The bronzing powder sounds nice. I can't wait for my acne to clear up so I can start wearing cheek products again, bah.

    I hear you about hard to remove makeup, a Japanese sunscreen is my favorite but I sometimes skip it because I don't want to do a double-step makeup removing process at night.

  2. Try Suqqu Eye Makeup Remover - it's the only one I know of that can get Japanese mascaras off without ripping out half your lashes. I love this stuff.

    Also love EL mascaras too - my fave is Sumptuous.

  3. I hear you about Mascara! I save my favorite, hardest to remove for special times.... Have you tried the any Etude house Mascara's? They are easy to remove, but gorgeous!!!

  4. i'm intrigued by the cover blend concealer. where do you usually get them from?

  5. this reminds me i really need to make use of the chromagraphic pencil hiding away in my drawers!