Thursday, December 15, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters Swatches

After a few unsuccessful drugstore trips searching for these recently released Revlon Colorburst Lip butters, I finally found these babies this week! These colorfully packaged lip butters instantly became my new favorites. They have a great formula that provides both moisture and a healthy shine to the lips. You can find Revlon Colorburst Lip stick with these coupon codes for

 050 Berry Smoothie
035 Candy Apple

 055 Cupcake
030 Fig Jam

 060 Gumdrop

 075 Lollipop

 025 Peach Parfait

 040 Red Velvet
005 Sugar Frosting
090 Sweet Tart

Since there are 20 shades in total in this line, and if you are like me who is indecisive when it comes to choosing, here are a few tips:

1) Don't be scared of the dark chocolaty shades (I always skip this shade range when I chose lipsticks in the past) -- they actually came out like MLBB for these lip butters because of the sheer formulation.

2) The reds are all very nicely pigmented, if you are a newbie to red lipsticks, these lip butters are a great place to start, because they are easier to apply (no lip brush/liner/all that fuss involved), and they are not as intense and scary as some of the classic red lipsticks.

3) Some formula have fine shimmers and some don't, but even the ones with shimmers are very hardly noticeable because the shimmers are so fine.


  1. Must go after finals to get my share! Hehe

  2. these are beautiful swatches! your lips look so nice and i've been wanting to try these for a while

    pandaphilia style

  3. wow! you got so many ^___^ Loving the sweet tart & red velvet on your lip swatches!

  4. You have a lot! Didn't realize that you had this many in your collection! Thanks for swatching and showing color on your lips. They are all very pretty!

  5. gahhhh u crazy hoarder XD u have 10!! really pretty!! red velvet is so pretty on u. & omg did not know lollipop was so i want that too ahhhhh!!!

  6. I love these! Great swatches, thanks <3

  7. Yay thank you for the swatches <3 I've seen them around but each time I would pick them up, walk a few steps and put them back LOL. I have so much lippie and I have to restrain myself but it's so hard!! xD

  8. Wow, they are all sooo pretty, I can't wait for them to arrive in the UK (although I've got one recently in a love pack :D). I may have to get all of them lol. x

  9. YAY FOR LIP BUTTERS!!! They're so addicting to collect. XD I have a few and I haven't been disappointed yet~ I'm not much of a lipstick person, so these little babies are right up my alley.

    One of my favorites has to be Berry Smoothie though. :] And I wish I'd gotten Red Velvet when I saw it!! I was so intimidated by the color that I shy-ed away. Boo.

  10. Lulu! These all look so stunning on you! Beautiful!!

  11. Wow you got so many haha! They all look so great on your lips Lulu. I have pigmented lips so they always get distorted to some degree -.-