Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bite Sized Treats: Bite Beauty Bite Discovery Set Swatches

Bite Beauty Bite Discovery Set is a cute little set of 5 mini lipsticks housed in a compact mirrored tin shaped like an Altoid box.

Despite the small sizes of the lipsticks in this set, they each pack a ton of good ingredients to provide moisture to the lips, as well as an antioxidant called Trans-Resveratrol that claims to fight free radicals and provide anti-aging results. A fun little fact about these tiny lipsticks is that each 0.052 oz of lipstick contains enough Resveratrol equivalent to 3 glasses of red wine. It is said that Bite lipsticks are made with natural food grade ingredients healthy enough to eat, not that you would want to eat your lipsticks as snacks, but it's good knowing what we put on our lips are safe. Also for those that are allergic to petroleum in lip products, you are in luck! Bite lipsticks do not contain synthetic oils/waxes, polybutenes, or petroleum.

This kit is a great way to try out Bite lipsticks before you commit to a full sized one. Also for lippie junkies like me, the small sizes of these lipsticks will give me a glimmer of hope that I will actually finish a tube or two soon enough :) Of the 5 flattering shades in this kit, 4 of them are very pretty everyday shades, and 1 is a bright red that applies smooth and will be great for the holiday season. The formula applies smooth and creamy.

Swatches on arm, from left to right: Retsina, Musk, Shiraz, Fig, Pomegranate. Bottom swatches taken with flash.

A creamy nude shade, but not too pale enough to erase the lips. This is more on the pale pink side.

Pretty brown pink, a MLBB (my lips but better) shade perfect for everyday.

A soft plum that is not too strong for day time wear, and perfect for evening as well.

Rose pink, very pretty and appropriate for all occasions. 

I don't wear reds too often, but I really liked this one. Perhaps the small sized lipstick actually made application easier. Look at this gorgeous juicy red, perfect for those upcoming holiday parties.


  1. This is such a good deal! And such a cute size too. I almost added it to my online shopping bag, but reasoned that I really didn't need 5 more lipsticks. Love how Fig looks on you! :)

    1. hehe it is! my reason was how small and cute they looked so I can carry them even more easily and use up quicker than full sized lipsticks haha, let's see how long it will take me to finish 1 of the 5 :p I just need to remind myself to reapply after I eat/drink throughout the day lol

  2. all the shades look so pretty on your lips! That's a great travel size!

  3. They all look so pretty! Oh man regretting I didn't get it now. sigh

  4. OMG That is so cute!! you have the cutest lips!! I wanted to buy this but i don't know why I didnt...