Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mighty Little Cranberries – How to manage UTI with Cystex

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November is finally here, I am so excited for the holiday season. I am most excited about Thanksgiving, the family get togethers, all the yummy food I will be cooking and eating, and did I mention, shopping? Bet you I will be sitting in front of the computer clicking this mouse away for Cyber Monday deals :)

This is also the season for cranberries. Cranberry sauce is a must have to go along with my turkey. I am a big fan of cranberries, I always stock up on dried cranberries in my pantry and 100% cranberry juice in my fridge. I use the dried cranberries as yummy toppings for my oatmeal for breakfast, and salad for lunch. I add the cranberry juice into my smoothies, or just mix with a dash of sparkly water for a refreshing drink. Not only are cranberries nutritious for you, they are especially good for us girls, as cranberries have been known to help prevent those painful urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Now that the weather is getting colder, I find myself to have to constantly remind myself to keep hydrated. You will never know when the annoying UTI will sneak up on you, especially during times of stress (end of the year deadlines, projects, finals, anyone?) and when you forget to drink enough water to keep your system well flushed. It is even more annoying when you are away from home visiting families and friends, and an UTI hits you out of nowhere. Some of us are less fortunate and are more prone to getting UTI than others. I myself am always on a constant alert for any early signs of symptoms…that would be when I rush to my fridge to make myself a big glass of cranberry drink, and pop a few cranberry pills to help eliminate any signs of possible infection. 

But there are times when I am just not into that super tart taste of cranberry juice, let along chug glassfuls of it, so when I found out about Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex, I was thrilled. It is a liquid blend of cranberry juice and other helpful ingredients to prevent UTI. Unlike regular cranberry juice though, it tastes yummy without that tart aftertaste. The best part is, it is also lactose-, gluten-, and sugar-free, and just one calorie per tablespoon, which is the amount you need each day. Don’t look down on this tiny sip, it actually contains more power than those cranberry pills and juices, because it is super concentrated. This is a life saver because it is super convenient to take, and you don’t have to drink all that cranberry juice to fill up your stomach!

If you are unfortunate enough to have already started experiencing signs and symptoms of UTI, don’t worry. Start by drinking lots of liquid and rest. To manage the symptoms, you will want to take the Cystex Urinary Pain Relief Tablets.  Unlike other over the counter UTI relieve medication, Cystex won’t turn your urine into a nasty orange color. It also contains a helpful dual-action formula that not only relieves your symptoms and eases your pain, but with an antibacterial to help the infection from getting worse before you gets a chance to go to your doctors for treatment. I have discovered Cystex a few years ago and have been a faithful customer ever since. I take it everywhere with me just in case. The tablets come in a 100 tablets bottle that’s perfect to use at home, and 40 tablets blister packs to take on the go. 

To learn more about Cystex products and learn a bit more about UTIs, head over to their website and facebook page.  

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Disclaimer: The Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Supplement and Cystex Urinary Pain Relief Tablets were sent to me for review purposes only. I did not get paid for this review, nor am I affiliated with the company. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.

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  1. I've been fortunate (knock on wood) to not have had a UTI in years. I love Cystex though and have recommended it to friends who think that they're on the verge of developing a UTI. This drink sounds like a great thing to have on hand too.

    Thanks for this great review!