Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flipping Through a Magazine...

I was flipping through the June edition of "In Style" magazine today, and here are some of the stuff that really caught my attention:

These metallic shimmery aquamarine nail polish colors look so pretty! They totally remind me of summer, and vacation...the ocean. Chanel Azure and Dior Samba, you are on my wish list! (p.54)

 I love these cute Ferragamo Vara flats, they are perfect for both in and out of the office. The grosgrain ribbon bow screams me me me! It is so cool that to commemorate the 35th anniversary, you get a chance to customize your own pair of Vara with your choice of colors, ribbons, plates, and heel heights. Oh the possibilities! (p. 60)

Anyone remember these?! Herbal Essences is back and with its classic bottle design that I miss so dearly! I remember how much I loved the smell, especially how nicely the scent linger in my bathroom after a shower. Now they are back and also are sulfate-free, what a nice plus so they are more gentle to the hair. I can't wait to pick these up next time I shop at a drugstore. (p. 220)


  1. I do remember those bottles! I remember in jr high when herbal essence came out all the boys were asking the girls if we moaned when we washed our hairs like the people in the commercials. totally random but that's what it reminds of when i see the old bottles. hehe

    1. haha omg that sound hilarious! but gosh they really do smell good, i miss the scents!!! their body wash too!

  2. LOL @Audrey! I remember boys asking me that too... I used Herbal Essences in Jr/HS and miss the scents. That is cool they are sulfate free now~ I should pick some up too! Also LOVING the ocean-y colors~ have one from OPI that is very similar. maybe its time for a mani ....