Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Tip Tuesday] Flattering Color Combos for Your Manicure and Pedicure

Today's Tip Tuesday is something I found from the May issue of "In Style" magazine (Pg. 294):

Q: I don't want my mani-pedi to match. Can you suggest fresh yet flattering color combos?

A: When faced with an eye-crossing wall of nail polish bottles, think about color prism wheel, says L.A. manicurist Kimmie Kyees, who designs tips for Katy Perry and Rihanna. "Pick shades that sit on opposite sides of the wheel; they enhance one another's true tones," says Pantone's Lee Eiseman.

I love the big contrast between the colors on the opposite ends of the color prism wheel, my favorite combo has got to be the mint green and coral-red combination, I think that will be a really refreshing mani/pedi combo for the summer!

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