Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Tip Tuesday] How to Avoid Streaky Nail Polish Application

Have you ever bought a nail polish shade that you absolutely love seeing from the bottle, but once  you tried it on your nails, the formula applied streaky and left you with an uneven manicure-look? So then you apply another coat, then another, hoping to achieve an uniform opacity, until the whole thing became a gloppy mess...That's definitely happened to me on many occasions before. Needless to say those polishes are the ones that get thrown in the unwanted pile, no longer loved.

While reading the June 2013 "In Style" magazine, I noticed this piece (click on the picture to enlarge):

You apply a base coat then a layer of nail polish as usual, this first layer will act as your primer. Then instead of continuing on with a second layer of nail polish, pause, add a layer of mattifying coat instead. This is suppose to help minimize any residual streaking in the following coat of nail polish.

Essie Matte About You is a matte finisher that is originally intended to be used on top of nail polishes to give it a no-shine look. It's great knowing that now I can find other uses for it.

Want another nail polish trick? Orly Bonder is a rubberized basecoat that could also be used in between layers of nail polish applications to help your manicure stay longer. It provides that extra grip to help adhere nail polish better.


  1. Oh great! this is honestly one of the best tips ever! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Yay I'm so glad :) Hope either the matte coat or Orly bonder work for you!

  2. Ooh thank you so much for sharing!! :D

  3. Letting the polish dry between coats also helps avoid gloppy messes!