Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[Tip Tuesday] Pretty Nail Arts Without the Extra Tools

Today's Tip Tuesday is another manicure related one. I am going to introduce you to some cool nail arts that I found, and how to do them free-hand without the extra tape, brushes, and other nail art tools.

The following 3 methods are found on page 312 of the April 2013 "In Style" magazine:

Graphic Triangles:
1) Slick on a base coat.
2) Polish Nails with the coral lacquer. Wait a minute for it to dry.
3) Grab the lighter blue and position the brush at one side of the nail, about a quarter inch above the base. Sweep the bristles diagonally across the surface.
4) Take the darker blue and repeat step 3 in the opposite side of the nail.
5) Finish all fingers, then apply a topcoat.

My note: Don't worry if you get any excess polish outside of your nails on your skin in the process, you can always clean up later with a nail polish remover. To make an even cleaner edge, dip a brush in nail polish remover and clean up.

If you switch directions of the triangle and sweep it diagonally from the center at the base of the nail toward the edge at the top of the nail, you will get a reverse effect. This one however might be easiest to achieve with the help of tape to avoid the mess:
Page 87, Sally Hansen ad, May 2013 In Style

Pop Art Puddles:
1) Start with a base coat.
2) Cover nails with the coral hue. Allow to dry about one minute.
3) Start with one shade; dip brush in polish, then lightly dab color onto different areas of your nail.
4) With the remaining two lacquers, repeat Step 3.
5) After decorating fingers, put on a layer of topcoat.

My note: I think this fun nail art would add a really nice pop to your plain manicure if you do it as an accent on one or two of your nails per hand. 

Here is a variation of the "Puddles", but instead of irregular shapes, this one requires a dotting tool (or tips of a bobbi pin, or slightly blunted No. 2 pencil tips, or toothpicks...the list goes on and on):

Page 87, Sally Hansen ad, May 2013 In Style

New Moon:
1) Apply a base coat.
2) Paint nails with the light pink. Let dry about one minute.
3) Take the deeper coral tone and place the brush at the lower left corner at the base of the nail. Glide it diagonally across the surface.
4) Place the brush at the lower right corner and drag it diagonally across to the upper left.
5) When you've completed all fingers, add a topcoat.

My note: The V-shape at the base of the nails look so subtle yet elegant. I would also love to try this with two neutral tones for a twist of the French Manicure. 

Here are two variations of the "New Moon" that I spotted in the March 2013 of "In Style" (page 190):

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  1. Fun nail art! If only I had the talent...hehe. ;)